Australian Yorkshire Pig: Perfect Australian Yorkshire Pig Breed

Australian Yorkshire pig is a unique breed of pig from Australia that has made its mark on the global market. It is said to be both economical and nutritionally beneficial, making it one of the most popular breeds in Australia. However, many characteristics of the Australian Yorkshire make it stand out from other breeds. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing breed and how it can benefit you and your business.

Australian Yorkshire Pig

Characteristics of Australian Yorkshire Pig

Australian Yorkshire Pigs have become popular worldwide for their meat production and exceptional temperaments. Australian Yorkshires thrive in outdoor climates due to their thick coats, which can also be an attractive colouration including white, light red and sometimes black or spotted. These pigs are fast-growing, with some hitting a dressed weight of 240 pounds or more in 120 days. Australian Yorkshires are also known to be extremely intelligent animals, making them highly manageable on farms. Their easy-to-manage behaviour combined with hardy health makes them a desirable source of pork for restaurants and abattoirs throughout Australia and beyond.


The Australian Yorkshire pig is known to have a good feed conversion ratio, which means it has an efficient rate of converting feed into meat. They also have a high tolerance for heat and cold which helps reduce production costs associated with climate control. This breed requires less food than other pigs, allowing farmers to purchase smaller amounts of feed while maintaining the same production level as larger breeds would need.


Australian Yorkshire Pigs are becoming an increasingly popular breed of pig throughout Australia and the world. These pigs, also known as Large Whites, are renowned for their intelligence and friendly demeanour. Australian Yorkshires have a large frame and thick fur to help them survive in even the coldest climates. Regarding the use of this breed, Australian Yorkshires are typically raised as show animals or used for meat production and processing. Australian Yorkshires produce a higher-quality and higher-valued product for bacon and ham production than other types of pigs, making them a great choice for farmers hoping to add new income streams or increase profits from their existing ones. Additionally, Australian Yorkshires have historically been kept as pets due to their even temperament. With Australian Yorkshires being an all-around livestock option with great potential benefits, they’re quickly becoming the pig breed of choice across the globe.

Special Feature

One trait that sets this breed apart is its ability to adapt quickly and easily to different environments or climates. This allows farmers to move their farms without worrying about their pigs adapting to new surroundings. Additionally, they are known for being very productive as they can produce large litters and reach maturity quickly, resulting in more meat production per pig.


What is the Yorkshire pig known for?

The Yorkshire pig is one of the oldest and most popular breeds of pigs in the world. It is an English breed developed for its high-quality meat production which is why it has become so well known and loved by consumers across the globe.

Is Yorkshire pig meat good?

Absolutely! Yorkshire pork is known for its sweet, succulent flavour and tender texture. Yorkshire pigs are bred specifically for their high-quality of meat, so you can be sure that the cuts you purchase will be full of flavour.

Can you eat Yorkshire pig?

Absolutely. Yorkshire pigs are a type of bacon-style pork product that can be eaten. In fact, Yorkshire pork is not only edible but also incredibly delicious!


The Australian Yorkshire pig is known for being economical and nutritionally beneficial, making it an ideal choice for farmers looking for a pig that can provide them with optimal benefits. With its unique features such as its ability to adapt quickly, high feed conversion rates, and higher-than-average litter sizes, the Australian Yorkshire pig provides farmers with a reliable source of quality pork products that will help ensure profitability in any market setting. Whether you’re looking for an alternative source of income or just want to improve your current production standards, investing in the Australian Yorkshire could be the right choice for you!

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