Bee Colony – The colonies of the honey Bee

Bee Colony:

Honey bees live in community, this community is calling a bee colony. They are composed of the following individuals: queen, workers, and drones.

And under some special conditions may appear the so-called “laying bees”. These appear, with the intention of saving the colony, to stay this orphan and not be able to build the royal bees to give new queen.

They are normal bees but to a certain extent, they develop the reproductive system having the ability to put eggs.

But since these bees have not been fertilized, all the individuals that are born will give rise to drones.

So the beehive will decline as the nurse and foraging bees die, and therefore the hive is number.

Confirmation of the colony:

The colonies of the honey bees depend on the participation of the bees of each caste since each of them has assigned specific tasks.

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The queen bee:

The queen is the soul of the hive existing, in conditions of normality, only one in each colony.

Being the one in charge of laying the eggs and maintaining, with their presence, the “spirit” of the bee colony.

The queens, in countries with development agriculture, can be purchase already fertilize in selection centers and queen kennels.

In which they have been select, control and raise in the best conditions. You may also like to read Worker Bee.

As long as they can not be disposed of, what must be done is to produce the queens themselves, relying on the best colonies of exploitation.

The workers:

The workers are responsible for doing the rest of the work both inside and outside the hive as we will see later.

A colony with less than 15.000 bees can be considered as weak. When the colony has 15.000 to 30.000 bees, we can consider it to be fairly vigorous.

If a hive has 30.000 to 50.000 bees, they can be said to be normal colonies. And when they have 50,000 bees and up are very vigorous colonies.

The worker bees of honey are essential members of the colonies. The worker bees are the most numerous in a hive.

They are the infertile females that are dedicated, among other activities, to clean and protect the hive, to build wax combs and to produce royal jelly.

The average life of the workers is approximately six weeks. You may also like to read Queen Bee.


The drones perform a primordial mission that is to fertilize the queens. While they seem to bring balance and stability to the colony of which they are apart.

The number of drones that can be in a hive is very variable and can vary greatly, being able to say that there are 200 to 800 or more.

At the beginning of the queen’s arrival at the end of winter practically the colony does not produce drones because they are still unnecessary.

But as the season progresses, it is enhanced as a result of the massive entry of nectar, the colony begins to raise drones.

By the time the swarm arrives, there are more than enough drones. And thus be able to fecundate the virgin queens that leave to the flights of fecundation

When spring is passing and we are getting into the summer, the flowers are agostado and the entrance of nectar to the hive descends.

Bees are responsible for eliminating large numbers of drones, lowering their population, calling this phenomenon “the killing of drones.”


The workers use a spike of thorns to defend the colony. But after attacking, the barbs remain attached to the skin of the victim, a process that opens their abdomen and results in their death.


Beehives it is called a hive where the bees live. It is the place occupied by a colony of these insects: the colony in question can even be called a hive.

About 80.000 bees, between drones, workers and the queen bee can live in the hives. When a bee queen of advanced age leaves a hive with a group of workers to develop another colony.

A swarm is a form through the process known as swarming. It is important to note that the way in which bees build their hives.

It is not very similar to that used by other social insects, such as ants and bumblebees. You may also like to read the Drone Bee.

The beginning of a new swarm and, therefore, of a colony occurs when an old queen bee leaves its hive together with many workers. Leaving the lesser queen in charge.

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