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Oberhasli goat is native to the region of Switzerland, known as Canton of Bern. The word “Oberhasli” translates roughly into English for “mountaineer”.

Oberhasli goats are quite rare in the United States, although they were carried out from Switzerland in 1900.

Oberhasli goats have not been recognizing the American Dairy Goat Association as their breed until 1960 because of its rarity and its resemblance to the French Alpine goat.

Also, oberhasli goats were brought to the USA. from Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century. You may also like to read Saanen Goat.

Since many of these original goats were cross with other breeds of goats in the USA, at present there are two types of Oberhaslis goats.

American Oberhaslis and Oberhaslis breed. Oberhaslis race dates back to a herd imported from Switzerland in 1936.

A California goat breeder named Esther Oman has worked hard to ensure that her goats were purebred Oberhasli.

Because of this, many believe that she is responsible for the continuation of the Oberhasli race in the USA today.

Oberhaslis was originally known as Swiss Alpine, a variation on the Alpine. Finally, they were recognized as a separate race with different brands.

Characteristics Details of Oberhasli goat:

Oberhasli goats are considered a medium-sized goat, standing about 34 “tall on the shoulder.

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The color of this breed is reddish brown with black spots, a distinctive pattern that is consistent with the breed. Although it is rare, sometimes this breed can also be pure black.

Oberhaslis are suede, which means that their skin is a light shade of dark red color. Although they are mostly red, Oberhaslis usually have several white hairs on all their fur.

The characteristic marks are two vertical black bands on the face above each eye that go to a black snout. This breed has black stripes on its nose and head.

They usually have black faces, black and black bellies, too. And he has a black stripe down the middle of his back. And usually from the knees to the pesuñas are black.

While The females can sometimes be all black, but men must comply with the black and brown pattern. The coat of this species is usually short. Also, the ears remain erect.

They have a docile nature as well as a mild temperament. A Record in the year 2006 indicates that Oberhasli produces an average of 2,284 pounds of milk.

With butter fat half coming at 3.6% for 81 pounds of milk. Milk from the Oberhasli breed is sweeter than other breeds and excellent for cheese production.

This breed would be a good option for the greater desire of farm to produce large quantities of dairy products.

The Oberhasli is also a recovery of the breed according to the American Races of Livestock Conservancy.

They have a sweet temperament and they seem to like to be milked. The females of this species weigh 60 kg. While the males reach weighing 75 Kg.


Oberhasli goat feeds mainly on forages. Although they also need protein so that they can reach production levels. They are good for grazing, which is why they can feed outdoors.

As oberjasli goat is a primarily dairy breed they need fresh good quality forage along with supplements. You may also like to read Toggenburg Goat.

Their diet has to be supervised by farmers so that they can produce high levels of milk. That is why females of this species should be fed with more protein than males.

And this is obtained by supplying them with urea blocks, mineral salts and in addition vitamins must be inclusive.

This in conjunction with hay and certain vegetables will make the feeding of this breed complete.


Oberhasli goats are known for their milk, which is the mild and sweet flavor. Also, oberhasli goat milk ranges in fat content from about 3.5 percent to 4 percent.

While oberhasli goat milk is thought to be the most milk-like flavor of any cow dairy goat breed. You may also like to read Boer Goat.

Although the goats are of medium size, Oberhaslis can produce a lot of milk for its size, usually around 2 liters of milk per day.

Special features:

Oberhasli goat also exists in the miniature version. The miniature version was created by crossing the standard Oberhasli females, with the Nigerian dwarf males.

This breed is also known as the Siberian goat. Similar to the standard Oberhasli, Siberian goats are usually reddish in color, but can also be solid black.

Iberians are registered by the Miniature Goat Dairy Association. They produce and goat milk, approximately 1/2 liter of 1 1/2 liters per day.

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