The Argentata dell’Etna: Native Italian Goat

The Argentata dell’etna goat is from Etna is bred in the wild and in mountainous areas. The Argentata dell’Etna is a species of goat that lives in the area around Mount Etna, and this blog post will tell you all about them! Argentata is an endemic breed from Sicily.

They live mainly on the slopes of Mount Etna, but also in other parts of Sicily such as Enna and Palermo. Argentina’s have been bred for centuries to produce milk with a high butterfat content, which means their cheese has a golden yellow color.

Argentata dell'etna goat

Characteristics of Argentata dell’etna goat

The Argentata dell’etna goat is a medium-sized breed, the males weigh 50 kg. And the females weigh about 38 kg. And they measure between 85 cm. the males and 80 cm. the females long. The chest and abdomen become medium to large, and the back becomes a straight profile.

Male members such as the testicles are well developed, as well as the female udder, which is of good size. The coat of this species is light gray to dark gray, with silvery shades. The hair is thick and medium in size. And it comes to have brown tones in some places on the face, back, and limbs. The skin is gray with the same shade of the goat’s coat.

Both males and females of this species have curls, inclined backward with a certain curvature, or become flat with a curve. Although in some occasions the females of this species do not possess them. The ears are of medium size, with fall. It is a highly fertile breed. And they are suitable for reproduction from 15 months of age. And after childbirth, they produce between 140 and 190 kg of milk.


The Argentata dell’etna goat is raised in mountainous areas, they eat different plants found when they are grazed, when farmers want milk production to be fruitful they add certain goat dietary supplements such as alfalfa silage, and protein.


The Argentata dell’etna goat raises her for the production of her milk as they use it for the production of various cheeses and several typical traditional products, as well as the production of their meat. The small goats are usually slaughtered the month of birth, for the production and marketing of their meat.

Special Feature

The Argentata dell’etna goat is a resistant breed, can withstand intense grazing and in mountains and hills mainly, they come to walk long distances and with different altitudes. They adapt easily to survive in hostile places. There are about 5,000 specimens of this species, distributed in several regions of Italy. But they mainly live in Sicily.

Goat Profile

Goat nameArgentata dell’etna goat
Other NameAny
Goat PurposeMeat and milk
Coat colorLight gray, dark gray, with silver tones
Weight38 to 50 Kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country of OriginItaly


The Argentata dell’Etna is an indigenous breed of domestic goat from the area of Mount Etna in the province of Catania and the Monti Peloritani in the province of Messina, in southern Italy. It is raised mainly in that area, but also in Enna and Palermo. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck with your search for a new pet or livestock animal to raise on your land. If not then please contact us at __ so we can answer any questions about our goats or help find one that might be right for you.

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