Ancona Chicken – Discovery of Chicken Lifespan

History of Ancona Chicken:

The breed Ancona chicken is originally from central Italy. In the nineteenth century, these beautiful white speckled black hens were exported from the Marks in England. From there spread to many countries specially selected for their aesthetic characteristics, while They were now abandoned due to replaced by hybrid battery On industrial farms after the war in Italy.

As a result is that today it is easily found in the poultry exhibits Ancona with bloodlines selected abroad. So it has become very difficult to find the original Italian strain in increasingly rare rural pens.

The native Ancona had many white feathers arranged irregularly. The Ancona Chicken with the pink crest in 1910, at an exhibition in Birmingham, was the first time it was shown.

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While in some countries there are varieties of Ancona chicken with the pink ridge. The variety grown in England is larger than the one selected in the United States.

It is a light breed with an ability to produce white eggs. In Italy, it is officially recognized. It is very lively and strong.

Characteristics Details of Ancona Chicken:

Ancona Chicken has a black plumage with metallic green highlights and touches, soft and well adherent to the body. In addition, the Ancona has a moderately long head. The trunk is long and wide at shoulder height.

The crest of the Italian standard is simple, straight. In the male is straight with a very prominent posterior lobe.In the female, it contracts slightly towards the side without covering the eye. You May Also Like To Read Brahma Chicken.

It has a strong, slightly arched peak of yellow with black stripes over the top. The eyes are orange, in addition, they are large and outstanding. The color of the ears is between white, cream color and almond color; Chin red, moderately large and elongated; Red and smooth face.

Medium length collar with abundant plumage. Wide and rounded shoulders, as well as the loin. Wings wide and large, horizontal and well adherent to the body.

Chest broad and somewhat prominent. Large tail with abundant plumage, open and medium high with an angle of 45/50 ° in the rooster and 40/45 ° in the hen.

Legs moderately long and well visible; Tarsi of medium length, without feathers, four fingers, yellow with dark mottling from black to black (scarcity or absence of specks is not a serious defect).


 – Roosters kg 2,5 – 2,8

 – Hens kg 1.8 – 2.1

The eggs have a white shell and weigh at least 50 grams. Abundant plumage, smooth and adherent. Broad and round feathers.

The only coloration is black with white speckles. In both sexes, the plumage is bright black with metallic green reflections. In addition, the tips of the feathers are white and have the shape of a “V”. A severe defect is mottling too large or impure.


The Ancona Chicken are fed with farmed farm food and certified organic producers and processors, who have not received any traditional vaccine except mandatory for Newcastle disease (or “Newcastle disease”), prevention is done by administration Of homeopathic remedies.


The Ancona Chicken usefulness is to present it in exhibitions and for the production of eggs.

Special Characteristics:

Hence the Ancona Chicken is a rustic breed, very lively and strong, with special attitude to the deposition of medium-sized white eggs.

The conservation project “Chicken Ancona” has been operating since 2005 in collaboration with the Rural Culture Association, currently in Italy.

Which is concerned with the conservation of rural biodiversity, in order to bring to the pens this beautiful hen at risk of abandonment.

In addition, The Association of Rural Culture gives the opportunity to provide the eggs selected for hatching, or, depending on the seasons, chickens and chickens or adults.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Ancona Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose Exhibition and eggs laying
Feather color Black, white and green
Weight 1.8 to 2,8 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Color White
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity Medium (80 to 100 eggs in the year).
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin Italy

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