Crocodile farming in Kenya – Guidelines

In this article we will know about Crocodile farming in Kenya. Although there are several farms established in Kenya and have their permits, the commercialization and breeding of crocodiles are not fully accepted.

However, it is one of the ways in which some people have been able to establish themselves economically.

Since the crocodile breeding means a big initial expense, it also generates great benefits and doubles the investment but in the long term.

There are breeders who have taken advantage, and come to market everything that can be generated by crocodiles, from the skin, meat, bones, blood, fats, among others.

So they have expanded the market, and get different sources of income from the same animal.

In addition, there are several breeders who have converted their farms into areas that are open to the public, which has driven tourism.

crocodile farming in kenya

Today there are several people who are interested and invest in this. And more since the species, and the skins that they obtain from these species are of high quality, which has increased the commercial value of the skins of this region.


Kenya’s exports are usually made to China, and the commercialization of this country is increasing every time. As both the skin of the crocodile, as the meat is quoted in hotels, and in tourist places.

In addition, crocodile meat has been placed in some gourmet dishes, and diners say that the taste of the meat is very similar to the taste of chicken.

Crocodiles can be commercialized between $ 50 and $ 70. In general, the market in Kenya is for the sale of the skin of these precious animals, which make shoes, and handbags, among others.

All the traders that carry out this market can double the investment they make.

Farms of Crocodile farming in Kenya:

There are more than 20 crocodile farms inside Kenya. But it has tripled the number of farms that have requested the approval of permits to open crocodile farms.

In general, farms are places with pond areas, so that crocodiles can be in the water, as well as dry places. These spaces have walls which are quite steep so the animals do not escape from the spaces.

The feeding of these animals is carried out with a combined diet. Where they include corn and other cereals which bind them with meat so that they are palatable to crocodiles.

In addition to this, they also include fish, meat and even chicken, as fresh as possible. The breeders and workers of the farms have the task of collecting the eggs.

In this way, they separate the eggs and take them to other spaces so they can take care of them and incubate them.

Thus the large species are in freedom on the farm, while the small ones are kept in separate places and without danger.

In addition, farmers must keep the ponds clean, and thus the crocodiles do not contract diseases. There are even diseases that endanger all crocodiles and it is smallpox.

For this reason, breeders must be aware of the health of the animals. There are farms that care about the production of high-quality skins. While others only work to produce crocodile meat and thus be able to serve the restaurants and hotels of the region.

In addition, the breeders had the great idea of ​​perfectly adapting the farms to the wildlife of the crocodiles.


In Kenya, there have been several altercations on farms by the carelessness of the staff working on the farms.

News that has become viral, in which the staff by an oversight is attacked by crocodiles. That is why safety is an important factor when doing work near crocodiles, feed them, or be near these animals. You may also like to read Crocodile farming profitability.

Since in addition to the attacks, people can be mutilated and can even die from injuries. The personnel working with these animals must have experienced, and also take the respective safety measures.


Although the initial cost in other countries comes to exceed several million dollars.

In Kenya, the initial amount to start a farm is less than one million dollars, which makes it quite profitable. Although initial costs are always high, the results of this investment can triple.

As long as the products obtained are of excellent quality. There are companies that can produce up to 2 million dollars in revenue. Since they have a high annual production rate. In addition, established farms have a large number of crocodiles. You may also like ot read the Crocodile farming industry.

Breeds in Kenya:

There are farms establish today in Kenya, which are some that have about 40 years of experience. These farms have the common denominator that all have the crocodile species of the Nile.


The market for crocodile production is growing gradually in Kenya and more for the great economic benefits that a farm brings.

Of course, always evaluating the investment rate, the rate of return, but more and more people want to join this activity in that region. In addition, it geographically favors, and the requirements of the facilities are few.

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