Ankole-Watusi Cattle: Farming Guide

Are you ready to bring an ancient African breed of cattle into your agricultural pursuits? Ankole-Watusi, also known as Long Horned Cattle, are some of the most striking and iconic breeds found around the world. Beyond their majestic horns that can span up to six feet in length, Ankole-Watusi offer varietal meat production as well as hide and byproducts. Starting a successful farm with this modern American breed may seem intimidating but our Ultimate Ankole-Watusi Farming Guide is designed to help small farmers get started safely and on the right path. Get tips from experienced farmers regarding housing requirements, feeding programs, disease control protocols and more! Learn how easy it can be to join this long legacy of raising these amazing animals while providing yourself with many rewards along the way!

History & Origin

The Ankole-Watusi cattle is a majestic breed that boasts an impressive set of horns. Originating from Africa, these cattle have been around for centuries and hold a significant place in African history. These animals were prized for their strength and were often used for plowing fields and carrying heavy loads. Apart from their practical uses, the Ankole-Watusi cattle were also considered a symbol of wealth and status among different tribes in Africa. Nowadays, they can be found in different parts of the world, and their unique horns make them an attraction for many. Despite being a relatively rare breed, there is much to appreciate about these magnificent creatures.


The Ankole-Watusi cattle, also known as the “Cattle of Kings,” are renowned for their unique and impressive characteristics. These cattle species have long, distinctive horns that can reach up to eight feet in length, making them one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. With their striking appearance, it is not surprising that the Ankole-Watusi cattle are highly prized by indigenous African tribes who use them as a symbol of wealth and status. Aside from their impressive physical features, these cattle have a reputation for being docile, adaptable, and easy to manage. All these factors combined make the Ankole-Watusi cattle a fascinating and intriguing breed worthy of admiration.


Ankole-Watusi cattle are a truly unique breed of livestock. Known for their long, distinctive horns and striking appearance, these animals are a source of wonder and admiration for many. However, like all cattle, they require proper care and feeding to stay healthy and thrive. Whether you’re a seasoned livestock owner or just getting started, learning how to properly feed and care for Ankole-Watusi cattle is essential. With the right diet and attention to detail, these beautiful creatures can provide years of enjoyment and fulfillment. So if you’re looking to add some Ankole-Watusi cattle to your herd, be sure to do your research and take the necessary steps to keep them happy and healthy.


Ankole-Watusi cattle are a fascinating breed of cattle known for their unique appearance and impressive horns. Originally from Africa, they have been bred for thousands of years by the nomadic tribes of the area. These cattle have a great ability to use water resources, making them perfect for the regions they come from, which can receive very little rainfall. Ankole-Watusi cattle are also used for their meat, milk, hides, and for plowing fields. Their meat is leaner than traditional beef, with a richer taste. If you’re looking for a unique breed of cattle that can also be incredibly useful, Ankole-Watusi cattle are a great choice.

Special Feature

When it comes to cattle breeds, the Ankole-Watusi cattle definitely stand out from the rest. With their iconic long and curved horns, these cattle have captured the attention of farmers and animal enthusiasts alike. Originating from Africa, Ankole-Watusi cattle have been adapted to thrive in various climates and are utilized for their meat, milk, and draft capabilities. Their unique characteristics have even attracted the attention of zoos and safari parks as exotic animals to display. Whether you’re admiring their impressive horns or appreciating their versatility on the farm, Ankole-Watusi cattle are certainly a special feature of the animal world.

Setting Up an Ankole-Watusi Cattle Farm

Ankole-Watusi Cattle, originating from Africa, are a unique and fascinating breed that are gaining popularity across the world due to their distinct genetics and aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you’re considering setting up a farm, there are a few things you need to know. Ankole-Watusi Cattle require plenty of space to roam and graze, so ensure that your farm has enough land to accommodate them. You’ll also need sturdy and reliable fencing, as these cattle are known for their strength and ability to jump. Additionally, they require a specific diet to maintain their health, which includes high-quality forage and a nutritional supplement. With the right care and attention, an Ankole-Watusi Cattle farm can be a rewarding and successful venture.


