List of Cattle Breeds

The following list of cattle breeds is a big list of breeds of cattle. More than 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide.

Some of which adapted to the local climate, others that were raised by man for specialized uses. Races are divided into two main types, considered as either closely related species, or two subspecies of a species.

Bos indicus (or Bos taurus indicus) of zebu cattle, also called, adapt to warm climates. Bos taurus (or Bos taurus Taurus) is the typical animals of Europe, northeastern Asia, and parts of Africa, and many adapt to colder climates. Taurus/Hybrid indicus are widely bred in many warmer regions, combining features of both types of ancestral (such as Sanga cattle from Africa).

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In some parts of the world, new species of cattle are found (both in the wild and domestic animals), and some of them are so closely related to Taurus and Indicus Cattle among species that hybrids have been bred.

cattle breeds

Examples include the Lulu cattle dwarfs of the Nepal mountains with yak blood, North American Beefalo with bison genes, Selembu breed of India and Bhutan with gayal genes. The Madura race of Indonesia may have Banteng in their paternity.

The Dzo of Nepal is an infertile crossing of yak-cattle that are bred for agricultural work. Like the mule that is infertile, they have to be continuously generated from the parent species.

These Cattle breeds are used for multiple purposes:

Brahman (beef)

Swiss European (Dairy / Beef)

British Friesian (Dairy / Beef)

White British (Dairy / Beef)

Bue Lingo (Dairy / Beef)

Busa Cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Cachena Cattle (Dairy/meat)

Caldelana (Beef)

Camargue (beef / sport)

Canadienne (Dairy / Beef)

Canaria (Beef)

Caracú (Dairy/meat)

Cárdena Andaluza (Beef)

Cattle Balancer (Dairy / Beef)

Barrosã cattle (beef)

Freisian Meat (Dairy / Beef)

Belgian Blue (Beef)

Belgium red (beef)

Berrenda (beef/sport)

Betizu (beef )

Asturian Mountain (Dairy / Beef)

Asturian of the Valleys (Dairy / Beef)

Aubrac cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Aulie-Atta (Dairy / Beef)

Aure-et-Saint-Girons (Dairy / Meat)

Avian (beef)

Ayrshire (Dairy / Beef)

Bianca Val Padana (Dairy / Res)

Blonde d’Aquitaine (beef)

Allmogekor (Beef)

White American Park (Dairy / Beef)

Amerifax: (Dairy / Beef)

Anatolia Black (Dairy)

Anglia cattle (dairy products)

Cattle Angus (Dairy / Beef)

Argentine Creole (Dairy / Beef)

Armoricano (Dairy / Beef)

Arouquesa cattle (beef)

Taurine cattle (Bos taurus)

Abondance (Dairy / Beef)

Adamawa (Dairy / Meat)

Ala-Tau (Dairy / Beef)

Albania (Dairy)

Alentejana cattle (beef)

Black Angus (Dairy / Beef)

Blanca Cacereña (beef)

Limpurger: (Dairy / Beef)

Lithunian Red (Dairy / Beef)

Lourdais (Dairy / Meat)

Maine Anjou (Dairy / Meat)

Buttermilk Leonesa (Dairy / Meat)

Maremmana (Dairy / Meat)

Marinhoa Cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Maronesa (Dairy / Meat)

Mashona (Beef)

Marchigiana (Beef)

Menorquina (beef)

Mertolenga cattle (beef)

Pinares / Florida Cracker (Dairy / Meat)

Pinzgauer (Dairy / Beef)

Pyrenean (beef)

Red cattle grazing (Dairy / Meat)

Romagnola cattle (beef)

Russian Black Pied (Dairy / Meat)

Sahiwal (Dairy / Beef)

Salers (Beef)

Parda Alpina (Dairy / Res)

Parthenais (Beef)

Pasiega (Dairy)

Shorthorn (Dairy / Beef)

Simmental (Dairy / Meat)

South Devon (Dairy / Beef)

N’Dama (Dairy)

Black Andalusian (beef)

Norman Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

North Finncattle (Dairy / Beef)

Spanish Toreo / Lidia bull (beef / sport)

Tswana cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Tudanca (Dairy)

Tuli (Dairy / Beef)

Milk Shorthorn (Dairy / Beef)

Minhota Cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Mirandesa of cattle (beef)

Monchina (Beef)

Vorderwald Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Vosges (Dairy / Beef)

Wagyu (beef)

Yanbian cattle (beef)

Cebu (Bos indicus)

Ankole-Watusi (Dairy / meat / program)

Africa Boran (beef/pets)

Brahman (Dairy / Beef)

Dajal (Dairy / Meat)

Dhanni (Dairy / Meat)

Fulani Sudan (Dairy / Meat)

Gir (Dairy / Beef)

Krishna Valley cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Lohani cattle (beef)

Madagascar, Cebu (Dairy / Meat)

Masai cattle (beef)

Nelore cattle (beef)

