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Saanen Goat is the ones with the highest dairy production, which is why it is called the Holstein of the Goats. This breed is native to Switzerland, from the Saanen valley in the canton of Bern.

Since 1893 then it has been possible to extend all over the world, and today you can consider the dairy goat par excellence.

Its exploitation is orient towards relatively numerous herds and possessing mechanical milking machine.

Characteristic Details of Saanen Goat:

Saanen Goat is a breed that has great precocity, development, and rusticity. As regards its characteristics is white, short fur, fine skin, and pink mucus.

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There may be black spots on the udder, ears, eyes, and nose, have short, erect ears, small saber-shape horns or may be short.

Its head is brachycephalic and symmetrical, it is somewhat longer in comparison with other Swiss goats. You May Also Like To Read Pygmy Goat.

On the other hand, the front and the cheeks are wide; brown eyes, with white eyelashes. The thin ears that sometimes can be somewhat fallen are of medium size, are erect and are direct forwards.

The skin is a little pigment, loose, little adipose tissue and fine texture, pink. In the tropics, the other color is preferred.

In addition, most Saanen goats are fine-hair, although there are some varieties with long hair. The males have the hair of the chin a little longer than the one of the female; and the long thin neck.

The color presents the following combinations of pink skin with white hair and other skin with light cream hair and in both, there are black males in the nose, ears, and udder.

Although it is white, it can vary from pure white to creamy white. It has short hair, except on the back and thighs, where it has a longer length. In males, the hair is longer and thicker than in females.

In the tropics, they remain generally in shady places because they are not habituated to strong solar radiation.

Hermaphroditism is common and has a relation with the gene producing absence of horns, it is, therefore, preferable in practice to use only horned males. The body expresses good milk conformation.

Its size is very variable since in each country has been select differently, but in general is a tall and heavy animal. The average height of the cross in females and males is 75 to 90 cm.

The adult females reach a weight of 65 kg. and the males 75 kg. Usually, the udders are spacious, well develop and not pendulous. And the symmetrical nipples directed down and slightly forward.

It specializes in milk production. It is considered to be the best breed in dairy production. In the tropics produce 1-3 kg/day and can reach up to 1500 kg in temperate regions in 300 days.

Report of productions in the Caribbean is of 800 kg in 250 days. The females of this breed can reach four liters of milk daily after childbirth.

There may be specimens that produce up to five and six liters when under a very good diet. You May Also Like To Read Boer Goat.


Saanen Goat feed should have a good balance of protein and energy to allow a desirable level of production. This balance is obtained from grazing pastures, in the case that they are not overgrazed.

In the case of goats with high requirements during lactation, these can be covered with a high-quality fresh forage supplement.

In the case of dairy goats, lactation requires careful feeding. To allow adequate levels of production and prevent the goat from suffering from malnutrition.

In this case, it is necessary to increase the number of proteins using blocks of urea. As well as mineral salts and vitamins so that the animal can efficiently use hay and crop waste.


Saanen Goat is a breed that is used for its high milk production. This feature and having a high growth makes this breed highly prized by farmers.

Another feature is that the milk they produce has a low-fat concentration. The Saanen goat is an object of the great trade with the different countries of Europe and America.

Special Characteristics:

Saanen Goat is very docile in character they fit very well to the housing. Because of their clear coat, they do not withstand solar radiation.

Its adaptation to the milking machine is very high due to the confirmation of its udder which allows handling numerous animals in the same herd.

Its prolificacy rate is 1.8 children per child, although this figure may be variable depending on the selection exercised on the farm. You May Also Like To Read Angora Goat.

They are animals of marked sexual seasonality, in countries with continental climates, softening the percentages of females in the areas with constant luminosity and temperature, and after the adaptation to the management.

They develop best in cold climates, as they are very sensitive to heat. The average production is very high, both for the daily amount produce and for the length of lactation.

Despite not being as strong a specimen in its limbs as other Swiss goats, this one is satisfactorily adjusted to the systems of grazing in the mountain.

Even when the flat terrain is more propitious. It is a very precocious animal, it develops quickly and fattens easily in its youth. Newborn kids weigh between 3.5 and 6.0 kilograms. Saneen Goat is a peaceful and quiet breed. As A Reference: Wikipedia.


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