Crocodile Farming in Pakistan


Crocodile farming in Pakistan is done as long as it guarantees the protection and conservation of the species.

Due to the indiscriminate house, and the production of crocodile skins without any regulation, which threatened the species considerably.

There are few species that inhabit Pakistan, in addition, that the increase in the population of people has significantly affected the habitat of crocodiles.

Today, measures have been taken, and as a result, the population has increased and will continue to increase.

Possible habitat places:

The crocodiles that inhabit Pakistan can be found in lakes, rivers as well as swamps. In the same way, there are some species that live in Pakistan and are found on some coasts.

crocodile farming in pakistan

In addition, the species that inhabit this area like to sunbathe, so sometimes in some reservoirs are on the rocks carrying the sun.

A characteristic of the species that inhabit that area is that it likes to deposit their eggs in a kind of burrow.

Species in Pakistan:

The crocodile’s mugger is one of the species that can be obtained in this country. However, in the mid-1980s this species almost reached extinction in this country.

Like other species that inhabit the region, they have been threatened. There are other species that have not run with the same fate, and unfortunately, have become extinct.

And this has happened because people invade the crocodile habitat, so the crocodile population is threatened.

That is why today there are at least 1 million individuals of crocodiles living in that region.

Over the years, and the measures of preservation that are made in the country, the number of individuals will increase progressively. You may also like to read Crocodile farming techniques.

Programs and laws:

In view of the fact that there are species that have become extinct, strong measures have been taken for only the farms that have their permits can produce and export.

It prohibited several aspects, such as the commercialization of the skin, as well as the sale of the crocodile meat.

This is because indiscriminate hunting and the indiscriminate production of skins led to several species being drastically reduced.

But this law was not approved until the beginning of 2010, in which the crocodile was established as a protected species.

This positively affects that species that have been on the verge of extinction today are species that are saved.

There are even programs that fight for the conservation and protection of the species.

This project has been working for at least 30 years, and the last census conduct shows that the program had at least 2000 individuals.

This project seeks to make possible the repopulation of certain species that are threatened.

In this region, there are few crocodile eggs that survive when they are in the wild. In contrast, when crocodiles are in captivity, the egg birth rate increases.

Situations that have occurred in Pakistan:

Entrepreneurs must calculate very well the investment they make, and manage themselves financially well.

Since the production of a crocodile farm gives profits but in the long term, once several years have passed.

Something that caught the attention of that country is that some time ago a farmer was short economically.

So the population he had was careless and began to escape to nearby towns. The same settlers met and captured and took to the same farm the species that were escaping from the enclosure.

And the care gives to them was very scarce, even feeding them with the flesh of dead animals. Even the government of that country made statements against the farmer who was economically affected. You may also like to read Crocodile farming in Kenya.

Since the crocodiles were in danger and also threaten the nearby population when they escape.


Because of the experiences of the farmers, the government of that country took measures so that crocodile production does not generate risks.

Neither affects nearby populations. Although regulation has increased the number of individuals, measures must also be taken regarding the sacrifice and preservation of the species.

Even if the farmers do not have the necessary permits, they will not be able to make sales or exports.

So some farmers have been affected if they do not have these approvals, because they can not sell their products. Neither inside the territory nor outside of it.

In this way, it guarantees that the species is protected, and is not in danger of extinction.

In addition, environmental organizations fight so that the crocodile is not a problem, whether it is living in its natural habitat and affecting the population of nearby people.

If you are raised in captivity, guarantee the protection of individuals.

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