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The Khari goat makes up just over 50% of the total population of goats in Nepal. The valleys and hills of the interior of the country are located. They move through different areas.

Characteristics of Khari Goat:

The Khari goat texture is small in comparison to what it weighs, in the females of this species the weight is about 24 Kg. And in the males, it varies of 28 to 40 Kg. They arrive to measure between 63 to 65 cm of length.

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The Khari goat is a strong breed and have the characteristic that they easily adapt to the environment that surrounds them.

They can get to reproduce when being the age of 16 months. It has a high reproduction rate. The interval between one pregnancy and another is 285 days. The period in which the goats become pregnant is 145 days.

Most pregnancies and deliveries of this breed are multiple.

This breed is born in different colors.

  • White with Black spots
  • Brown
  • Brown with other colors
  • Black with White
  • Black
  • White spots.

Both the female and the male have horns, which are inclined and backward, and can measure between 12 and 15cm.

The ears of this species are between 16 and 17 cm. and has fallen. They have a short tail and raised upwards, which can measure between 12 and 15 cm.


The Khari goat feeds on the little food. They get in the different places where it lives, and when it is winter season it has to compete with the cattle and buffaloes for food.

However, the goats are resistant and walk great distances to find their food. They adapt to eat different types of food, including herbs, leaves, plants, wood, shrubs, and their diet is added water.


The Khari Goat is used for the production of their meat, and because they are highly reproductive, which makes them accessible to farmers, as they would produce a certain amount of kilograms of meat a year.

Special Characteristics:

The Khari Goat come to withstand different types of climates, from the warm to the cold climates.

They can be in mountains with different altitudes, from 300 to 1500 m.a.s.l

This breed is found in different areas of the country, and according to where they have different physical characteristics.

In a study carried out in the year 2000, the Khari goat was observed and it was concluded that the middle east goats of this breed were larger than eastern goats. On the other hand, occupied the second place since they were of An average size between the east and midwestern goats. And the smaller measures turned out to be the eastern ones.

In that same study, it was found that the differences in size between goats of the same breed were due to the diversity of the population in the development, which arose from 2 main proteins in the blood, including differences in genes.

Goat Profile:

Goat name Khari Goat
Other Name Any
Goat Purpose Meat and for its high reproduction rate
Coat color Black, white and brown with different variations
Weight 24 to 40 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Country of Origin Nepal

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