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Danish Landrace pig is a breed originally from Denmark. The Danish pig breed, known as Landrace, already existed towards the end of the 17th century. Swine exploitation in Denmark continued to be rudimentary.

Until the middle of the last century, when an action for improvement began, which became visible between the years 1860 and 1877.

This breed is descended from the cross between Large White type pigs and Celtic breeds from Northern Europe.


Danish Landrace pig is a very prolific breed and an excellent producer of milk, so their offspring are generally very vigorous.

danish landrace pig

They are very docile animals that facilitate the work with them. They also have excellent feed conversion, good daily weight gain.

The females of this breed weigh up to 310 kg. approximately. While the males weigh up to a maximum of 400 kg. The channel yield is approximately 81%.

This breed has a light head of medium length, straight profile, with a tendency to concavity correlative to age, with a minimum of a double chin. You may also like to read Lithuanian-native-pig

While the ears are not very long, inclined forward and substantially parallel to the longitudinal of the head.

The ears become so long that they almost cover his eyes. In addition, it has the back of average proportions, firm and well adhered to the trunk.

This breed has well-bent ribs, they have 17 pairs, while other breeds have 14 ribs. The tail is implanted reasonably high and with upward curvature“.

And the fur is white, in some cases, it presents dark spots on the skin that are considered inconvenient, but they do not constitute a reason for disqualification.

However, its fur is soft and thin. This breed has been selected basically for its maternal characteristics since the females are usually docile and good dairy.

They are characterized by their great prolificity, the young come to vary between 9 and 11 piglets per litter.

In addition, she can give birth several times a year. The production rate of this breed is high. The mothers are of very good milk and maternal aptitude, very docile and careful.

In addition, the offspring have very good birth weight, weighing an average of 1.3 to 1.5 kg.

The maximum milk production of the mothers is achieved towards the fifth week of lactation in the sow so that the piglets achieve good weight at weaning.

The sexual precocity is excellent, the good growth results, the muscle content is medium and the quality of the meat.

Although initially, it was not extraordinary, it has been greatly improved. Some breeders reach up to two meters long per individual of this breed.


Danish Landrace pig is a very versatile breed since it is used as a pure line, maternal or paternal.

Their productive indexes are very similar to the Yorkshire, although they have a greater yield of the channel and also a greater length of the same one.

It is recognized as lean and has low fatness values.

It is of very good musculature, highlighted by the high quality of its channel, a high percentage of ham and particularly the production of bacon.

On the other hand, it has an optimal response under adverse conditions, both production, and climate.

It is also a breed that is used in the meat industry for its good performance to the carcass, the production of well-shaped hams and the quality of its meat.


Danish Landrace pig has excellent use of pastures. And very good food conversion.

Special Characteristics:

Danish Landrace pig has limitations for export. To prevent its dissemination in the world, which could import a commercial competition, Denmark has banned the exploitation of animals of this breed.

Regardless of the purpose to which they are intended.

This breed is known for encompassing well-behaved animals that respond satisfactorily to adverse conditions.

Since it can inhabit in and adapt to different climatic conditions. The Landrace breed is an important genetic base within the market, it is authorized in the elaboration of cure products. You may also like to read Czech-improved-white-pig

It produces first quality meat, with a well descended and muscular ham and thin bacon.

The products that come out of this breed are fresh and elaborated, being the most used breed for industrial crosses.

This results in pigs intended for slaughter for the domestic and catering market. In addition, this race crosses well with the majority of the other races.

A weakness that is observed in this breed is that its body very long and but presents some weakness in the legs.

This race has a straighter back compared to the other races, even this event is not considered strange.

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