Abondance Cattle: The Perfect Beef Cattle For Small Farmers

If you’re looking for the perfect beef cattle for small farmers, look no further than Abondance Cattle. This unique breed of cattle is not only known for its hardiness and disease resistance but also its high yield of tender and flavorful meat. Developed in the mountainous Haute-Savoie region of France, Abondance has been beloved by generations of French herdsmen due to its ability to thrive in both harsh winters and hot summers alike. If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible breed, read on – we delve deeper into all aspects of Abondance Cattle, from their origin and traditional husbandry practices to custom feeding routines that will help bring out the best flavor in your herd.

History & Origin

Abondance Cattle, a cross breed of cattle with their origins in Haute-Savoie, France is an ancient breed. This hardy cow adapted to harsh mountain terrain, has played an essential role for the people of Haute-Savoie for centuries. Abondance Cattle produces a famed cheese known as Abondance Cheese which is famously used in fondue and other local recipes. Abondance Cattle are highly regarded for their marbling and tenderness due to its high-fat content, making them optimal choices for beef stock and meat production. Abondance Cattle have become more popular recently due to the renewed interest in locally sourced products. Despite this Abondance Cattle remains loyal to its historical roots with its production iconic within the Haute-Savoie region.


Abondance Cattle are easily recognizable for their unique rust-red coloring and high-humped appearance. This majestic breed is medium-sized with a muscular build, making them excellent working cattle. Abondance Cattle are renowned for their hardy constitution and ability to thrive in the cold high altitudes of the French Alps, where they originated. Abondance Cattle also have great milk production as well as meat qualities. With their mild temperaments, Abondance Cattle can be easily handled and make excellent show cows. The Abondance breed is known for its versatility, beauty, and productivity; ideal traits for any cattle enthusiast!


Abondance Cattle have been known for their ability to filter high-fat foods from the pastures for centuries. This lesser-known breed of cattle feeds in the high valleys of Haute-Savoie, France by grazing in the pastures and foraging for different grasses, clovers, legumes, grains, and herbs. Abondance Cattle are also able to access some of the more nutritious plants that other breeds can’t and also eat dishes derived from dairy. With this adaptable diet, they thrive to produce large quantities of milk while maintaining body condition. Abondance Cattle’s distinct feeding habit makes them an ideal choice for farmers interested in supplying a unique dairy product to consumers.


Abondance Cattle are renowned for their delightful flavor, attractive appearance, and robustness. They are ideally suited for higher elevation areas thanks to their sturdy stature and unique genetics. Cattle have been raised in the Haute-Savoie area of France since the 1200s, providing them time to develop a hearty nature that is capable of withstanding harsh mountain climates. This hardy breed is now widely used around the world as a multi-purpose livestock species. Abondance Cattle provide delicious and nutritious meat, produce creamy milk packing plenty of butterfat, and can even be relied on for breeding as they have excellent maternal instincts and twins are commonplace in this strain. Abondance Cattle are truly an indispensable animal species!

Special Feature

Abondance Cattle are an incredibly special breed of cattle, not just for their stately presence and alpine admirability. They originate from the high valleys in Haute-Savoie, France, and have now been spread far and wide throughout the world. Cattle have a robustness expected from breeds originating from the alps, with their coat coloring ranging from straw to red-brown to yellowish-black. This mixed coloring adds another layer of majestic beauty to Abondance Cattle, making them truly eye-catching wherever seen!

Health Benefits of Abondance Cattle

Abondance Cattle are an excellent choice for small and sustainable farms due to their many health benefits. These cattle, which originated in the high valleys of Haute-Savoie, France, are renowned for their docility and fertility as well as their ability to thrive on natural grass pastures. Cattle also adapt well to any climate, making them ideal for novices who are just getting started in the industry. Their large frames can produce more meat per animal than other breeds, requiring fewer feed inputs which makes them cost effective and better for the environment. Abondance Cattle are truly a great fit for any small or sustainable farm looking to maximize profit while minimizing its environmental impact.

Cost Efficiency

Abondance Cattle are known for the financial savings they bring to those who choose to raise them. Abondance, a cross breed of cattle that originated in the high valleys of Haute-Savoie, France, are known for their hardy natural characteristics such as their ability to survive extreme weather conditions and their resistance to common diseases. This makes Abondance an efficient and cost-effective animal choice for both large-scale and small farmers, as there is less need for additional veterinary care or expensive feedstuff. Additionally, Abondance yields more meat per cow than other breeds and thus can provide a greater return on investment. Their ability to reach market weight faster than other breeds also results in greater cost efficiency over time – all advantages combined that make Abondance cattle an attractive option for those looking to manage costs while still enjoying bountiful harvests.

Milk Production

Abondance cattle are known for their ability to produce large quantities of milk in high-altitude climates, making them an excellent choice for farmers looking to maximize milk production. With proper husbandry and nutrition, Abondance cows can be expected to yield very generous amounts of nutritious dairy. Caring for these animals includes providing them with a healthy balanced diet, plenty of space to roam, and clean housing accommodations. Abondance cows need plenty of exercise, which encourages strong muscles and good blood circulation throughout the animal, leading to higher production rates. Owners should consider adding Abondance cattle to their operation if they want to see increased milk production at their farms.

Breeding Practices

Abondance Cattle have been bred in the high valleys of Haute-Savoie, France, for centuries. Keeping the Abondance cattle healthy and ensuring a successful herd starts with careful breeding practices. Abondance breeders must follow guidelines that promote genetic diversity; this will allow them to select suitable parents based on traits such as immune system resistance, fertility, longevity, and other characteristics important for Abondance’s profitably. It is also imperative to plan matings between unrelated animals and keep good records throughout the offspring of those matings – understanding the genetics associated with each Abondance animal can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy herd. By utilizing these smart breeding practices, Abondance breeders can ensure a successful line of healthy calves with desirable characteristics that give Abondance Cattle their unique place in the world!


What is Abondance Cattle?

Abondance Cattle are a rare breed of mountain cattle found in the Haute-Savoie region of France. The Abondance is an old breed that has been bred for its extraordinary hardiness since it was developed by shepherds to thrive in the harsh alpine environment. Cattle are known to have very strong legs and exceptionally long horns which can grow up to 2 meters (6 ft 7in). They also have an impressive fertility rate – cows can give birth as early as 16 months of age!

How did Abondance Cattle get its start?

Abondance Cattle originated in the early 19th century in the Savoy region of France. It is believed that they were developed from primitive cattle, which can be traced back to Mesopotamian origins. The name “Abondance” was first officially registered in 1893 by Swiss breeds registrar, Professor Urbain Jaccottet, and refers to the abundance of milk that this particular breed produces.

How are Abondance Cattle raised?

Abondance Cattle are a type of dairy cattle that originates from the Haute-Savoie region in France. Developed to be well adapted to its local environment, these cows produce high-quality milk that is used throughout Europe in making some of the most popular cheeses such as Beaufort and Comte.


In conclusion, the Abondance cattle breed is a great choice for small and sustainable farms. Abondance cows are known to be hardy and easy to manage, making them ideal for a range of different needs. Furthermore, they are incredibly cost efficient and offer good milk production. Proper breeding practices must be followed to ensure maximal health benefits and an overall successful herd. All in all, the breed has a substantial history that dates back centuries, with roots from the high valleys of Haute-Savoie in France. Rich with interesting characteristics as well as very practical considerations such as hardiness and cost efficiency, it’s no wonder that this breed is becoming more popular among small and sustainable farm owners alike.

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