Astrex Rabbit: Make Money Breeding Them

Are you an animal lover looking for a way to make money that won’t take up all your time? If so, you might want to consider becoming a breeder of Astrex Rabbits. These rare and beautiful animals originated in France over one hundred years ago, and have since become sought-after throughout the world. In this blog post, we’ll look at the work involved with breeding an Astrex Rabbit, from finding potential buyers for the litter to constructing suitable housing for the rabbits. So if you are interested in learning more about making money through rabbit breeding, keep reading!

History & Origin

The Astrex Rabbit is an uncommon yet beautiful breed of rabbit that hails from France. This special type of rabbit was officially recognized as a distinct breed in 1901 and takes its name from the combination of ‘aster’, which means star in Latin, and ‘rex’, the Latin for a king. It is easy to spot by its unusual black and white spotted coat pattern that resembles stars in the night sky. Given enough time and care, the Astrex Rabbit can make a wonderful addition to any home thanks to its majestic looks and docile temperament.


The Astrex Rabbit is a highly special breed of rabbit, first recognized in 1901 and originating from the beautiful country of France. Its most defining feature is its beautiful black and white spotted coat. Astrex Rabbits have a playful, friendly nature and they are easy to handle, making them ideal pets for people of all ages. Their coats require minimal grooming and maintenance, which makes them even more attractive as pets – so if you’re looking for an intriguing pet with little upkeep required, then look no further than the Astrex Rabbit!


The Astrex Rabbit’s diet is an important factor in maintaining their unique spotted coats and overall good health. Since they were originally a breed from France, it’s best to feed them a variety of fresh vegetables that are much like what was available in France back when the breed was started. Additionally, rabbit-safe fruit should be added to their diet periodically as a treat. Astrex Rabbits must have constant access to hay to help with digestion as well as chewing something other than just pellets or other processed food. Lastly, water needs to be changed twice daily since rabbits tend to soil their water very quickly – something the Astrex Rabbit is no exception to!


The Astrex Rabbit is a magnificent pet that has been captivating owners all around the world since 1901. Its beautiful black and white spotted coat adds a special element of charm, making it truly an eye-catching creature. Not only is this breed stunning to look at, but it has also proven to be an easy pet to care for. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or simply admire its beauty, the Astrex Rabbit will surely make an impressive addition to your home.

Special Feature

With its distinctive black and white spotted coat, the Astrex Rabbit stands out among other breeds of rabbits. This rare breed has been known and recognized as a distinct breed since 1901, making it a truly special animal with a storied history. If you want to make your rabbit collection unique, then an Astrex Rabbit is the pet for you!

What You Need to Get Started

If you’re considering becoming a proud owner of an Astrex Rabbit, know that they are relatively easy to take care of with a few necessary supplies. Firstly, it is important to keep in mind they need enough space with an environment that emulates the one they would find in the wild. In terms of food, hay and fresh greens should be included in their diets alongside nutritious pellets that can be easily found in pet stores. The equipment required involves basics such as a water bottle, hutch, bedding material, and food dish. As the Astrex Rabbit is known for its distinct black and white spotted coat, regular grooming is recommended to keep them looking their best!

Finding Quality Breeding Stock

Finding a good quality Astrex Rabbit to use for breeding stock is an important first step in acquiring this rare breed of rabbit. These rabbits are notoriously difficult to find, as they originate in France and must meet certain standards to be considered purebred. However, by joining forums dedicated to Astrex Rabbit owners or attending national conventions where such rabbits are shown, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect breeding stock that meets all the standards of this distinct breed. Additionally, reputable rabbitry networks can connect potential buyers to sellers who have available purebred Astrex Rabbits – making the search for the perfect breeding rabbit much easier and more efficient.

Establishing a Breeding Program

Establishing a successful breeding program for any animal species requires careful consideration of the desired goals and specific needs of the animal. In the case of the Astrex Rabbit, this is especially true because the breed is rare and has specific characteristics that must be kept in mind while creating a suitable breeding program. As part of setting up this type of program, it is important to research what type of environment rabbits need to thrive, including dietary requirements and space. The purchasing of proper breeding stock for your program should also be a major consideration; some shelters may have purebred Astrex Rabbits available for adoption or there are often reputable breeders who can provide quality foundation stock. Once all prerequisites are taken into account, a well-thought-out plan can be created to ensure the development and maintenance of a successful breeding program that takes into account all aspects of optimal rabbit care.

How to Market Your Rabbit

When it comes to selling your rabbits, marketing is key. It’s important to do your research ahead of time and come up with the best strategies for marketing your unique breed of rabbits, such as the Astrex Rabbit. From online platforms like social media and websites to old-fashioned word-of-mouth promotion, there are several ways you can get your rabbits noticed. If you’re selling exclusive or rare breeds like the Astrex Rabbit, it may be beneficial to specialize in those rabbits and their characteristics by showcasing them in advertisements and brochures. Additionally, attending rabbit shows is a great way to network with people in the industry who might be looking for rare breeds or reconnect with previous customers. By doing so, these strategies will help create an effective marketing plan for success!

Care and Maintenance of Your Astrex Rabbit Breeder

Proper care and maintenance for your Astrex Rabbit breeders is essential to ensure happy, healthy animals. This rare breed of rabbit originates from France and is recognized by its unique black and white spotted coat. For optimal health, the Astrex Rabbit needs a balanced diet supplemented with hay, fresh vegetables, and water each day. Additionally, they should have plenty of time outdoors to explore their environment while being properly supervised. Grooming can also be beneficial as it removes dirt and debris from the rabbit’s coat. Finally, regular visits to a veterinarian can help ensure that each Astrex Rabbit stays healthy and happy throughout its life. With proper care and maintenance, you will experience an incredibly rewarding relationship with your beloved pet!


What is an Asterix rabbit?

The Asterix rabbit, alternatively known as the German Rex Rabbit, is a rare breed of domestic rabbit originating in Germany. It was developed by Parisian animal geneticist Paul Kammerer in 1925 and debuted at an International Rabbit Show held in Dortmund that same year.

Where is Rex Rabbit from?

Rex rabbits are a unique breed of rabbit that originated in France and were developed from a wild species called the European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). They have been selectively bred for their luxurious fur, which is prized for being thick and velvety, with long guard hairs. The first Rex rabbit was born in 1919 at a farm near Paris where it was discovered by French scientist Friederich Bucherer-Diemer. The Rex coat is caused by one dominant gene, relaxedness, and this solid color looks as if it has been stroked back against the grain.

Are Astrex rabbits rare?

Astrex rabbits are unique and rare in the world of pet ownership. They are a type of Rex Rabbit, which is a breed known for its velvet-like fur. The Astrex breed was first developed in Germany in 1982 when an albino rabbit was crossbred with a wild European rabbit.


We have explored the history and origin of the Astrex Rabbit, its unique characteristics, and what special features make it an attractive pet choice. In addition, we have looked at what’s needed to get started, finding quality breeding stock and setting up a successful breeding program. Finally, we discussed why marketing your rabbits is important and how best to care for your Astrex Rabbits to ensure healthy and happy animals. The Astrex Rabbit is a great breed of rabbit with its distinctive black and white spotted coat that adds variety and can improve genetic health when breeding them. With proper knowledge and guidelines, you too can enjoy owning an Astrex Rabbit!

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