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The Gute sheep is a breed that descends from the horned sheep that have been kept on the island of Gotland for several centuries. By the beginning of the year 1940, this race was considered extinct. It was from a few sheep that the reproduction of this species was started again.

This breed originates from breeds from Northern Europe, and studies have shown that the breed’s genetics are linked to several breeds of sheep, including the Faroe, Orkney, Romanov, Finnsheep, Spelsau and Sheep that come from Iceland.

The name of this breed comes from 2 Swedish words, “G” which is the Gotland island where this breed originates and “ute” means outdoors, and this breed is kept outdoors for much of the year, so The combination “Gute” for the name.

Characteristics of Gute Sheep:

The Gute sheep is a medium breed. The male weighs between 70 to 100kg and female weighs between 45 to 60kg.

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This breed has both male and female horns, male horns are larger and coarser, measure between 39 and 90 centimeters in length, and the base of the horn is between 20 and 29 centimeters and its base is shaped Triangular, while the horns of the females reaches between 21 and 43 centimeters in length, and between 12 and 14 centimeters of base, and said base is oval. In both sexes, the horns are inclined backward and they have pronounced curvature.

The tail for both sexes of this species can measure between 13 and 17 centimeters.

The coat of this species has varied colors. In some cases the coat is gray and the legs and face are black, they are also born light gray, with some white shades around the body, including the mouth And around the eyes. When they are born white they are not totally of this color, they have gray and black tufts.

The wool that produces this species is smooth and sometimes with curlers, it has variations in the wool. They can be of fine fiber and of thick fiber. In sheep of this breed that are dark, gray wool that is fine fiber is black. The gray wool they produce is a combination of white and black fibers. The fine wool is white and the thick wool is black.

The female sheep at one year of age are already ready for breeding. They can produce individual births as twin deliveries.


The Gute sheep is a breed that is kept outdoors. So your diet is made up of the consumption of grass, grass, pines,


The Gute sheep is a double purpose breed, produced by the consumption of their meat and by the production of wool. Today this breed is produced mainly by the production of wool.

Special Characteristics:

The Gute sheep has a life span of 11 to 12 years. According to a study conducted in Sweden in 2012 showed that there are about 5,200 specimens of this breed.

In 2007 GutefårAkademin has created an organization that focuses on the preservation and care of the breed so that it is not in danger of extinction, and not in its improvement of the characteristics for the production.

Sheep Profile:

Sheep name Gute Sheep
Other Name Gutefar
Sheep Purpose Meat and wool
Coat color Dark gray, light gray, black and white
Weight 45 to 100 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Country of Origin Sweden


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