Florida White Rabbit: Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

The Florida white rabbit was accepted as a breed by the association in the late 1960s. The breed originated from a cross between an albino Dutch, a white Polish with a New Zealand. After the breeders carefully cross these three breeds, the Florida White that exists today was obtained. At the late-90s convention of the rabbits association, it was seen that the best race in the show was a Florida white.

In later years the behavior of rabbits of this breed was observed As a result, the Florida White rabbit race took first place in exhibitions. Obtaining 115 best wins in demonstrations and events. This race came to occupy 8th place in the classification, with the best results on display. It shows that it was carried out for a period of 2 years. During that same period, there were 33 magnificent champions of the record and 221 records of the whites of Florida.

Florida White Rabbit

The white Florida standard, which is available from the ARBA, describes the point system used to judge Florida White.

Characteristics of Florida White Rabbit

As for its physical characteristics, Florida white rabbit is not considered a giant breed, but of medium size. The weight is between 2 and 3 kilograms. As its name suggests, it is white or albino and its eyes are ruby. In terms of its morphology, it highlights the rounded body. Its thick body is cover by a relatively short layer of white hair. This breed usually has a short trimmed figure, a round head, and thick ears that are upright.

The body of this race has a round shape. Florida white rabbits have compact bodies and small bones. Currently, they are one of the many rabbit breeds that are most sought after to domesticate them. White Florida rabbits are albino rabbits; they come only in the color white.

If a rabbit has any other color, it can not be a pure breed of Florida rabbit, although it can be cross with the breed. They are usually not that heavy through the hindquarters and shoulder areas. This breed has a docile nature, and like all rabbits, his reproductive abilities are impressive. You may also like to read Vienna Rabbit.


Florida white rabbit is a multipurpose race. The breed was developed to provide a smaller rabbit for laboratory and meat use. And also to provide a small frying pan for today’s smaller families. Its initial use was for meat since it produces good quality meat. Because of its size, it was ideal to be used as a laboratory rabbit. You may also like to read Alaska Rabbit.

Despite this, the beauty of these specimens of completely white and red eyes ended up making them win a place among the competitions and exhibition fairs. Reaching the respect and admiration of several breeders. This breed is currently a companion Florida white rabbit since his character makes it serve as a pet.


Florida White rabbit breeders should feed this breed with a diet of green leafy fruits and vegetables. Florida White Rabbits must also have access to clean water and must help with digestion.

Special Features

The Florida white rabbit breed is often confused with the New Zealand breed. This is because the New Zealand race was involved in the creation of the Florida White rabbit. But the truth is that the Florida rabbit is much smaller than the Florida White rabbit. You may also like to read Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.

Its fur is always completely white, any spot or he will be rejected to be part of this breed. Almost no one can handle them with relative ease, including children. They are gentle in nature. Animals and pets of the family make a good show. The average life of this breed is five to eight years.

Pet owners should keep their Florida white rabbits indoors, and the rabbit’s cage should be large enough so that they can move comfortably. Its versatility has been put to the test in different climates and scenarios. So much so, that many catalog him as a “multipurpose” race. Being ideal for feeding small and medium families for its soft meat and its ease of breeding. You may also like to read Californian Rabbit.


The Florida White Rabbit is a breed of rabbit that originated from a cross between an albino Dutch, white Polish with New Zealand. After the breeders carefully crossed these three breeds, the Florida White that exists today was obtained. At the late-90s convention of the rabbits association, it was seen that the best race in the show was a Florida white. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck!

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