Gohilwadi Goat: A multi-purpose Goat Breed

Gohilwadi goat is a breed of Indian goats which are raised for meat, milk, and also fiber production. Gohilwadi goat is medium to large-sized animals and they appear in black color mostly. They have coarse long hairs all over their body. Their nose line is slightly convex while the ears of these goats are tubular and drooping.

Gohilwadi goat is generally raised under an extensive management system in its native area Gujarat state of India where it was developed by Dr. Bherulal Vadval as a multi-purpose breed that can be used for both dairy purposes as well as meat production with great success rate. This breed has been very successful due to its good breeding. Gohilwadi goat is a breed famous for its milk, meat, and fiber. It has been distributed mainly through the Amreli district of Gujarat state in India but can be found across Bhavnagar and Junagarh as well.

Gohilwadi Goat

Gohilwadi goat is an ancient breed, who traces its origins to India. The total population of this animal in its main distribution area was 0.369 million (according to the 1972 census). Among these numbers were around 0.277 million adult does and only about half as many bucks at just over one-tenth that number or 0.017 million, which shows how strong females are when compared with males!

Characteristics of Gohilwadi Goat

Gohilwadi goat is a breed of medium to large-sized animals that have black fur and long hair. They usually appear with horns, which grow out from the head in an upward direction; either on males or females. The nose line can be slightly convex, as well as drooping ears that come down below their neckline when they get older.

The average height of a mature doe is 79 cm at the withers, and for bucks, it’s about 81 cm. The typical weight range for both sexes can vary between 36 kg to 37 kg on average depending on how they were raised from birth until their maturity.


Gohilwadi goat is a breed of goat that can be found in the native areas of India. Generally, they are raised and managed under an extensive management system where their local grazing lands provide them with all their food needs. But when provided with quality supplementary feeds such as hay or grains, these animals do very well!

Gohilwadi Goat is one type of breed you will find in Indian animal husbandry systems that have been around for centuries-these amazing creatures generally browse on nutritious plants sourced from indigenous terrain while being able to survive without having access to any other feed sources; but if given highly nutritional supplements like hay or grains (even rice bran), this beautiful creature thrives even better than before.


Gohilwadi goat breed at a very high rate. They do produce many kids and usually only have one kid per birth, but they also give birth to twins about 15 percent of the time. Kidding age for most does is 20 months old on average


Gohilwadi goat is a tough breed of goats. They can survive in even the harshest environments and they have been known to eat anything from leaves, twigs, or dirt!


Gohilwadi goat is multi-purpose animals. They produce meat, milk, and also fiber. The does have 1.5 kg of daily milk production for 220 days on average while the hair yield per year is around 317 grams on average.

Where is Gohilwadi Goat found?

Gohilwadi goat is found in the Gohilwad region which is located on the south-western coast of India. They are also found in some parts of the Kutch and Saurashtra regions. They are grouped as hill goats with breeds like Chokla, Gaddi, Gureli Gaddi and Gant.

What is Gohilwadi Goat like?

They are found in white or black color with some yellow patches on legs and neck region. Horns are thicker than the Gaddi breed with sizes ranging from 30-36 centimeters. They are used for both milking and meat production purposes.

What does Gohilwadi Goat eat?

Gohilwadi Goats are browsers and prefer to eat shrubs, grasses and leaves in Gohilwad regions. They feed on tough plants like Deltoid bluegrass. They don’t require much water for regular consumption because the goats is devoid of water bodies. they are well adapted to the hot, dry climate in the Gohilwad region.

Is Gohilwadi Goat used for both milking and meat production?

Yes, Goats are used for both milking and meat production purposes. Gohil Gaddi comes under the Gaddi goat breed of India.

Why Gohilwadi Goat is considered to be a better breed?

Gohilwadi goat is considered to be a better breed when compared to Gaddi goat. They comes under the Gaddi goat breed of India.


It is to be noted that the Gohilwadi goat is one of the most popular breeds in India. The farmers who raise these animals for milk, meat, and fiber production generally have a mixed herd of different goat varieties like Cheviot and Angora which produce wool with long hair while the local breed produces short hair. There is also an increasing demand for this breed as they are well suited for crossbreeding programs due to their desirable traits such as prolificacy, disease resistance, etc.

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