Aspromonte Goat: A Rare Animal Breed

The Aspromonte Goat is a breed that originated in southern Italy. Today it is only found in those regions. Its name is due to the region where they come from which is the region of Aspromonte. Although studies say that this breed comes from the offspring of other races such as the goat Malta, Abyssinia, and the Tibetan goat.

The Aspromonte goat is a rare breed of domestic goat from the Aspromonte mountain massif in Calabria, southern Italy. Aspro means steep and monte means mountain in Italian. The Aspromonte or Capra dell’Aspromonte is an indigenous breed of domestic goat from this area for which it is named.

Aspromonte Goat

Characteristics of Aspromonte Goat

The Aspromonte goat is a medium race, males of this species weigh about 64 kg. and females weigh 43 kg. They reach 69 cm. of long the females, whereas the males arrive to measure 73cm. The ears are short, inclined upwards, and measure about 10cm. Males of this species have thicker hair, larger heads, and stronger limbs.

This breed is ready to breed at 15 months of age. The fertility rate is 98%. And the lactation period of the females lasts about 270 days. The color of the coat comes in varied colors, white, yellow, black, brown, and reddish. The color of Aspromonte goat skin comes in gray, pink or black, varies according to the color of your coat. They are bred in mountainous areas as well as in plains.


The Aspromonte goat is a breed usually fed outdoors, as they are maintained with extensive grazing. Their food is based on the mound, herbs, pasta, shrubs, and foliage.


The Aspromonte goat is a dual-purpose breed. The farmers produce it for its meat that is of good quality, and because of the milk production since its milk is very nutritious and is excellent for the production of cheese among the cheeses that can be developed From their milk are cacioricotta, curd, pecorino, caiciotta and cottage cheese.

Special Feature

The Aspromonte goat is estimated that there are about 27.000 individuals of this species. The Italian National Association of breeders of sheep and goats carries a genealogical book of the births of this breed, as this breed is part of the 43 races of indigenous goats.

Goat Profile

Goat Name Aspromonte goat
Other NameCapra dell’Aspromonte, Aspromontana
Goat PurposeMeat and Milk
Coat ColorWhite, yellow, black, brown, and reddish
Weight43 to 64 Kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country of OriginItaly


What is the history of the Aspromonte goat?

The Aspromonte goat is a breed of domestic goat native to the Calabria region of Italy. It is believed to have been introduced to the area in the late 19th century, when farmers from other parts of Italy brought their goats with them as they settled in the region.

What are the different types of Aspromonte goats?

The Aspromonte goat is a breed of domestic goat that originated in the Aspromonte mountains in southern Italy. This breed is a hardy, medium-sized animal with short hair and a white coat. It is known for its high milk production and good meat quality.

How can I get a Aspromonte goat?

If you’re looking to get an Aspromonte goat, the best way to do so is to contact a local breeder. Aspromonte goats are relatively rare, so it can be difficult to find them in some areas. However, if you search online or ask around at local farms, you may be able to find a breeder who can provide you with an Aspromonte goat.


If you are looking for a goat breed to raise in your backyard, this is one of the most popular breeds. The Aspromonte or Capra dell’Aspromonte goats have been raised by farmers and shepherds throughout Calabria since ancient times. They are known for their hardiness and ability to survive on sparse mountain pastures with little food during the winter months; they also produce high-quality meat that has an excellent flavor. This guide will give you some background information about these beautiful animals as well as show pictures of them so you can decide if this might be the right goat breed for you!

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