List of Duck Breeds

Domestic ducks are ducks that are raised for meat, eggs and down. Duck is a popular dish in many countries of the world with France being one of the largest consumers of duck meat worldwide. Duck is often served roasted or in dishes such as Duck à l’orange.

There are hundreds of different breeds of domestic duck but they can be classified into three main types: mallard, Muscovy Duck and Aylesbury Duck.

Duck Breeds

List of Duck Breeds

The duck is an Anatidae, like the goose and the swan. Most of the duck breeds originating in the wild duck, known by the name of Mallard (“Anas platyrhynchos”), whose domestication is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago. In fact, there are quite a few references to their breeding in the time of the ancient Romans and Egyptians, in order to take advantage of their eggs and their meat.

Some species of ducks such as dumb duck or Barbary (Cairina moschata) or Carolina duck (“Anas crecca”), do not have their origin in the mallard. However, in the case of the dumb duck, it has served as a crossroads with other ducks and has given rise to other species of domestic ducks. Ducks are bred for their meat, eggs, and ornamental birds. They are also raised, based on lining them with cereals, to make the was grass.

Classification according to their phenotypic characteristics

Scuba Ducks

Also known as dun or scaups, duck divers usually show freshwater stingrays, but there are some marine duck divers. Their feet are far back in their bodies, making it harder to walk ashore, but it gives them the opportunity to dive deep into the water in search of food, such as crustaceans, mollusks and small fish and their eggs.

The following are all duck Breeds

  • Black sablefish, the most vocal species of waterfowl.
  • Goldeneye Barrow, which may be water or sea fresh ducks.
  • canvasback, elder, the largest duck in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Common Goldeneye, named for its bright yellow eyes, common water chicken, greater scaup.
  • Harlequin duck, known By the diving to the bottom of the rivers that move quickly.
  • Reddish ducks, which has a blue bill, with old glasses, Steller eider, navigate blackbird Exclusively for North America.
  • White-winged blackbird, which is a Both a freshwater and marine duck.

Dabbling Ducks

Splashing ducks feed on the surface and are mainly resident in inland waters. Their diet consists mainly of plants and some insects, searching for food both in and out of the water. Unlike duck divers, the legs focus on your body, making it much easier for them to walk the earth. Splashing duck breeds include the American Black Duck, which breeds mainly in Maine and Nova Scotia, American Wigeon, Blue-winged Teal, usually the first to migrate south in the fall and north last spring.

Trullo Ducks

The Trullo is the smallest duck in North America, the mallard duck, the most common of all breeds of ducks, masked duck, which is closely related With the cinnamon mallow, duck a race in which the men are twice the size of the females, duck, which has a large bill in the form of spoon, reddish duck, tufted duck, that descend sharply , As well as surface to feed; Codon of white cheeks, warm weather that ducks do not migrate, and wood duck, which is found mainly in wooded marshes and freshwater marshes.

Whistling Ducks

Also known as trees, ducks, whistling ducks have long necks and legs, and most are perched on trees. These slow flying ducks are aggressive, but they can also be sociable. The whistling duck of the West Indies, common in the Caribbean, is a large breed and one of the least vocal of whistling ducks. The black belly whistling duck is commonly found feeding on fields and shallow waters and usually, mates with a lifelong partner. The fawning duck, a night race, feeds mainly on grains and seeds.

Geese and Swans

Even a member of the family of water birds, geese and swans that are larger, but do not have the same power and migration patterns as their counterpart, the duck. Goose, however, tend to be more aggressive than ducks and typically migrate more. The different races of geese are the goose, goose, goose that cackles, Canada, emperor goose, great snow goose, Hawaiian goose “Nene”, less snow goose, Ross goose and gecko goose. Swans, like the tundra swan and the trumpeter swan, are the largest waterfowl and are mostly white.

They are also classified as follows

  • Heavy Races: Aylesbury; Blue Swedish; Cayuga; Mute (Cairina moschata); Rouen Clair; Rouen Foncé; Silver Appleyard; Saxon Duck Saxony
  • Light Races: Abacot Ranger or Streicher; Indian Corridor; Khaki Campbell, Campbell White, Dark Campbell; Orpington.
  • Bantam Brown Race: Miniature Appleyard; Emerald; Duck Mignon Call Duck
  • According to the use that is given to their offspring, they can be classified in:
  • Ducks for egg production: Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell duck, Buff Orpington duck etc.
  • Ducks for meat production: Peking duck, duck duck, Rouen duck, etc.

Peking duck is the most duck that is raised worldwide for its meat and also for its eggs, as it puts about 150/160 eggs a year.

List of breeds of Ducks

  • SILVER DUCK (Dendrocygna bicolor).
  • PAMPA DUCK (Dendrocygna viduata).
  • SILVER WHITE DUCK (Dendrocygna autumnales).
  • DUCK ANTEOJILLO (Speculanas specularis).
  • DUCK JUARE JUAL (Lophonetta specularis).
  • DUCT CUTTING (Merganetta armata).
  • PATO JERGÓN GRANDE (Anas georgica).
  • PATO JERGÓN CHICO (Anas flavirostris).
  • PIG GARGANTTILLO (Anas bahamensis).
  • DUCK PUNA (Anas puna).
  • CAPUCHIN DUCK (Anas versicolor)
  • DUCK (Anas sibilatrix).
  • BLUE WINGS (Anas discors).
  • DUCK COLORADO (Anas cyanoptera).
  • SPOON DUCK (Anas platalea).
  • BLACK DUCK (Netta peposaca).
  • CASTLE DUCK (Netta erythropthalma).
  • PICO WIDOW DUCK (Oxyura ferruginea).
  • PICO RANA DE PICO DELGADO (Oxyura vittata).
  • ROCKER DUCK (Heteronetta atricapilla).


Doing a deep investigation could observe how the ducks are classified, whether by their physical or by their behavior. What they weigh or for its beauty. Groceries and egg production. And although there are multiple crosses, different colors, sizes, admiring them in your home is something that can’t be described.

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