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There are lots of Goats Breed. It is extremely important to know that each race has its own use and characteristics under certain environmental conditions.

With what will be possible to obtain the most appropriate animals for the exploitation and consequently the most satisfactory productive results.

All living things develop characteristics determined as a result of the environment in which they live, and for their genetic information.

Depending on the quantity and intensity of the factors in the environment, a different individual or biotype is created. It is often common to confuse the terms “race and biotype”.

The race is defined as a set of individuals of the same species possessing common morphological and physiological characters transmitted by inheritance.

Therefore, individuals with a specific race exhibit both phenotypic and genotypic uniformity.

In contrast, a biotype is a group of individuals with common characteristics that make them fit for a specific type of production, ie, it is understood as the external form of individuals with different origins but with equal functional aptitude.

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The biotype is a broader concept than the one of the race since a determined biotype can include different races.

Livestock presents great difficulties for their racial classification because the individuals of the diverse races are very mixed and crossed in areas of great extensions.

In other adjoining areas between two specific breeds, and still others relatively isolated by imports of new animals to the region.

However, it is possible to classify the different breeds of goats in a very general way considering their areas of exploitation.

Among them are European, African and Asian goats, whose most common zootechnical and morphological characters are:

European Races:

The morphological characteristics that emerge most prominently are brachycephaly. Pronounced orbital arches usually have a narrow base, arched and pointed horns, large, expressive eyes.

Medium ears that are generally erect, strong head, long and thin neck, straight back. Long limbs with strong hooves, little muscular body, height between 60 and 75 centimeters approximately. You May Also Like To Read Boer Goat

Coarse hair, udders bent and hanging, mainly with long, symmetrical and parallel nipples.

The European goat is a fairly rustic animal, ideal for living in mountainous areas; its meat is not very desirable because it emanates a smell that is not pleasant.

In general, he still remains with castration; on the other hand, it is very appreciated the meat of kid, that is used enough in the human feeding.

African Races:

This breed is of medium dolichocephalic or mesocephalic, broad front, little protruding orbital arches, long ears, wide and hung.

This context and poor muscle development; slender neck, strong limbs, long and thin, udders braced with short nipples. More or less dark reddish hair. They are very suitable for dairy production. You May Also Like To Read Angora Goat.

Asian Races:

The most common characteristics of the Asian races are a dolichocephalic skull, with the slight curves forehead.

Very little pronounced orbital arches almost imperceptible, and straight profile; height between 60 and 65 centimeters; hair long and abundant, with very fine and soft hair underneath.

Classification of goats:

Goat breed can also be classified according to their biotype, ie taking into account their productive ability.

The main objective of the exploitation of goats is the use of products such as milk, meat, skin, and hair.

Dairy Goats Breed:

Goats are generally good at producing milk. The dairy character of these breeds can be defined for being by angular animals, of medium length, large and bright eyes, extremities with separation, almost straight and robust.

The udder must have good conformation, be broad, which results in high production and for a long time.

These races are:

Saanen, Toggenburg, Alpine, La Mancha, Anglo-Nubiana, Murciano-Granadina, Appenzell, Poitou or Poitevine, Malagueña or Costeña, Oberhasli, Maltesa and Nigerian Dwarf.

Goats breed for the production of their meat:

There are some breeds of goats that have a confirmation for the production of meat. Like those of the Boer breed, races that are prosodical for their flesh have the particularity of having a short and deep neck, a good thoracic and abdominal capacity.

These characteristics can appreciate the wide back, which has a good horizontal level and the depth and width of the chest. You May Also Like To Read Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

In addition, they present posterior limbs with an excellent muscular development. Among the goat breeds that produce meat are the following: Boer, Kiko, Savanna, Tennessee, Espanola,

Goats breed for fiber production:

The hair-producing breeds produce special fibers such as Mohair, used for the production of various articles, such as fabric. Among them, the Angora breed stands out.

Goats Breed Double Purpose:

They are those breeds that present mixed aptitude for meat and milk. One of the races that are dual purpose is the Anglo-Nubian and the Creole breed. As A References: Wikipedia



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