Bionda dell’Adamello Goat: History and Origins

The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat originates in the northern part of Italy. It descends from the breed of goats called alpine. And its name is due to the color of its coat “Bionda” in Italian means “blond” and “adamello” means “of the mountain”. Therefore the translation of her name is “Blonde Mountain Goat”.

The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat is an ancient breed that developed in the Adamello valley. The Bionda has been documented since at least 1760, when a painting by Milanese painter Francesco Londonio shows a goat of Bionda dell’Adamello type with typical coat and facial markings. This article will discuss the history and origins of this breed, as well as its characteristics.

Bionda dell'Adamello Goat

Characteristics of Bionda dell’Adamello Goat

The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat This breed is large, the male of this species weighs between 70 and 75 kg. And the female weighs between 55 and 60 kg. The coat of this breed is light brown or dark with yellow shades, it is abundant and long. And the legs are white.

The ears are short and brown. They measure between 7 and 10 cm. Long. The females of this breed come to produce between 2 to 3.5 kilos of milk per day and are breastfeeding for about 5 months, which runs from November to March after the weaning of goats.

They are raised in extensive grazing, as well as in farms with stables. In the spring and summer season, farmers usually bring this breed to graze this race to places with an altitude up to 2,500 meters above sea level, as long as there are no cold weather conditions.

In this race the male is the one that has bunches, which are large, raised upwards and with a certain curvature to finish with a certain straight line, are thick and strong.


The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat feeds on forage, pasture, and farmers must feed it with certain proteins to ensure excellent milk production.


The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat is a multi-purpose breed, raised by the production of its milk as they reach to produce between 350 kilos and 500 kilos. And of their milk, they produce 2 typical cheeses which are the fatuli and the mascarpi.

And the second reason they produce this species is by producing their flesh. Although some breeders raise it for the production of wool.

Special Feature

The Bionda dell’Adamello Goat can be found in herds made up of 15 or 20 individuals of this species.

Goat Profile

Goat nameBionda dell’Adamello Goat
Other NameAdany or bionda
Goat PurposeMeat and milk
Coat colorLight brown or dark brown with yellow flashes
Weight55 to 75 Kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Country of OriginItaly


The Bionda dell’Adamello goat is a breed that appears to be of ancient origin. It shares some characteristics with the Swiss Toggenburger, notably the “Swiss markings” (white facial stripes, white lower limbs and peri-anal area), but it was already an established breed before the importation of Toggenburg billies from Switzerland in this region documented from years before and after Second World War. A painting by Francesco Londonio from about 1760 showing a goat of Bionda dell’ Adamello type, with typical coat and facial markings can still be found today in one or two museums outside Italy.

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