Beef cattle (Ongole)

Punganur cow (res)

Vianesa (Dairy / Beef)

Deep red cattle or Brandt Rund (Dairy / Meat)

Devon (Dairy / Beef)

Dexter (Dairy / Beef)

Dølafe (Dairy / Beef)

Dulong (Beef)

Holland with belt or Lakenvelder (Dairy / Meat)

Dutch Friesian or Papas Hollands (Dairy / Meat)

This Finncattle (Dairy / Beef)

English Longhorn (Dairy / Beef)

The mountain cattle Ennstal Pied (beef)

Estonia Red cattle (Dairy/beef)

Finnish cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Fjäll or Swedish Mountain Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Fleckvieh (Dairy)

French Simmental (Dairy / Beef)

Red and White Friesian or Papas Roodbont Vee (Dairy / Meat)

Galician Rubio (Rubia Gallega) (Dairy / Beef)

Galloway (Cattle)

Garvonesa cattle (beef)

Gascon cattle (beef)

Gelbvieh (Dairy / meat)

Cattle from the Georgia Mountains (Dairy / Meat)

Red German Pied (German Rotbunte) (Dairy / Beef)

Glan cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Gloucester (Dairy / Meat)

Greek Shorthorn (Dairy / Beef)

Groningen white-headed or Groninger Blaarkop (Dairy / Meat)

Hartón del Valle (Dairy / Meat)

Harz Mountain Cattle Network (Dairy / Meat)

Highland cattle (meat)

Hinterwald Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Holando-Argentino (Dairy / Beef)

Hungary Gray (Beef)

Illawara: (Dairy / Beef)

Ireland Moiled (Dairy / Beef)

Istoben ganado (Dairy / Beef)

Jarmelista cattle (beef)

Jutland cattle (Dairy / beef)

Kalmyk (beef cattle) (Dairy / Beef)

Kazakhstan Whiteheaded (Dairy / Beef)

Kerry Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Kholmogory (Dairy / Beef)

Kostroma Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Kurgan (Dairy / Beef)

Latvia Brown (Dairy / Beef)

Levantine (beef)

Limiana (Beef)

Limousin (beef)

Black cattle (beef)

Qinchaun (Beef)

Big Branch (meat / milk)

Red Polled Ostland (Dairy / Beef)

Randall (Dairy / Meat)

Rätische Grauvieh (Dairy / Meat)

Red Poll (Dairy / Beef)

Red Angus (Dairy / Beef)

Queen (Dairy / Beef)

Retinta (beef)

Pembroke Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Philippines Native cattle (Dairy)

Pie Rouge des Plaines or French Lowlands of various colors red (Dairy / Beef)

Piedmont (Dairy / Beef)

Sayaguesa (beef)

Cattle Shetland (Beef)

Red Norway (Dairy / Beef)

Pajuna (beef)

Palm tree (beef / sport)

Swedish Red and White- (Dairy / Beef)

Red Swedish Survey (Dairy / Beef)

Tarentaise (Dairy / Beef)

Telemark cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Mongolia cattle (beef)

Montbéliard Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Morucha (beef / fighting)

Murboden Cattle (Dairy / Meat)

Turkish grays won Estepa (beef )

Tyrolese Gray Cattle (Dairy / Beef)

Cow tops or Heifer (sport)

Vestland Fjord (Dairy / Beef)

Meuse-Rhine-Issel, Meuse-Rhine-Meuse-Yssel the Rijn-IJssel (Dairy / Meat)

Devon Milking (Dairy / Meat)

Western Finncattle (Dairy / Beef)

Western Red Polled (Dairy / Beef)

White Caceres (Beef)

White Park (Dairy / Beef)

Gobra (Beef)

Gudali (Dairy)

Guzerat (Beef)

Halikar (Dairy / Meat)

Hariana (Dairy / Meat)

Horro (Beef)

Kangayam cow (res)

Kankrej (Beef)

Rath (Dairy / Beef)

Rathi (Dairy / Beef)

Red Sindhi (Dairy / Beef)

Rohjan (Beef)

Tharparkar (Dairy)



Afrikaner / Afrikander (Dairy / Beef)

Brahmousin: Taurine / Cebu hybrid (beef)

Coastal With Horns: Taurine / Zebu Hybrid (Beef)

Hybridmaster: Taurine / Zebu Hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

Israel Rojas: Taurine / Cebu hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

Siboney: Taurine / Cebu hybrid (beef)

Xingjiang Brown: Taurine / “Mongolian type” hybrid (Dairy / meat)

Jamaica Black: Taurine / Zebu Hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

Karan Switzerland: Taurine / Cebu hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

Mature cattle: banteng / zebu hybrids (Dairy / Meat / Racing)

Nguni: Taurine / Cebu hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

Sanhe: Taurine / “Mongolian type” hybrid (Dairy / Meat)

Selembu: Bovine / gayal hybrid (Dairy / Beef)

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