Breeding Ankole-Watusi cattle can be a rewarding experience, but it requires careful consideration of breeding strategies for optimal results. These unique animals are known for their striking appearance, with long, curved horns that can span up to eight feet. They are also known for their hardiness and ability to thrive in harsh environments. When it comes to breeding Ankole-Watusi cattle, there are several factors to consider, such as selecting the right breeding bull and cow, managing genetics, and monitoring offspring health. With the right breeding strategies in place, the results can be impressive, producing strong and healthy calves with desirable traits. By carefully managing the breeding process, breeders can ensure that each generation of Ankole-Watusi cattle represents the best of their unique and impressive breed.

Dealing with Diseases

Ankole-Watusi cattle are known for their distinctive long horns and adaptability to diverse environments. However, like all living creatures, they are also susceptible to various health issues. When dealing with diseases, parasites, and other health problems, it’s essential to identify the specific issue affecting the cattle and take the necessary precautions to prevent further spread among the herd. Regular veterinary check-ups, proper nutrition, and adequate living conditions are critical components to maintaining the overall health of Ankole-Watusi cattle. When any health issues arise, it’s important to stay on top of treatments and ensure that the cattle receive proper care to help them recover quickly. Taking these proactive measures will not only result in better cattle health but also guarantee better productivity and profitability.

Marketing Strategies

As a livestock farmer, maximizing profits from your herd is a key aspect of your business. When it comes to Ankole-Watusi cattle, an effective marketing strategy can make all the difference. These majestic beasts are known for their striking appearance, with their long, curving horns and distinctive coat patterns. By showcasing the unique qualities of your Ankole-Watusi cattle, you can attract potential buyers and command a higher price point. Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, allowing you to reach a wider audience and showcase your animals in their best light. You can also consider hosting farm tours or participating in local agricultural fairs to raise awareness of your cattle. With thoughtful marketing strategies in place, you can ensure that your Ankole-Watusi cattle deliver maximum profitability for your farm.


What is so special about Ankole cattle?

Ankole cattle are a breed of African long-horned cattle, often referred to as the ‘Kings of Cattle.’ They are native to East Africa and one of the most unique breeds in the world.

Why do Ankole cattle have such big horns?

The answer lies in their ancestry. The Ankole is an ancient breed of long-horned cattle, originally found in western Uganda and other parts of East Africa. It’s thought they were first domesticated over two thousand years ago by the Baganda people, who live along part of Lake Victoria near modern-day Kenya. Over this long period they’ve adapted particularly to their terrain and climate and evolved unique physical characteristics like those giant horns, which provide protection and allow them to feed on tall vegetation or reach foliage at higher levels in dry season when grasses are low. In some areas farmers use them as plowing animals due to their strength so the big horns also act as a shield for their faces if sticks or stones are kicked up from the ground during plowing activities.

Why is Ankole cow so expensive?

The Ankole cow, also known as the Watusi, is an especially large and beautiful breed of cattle that originates from East Africa. It’s a hardy animal and can survive in harsh environments, making it a highly sought-after breed by farmers around the world. Not only that but its unique look—the humongous horns—makes it instantly recognizable. This is why Ankole cows have become a status symbol for some people and are increasingly being purchased as decorative items for their luxurious homes or businesses.


In conclusion, the Ankole-Watusi cattle is a modern American breed of domestic cattle that originates from the Ankole group of Sanga cattle breeds in east and central Africa. This breed of cattle is known for their large horns and rich brown coat. They feed on a variety of grasses, legumes, hay, straw, supplements, and minerals to ensure proper growth and health. Usage of these animals vary from livestock show exhibits to providing beef for consumption or as draft power for agriculture. Their unique characteristics come from their majestic horns and long hair which makes them an attractive feature for shows as well as marketing purposes. As with any venture such as setting up a farm for this type of animal requires lots of research knowledge in order to maximize profits. Monitor their growth and health closely to deter any diseases or parasite problems utilizing various breeding strategies to battle it. With proper planning, dedication, care – Anyone could successfully have a flourishing herd yielding numerous profits while preserving the lovely presence that is the Ankole-Watusi cattle breed.

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