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Leading a successful duck farm is truly an art and often a difficult endeavor. Operating a commercial business can be overwhelming and complex when starting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the different breeds of ducks that best suit your endeavor. For example, did you know that Campbell Ducks offers some of the premier characteristics to consider when setup up your duck farm? These versatile and hardy domestic waterfowls date back to 1898 in Gloucestershire, England, but today are widely raised for both meat production and egg laying across many parts of the globe! In this blog post, we’ll provide an informative guide on how to set up your commercial duck farming operation specifically centered around raising these beautiful birds!

History & Origin

The Campbell Duck is a breed of domestic duck that has long been popular due to its prolific egg-laying abilities. What’s interesting about this breed is its history, as it was first bred by a couple named Adele and Oscar Campbell in the late 1800s. The Campbells were farmers in England who wanted to create a duck that was efficient at producing high-quality eggs – and they succeeded! Over time, the Campbell Duck has become a favorite among both backyard breeders and commercial farmers. Not only is it a great choice for egg production, but its friendly disposition also makes it an excellent pet for families. The Campbell Duck has a rich history and a bright future ahead.


Campbell Duck is a type of duck breed originating in Argentina, known for its unique and distinct physical characteristics. These ducks are relatively large, with plump and round bodies covered in feathers that come in a range of attractive colors from dark brown to black. Campbell Ducks are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for both egg-laying and meat production. Unlike other breeds of ducks, they are also good foragers and can feed themselves, making them low-maintenance pets for families. Due to their amicable nature, Campbell Ducks are well-suited for domestication and make great companions for anyone who loves farm animals.


No matter the season, encountering a Campbell duck is always a treat. These birds have a unique combination of beauty and charm that captures the heart of anyone who happens upon them. From their glossy green heads to their sunny yellow beaks, Campbell ducks are a sight to behold. And while they may have originated in England, they have become a beloved addition to many a pond or farm around the world. Whether you’re looking to add some feathered friends to your backyard or simply enjoy watching them splash around, Campbell ducks are a delightful choice.


Campbell Duck is a breed of domestic duck that has become increasingly popular among farmers and hobbyists alike. These ducks are known for their distinctive appearance, with a striking blend of white and tan feathers, and their friendly personalities. Although they were initially bred for their meat and eggs, many people now keep them as pets due to their docile and easygoing nature. Additionally, Campbell Ducks are known for their high egg-laying potential, with females producing up to 300 eggs per year. If you’re looking for a hardy and low-maintenance bird that is both useful and delightful to have around, the Campbell Duck is worth considering.

Special Feature

The Campbell Duck, also known as the Khaki Campbell, is a breed that has quickly become a favorite among duck enthusiasts. Originally bred in England for its egg-laying abilities, the Campbell Duck is a productive layer, with the ability to lay upwards of 300 eggs per year. In addition to their exceptional egg-laying capabilities, Campbell Ducks are also known for their great personalities. They make wonderful pets, due to their calm and friendly demeanor. If you’re looking for a feathered friend who will provide you with plenty of eggs and offer great companionship, the Campbell Duck is an excellent choice.

Obtain the necessary permits

Before starting any new business venture, it’s essential to ensure you have all the necessary permits and licenses required by your local municipality. In the case of Campbell Duck, obtaining the right permits and licenses could mean the difference between success and failure. Not only does securing the permits and licenses give you legal protection, but it also helps you avoid any costly fines or lawsuits down the line. Take the time to do your research and speak with local officials to ensure you have everything in order before launching your Campbell Duck venture. With the proper paperwork completed, you can focus on growing your business and providing customers with delicious, high-quality duck products they’ll love.

Select a suitable location for your farm

If you’re starting a farm, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is where to put it. A suitable location will provide your animals with everything they need to stay healthy and happy. If you’re raising Campbell Ducks, for example, you’ll want to make sure your farm has plenty of water, grassy areas, and shelter from predators. Water is especially important for ducks, so you should look for a location near a lake, river, or pond. Grass and other vegetation provide ducks with the nutrients they need, and shelter will keep them safe from predators like foxes and birds of prey. With careful consideration, you can find the perfect location for your Campbell Duck farm and create a thriving business.

Purchase high-quality Campbell duck

If you’re looking to start your duck flock, look no further than Campbell ducks. These beautiful birds have a sleek, slender build and are celebrated for their high egg-laying capability. Campbell ducks are known for producing up to 300 eggs per year, making them a reliable and productive addition to any farm. Additionally, these ducks are hardy and adaptable, meaning they can thrive in a variety of environments. To ensure that you purchase high-quality Campbell ducks that will help you establish a successful flock, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable breeder. With the right care and attention, your Campbell ducks will provide you with not only eggs but also companionship and enjoyment for years to come.

Construct or purchase enclosures

Ducks are delightful creatures to keep as pets, but safety should always be a top priority for these feathered friends. One option for ensuring their safety is by constructing an enclosure. This can be done with various materials like wire mesh, wood, or even PVC pipes. A well-made enclosure can keep predators at bay while also allowing the ducks to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. However, for those who may not have the time or skills to build their enclosure, purchasing pre-made ones is another option. Whatever the method, providing a safe and secure environment for your Campbell ducks is essential in keeping them happy and healthy.

Set up a water filtration system

As a duck owner, your top priority is keeping your feathered friends safe and healthy. One important step you can take is setting up a water filtration system. Ducks rely on clean water for drinking, bathing, and even digestion, so a high-quality filtration system is essential. With so many options available, it’s important to research and invest in a system that suits your ducks’ needs. Not only will a filtration system help keep your ducks healthy, but it will also make maintaining their water supply much easier for you. By taking proactive measures to ensure clean water, you’re sure to have happy and healthy ducks for years to come.


Are Campbell ducks good pets?

Yes, Campbell ducks are wonderful pets! They are intelligent, friendly, and sociable animals that make great companions. While there is some debate as to their exact origin, they likely descend from the Mallard duck which has made them popular in domestic settings.

How much do Campbell ducks cost?

The cost of Campbell ducks varies depending on where you purchase them, but typically they range from $15 to $25 each. Breeders may charge more for breeding stock or purebred birds, and sometimes the age of the duck can affect price. Rare varieties or those with unique color patterns can also be priced higher. When purchasing your ducks, keep in mind that it’s important to buy feed—for both laying and growing birds—as well as grit for digestion and necessary housing materials such as bedding and water dishes.

How many eggs do Campbell ducks lay?

Campbell ducks, also known as Campbell Khaki Ducks, are a dual-purpose breed of domestic duck that is highly sought after for both their eggs and meat. On average, Campbell ducks will lay between 140-180 large white eggs per year. This makes them one of the most efficient egg layers among the various breeds of domestic ducks available today.


In conclusion, Campbell ducks are a great breed of domestic duck to consider for inclusion in your flock. When caring for them, you must take into account the necessary permits and licensing, select a suitable location with plenty of space, water, and shelter for predators, purchase high-quality Campbell ducks, construct or purchase enclosures for safety and security as well as set up a water filtration system to keep them safe and healthy. Lastly, establish a feeding schedule that includes various fresh foods, grains, and supplements. With proper management practices applied to your farm, you will have a successful flock of these beautiful birds in no time.

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