Argenté De Champagne Rabbit: Farming Guide

Do you want to start farming Argent de Champagne Rabbits? Whether you’re looking for a new economically viable activity that can add income streams to your business, or simply looking for a hobby that will satisfy your love of animals and outdoor activities, raising this unique breed of French show rabbit provides an opportunity with tremendous growth potential. Thanks to its characteristic appearance, their story is as fascinating as it is venerable – the Argenté rabbit has been recognized by the British Rabbit Council since 1929! Here we provide in-depth information on all things related to this costive bunny: from tackling common health issues to understanding what type of environment they prefer best – and even tips on record keeping and showing. Read on if you’d like deep insights into how best raise flourishing, healthy flocks of these mischievous hares.

Argenté De Champagne Rabbit

History & Origin

The Argenté De Champagne Rabbit is a breed of French show rabbit that dates back centuries. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the 16th century, when it was originally bred as a decorative breed for wealthy French and English families. It was popularized in Britain by an aristocrat who decided to spread his love of the breed throughout the British Isles. Over time, the Argenté gained increasing popularity with other countries and eventually six distinct varieties were acknowledged and recognized by the British Rabbit Council. Today, this beloved breed of rabbit is considered one of the oldest yet most popular breeds in both France and England and makes for a lovable companion animal for many homes across both countries.


The Argenté de Champagne Rabbit is a breath of fresh air from the oldest breeds of French show rabbits. This beautiful animal has an eye-catching, distinctive coat color – a golden tan shade with a light sprinkling of black hairs throughout. Common traits associated with this breed include a slim body type and medium length ears, with the fur being dense and plush to the touch. An added bonus is that they are natural jumpers – they are extremely active and agile! With their intelligence, sociability and gentleness, these rabbits make great house pets!..


The Argent de Champagne Rabbits require a diet of alfalfa-based hay along with fresh vegetables. Since this is a show rabbit type, it is important to ensure the quality and quantity of food is top notch. A handful of pellets or muesli mix should be added to their meal for some protein. This breed needs more grooming than others due to the longer length of their fur, which means brushing regularly and trimming their nails to prevent overgrowth. Additionally providing them fresh water daily helps in maintaining its health. Taking these steps keeps the rabbit happy, healthy, and well groomed allowing it to look its best on show days.


The Argenté de Champagne Rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of French show rabbits, and has many uses. These rabbits make great house pets, due to their docile nature and comparatively small size. They are also bred in some regions as meat or fur-producing animals, while in other areas they are sought after show animals to be presented by breeders. This breed of rabbit is also revered for its potential to produce high-quality wool used in clothing and weaving. It’s versatile nature has made it a treasured breed all over the world, perfect for any number of needs.

Special Feature

The Argenté de Champagne rabbit stands out from other rabbit breeds due to its distinct physical features. This breed has a solid color that can range from silvery-grey to white and often feature a blue halo, or tinge of navy, around the eyes. Additionally, this species of rabbit can show details like black mottling or spots as they mature. Although it is not widely known, this breed is considered one of the oldest in France and has been kept for exhibition purposes since a young age due to its unique characteristics and unique coat of fur. The Argenté de Champagne rabbit continues to charm onlookers with its natural beauty and friendly demeanor, making it an ideal pet for many families around the world.

Requirements for Raising an Argenté de Champagne Rabbit

Raising an Argenté de Champagne Rabbit is unlike raising any other type of domesticated animal. These rabbits are considered a high maintenance breed: they require more space, exercise, and nutrition than most rabbits. Their beautiful coat requires regular grooming and the owner must be aware of common health problems and genetics associated with the breed. To ensure that this breed receives the highest quality of life, owners must choose a suitable cage allowing plenty of room for movement and exercise as well as provide enrichment activities to keep their pet’s mind active. In addition, providing optimal nutrition is essential – such as hay and fresh vegetables – to maintain healthy fur while avoiding obesity. Without proper care, owners may find themselves facing serious medical issues in their pet so it’s important to take all requirements into consideration when housing an Argenté de Champagne rabbit.

Maintaining Health

With their glossy coat, gentle demeanor, and strong features, it’s easy to see why Argenté de Champagne rabbits are a popular breed for shows. They are an ancient breed of French show rabbit and can be identified by their sandy colors and reddish cast throughout their fur. But like all rabbits, they need extra care to maintain their health and well-being in captivity. Providing a balanced diet that is high in fiber and low in sugar while also supplying plenty of water is essential to ensure your Argenté de Champagne Rabbit remains healthy and happy; supplementing with hay when necessary is also essential as it helps them safely wear down their teeth. Furthermore, keeping the cage clean is important as it continues to promote proper health and reduces the chance of your rabbit getting sick or infested with parasites. Together, these factors help ensure that your Argenté de Champagne Rabbit remains beautiful, healthy, and living a long life!


Successfully breeding and showing an Argenté de Champagne Rabbit is no small feat. This breed is recognized by the British Rabbit Council and is one of the oldest French show rabbit breeds. Originating in France, these rabbits exhibit unique characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. Typically a steel-blue colour, with a medium spread, glossy type fur, and moderate muscle mass are traits that judges on the show circuit commonly look for when awarding points. Breeders should be especially mindful of the state of their rabbits’ health and adhere to strict standards for diet and exercise. While a champion Argenté de Champagne may take time and effort to produce, ultimately it can be an extremely rewarding experience for any enthusiast.

Tips on Caring

Caring for an Argenté de Champagne Rabbit requires time and commitment. It is important to start young, as rabbits have the most energy when they are in the first few months of their life. Ensuring your rabbit receives adequate exercise and nutrition is essential for keeping them healthy into adulthood. Getting regular veterinary care is also important for preventing potential illnesses as well as tracking your rabbit’s growth over time. Furthermore, providing your rabbit with plenty of mental stimulation will encourage them to stay active and content. With consistent care and attention, you can expect your Argenté de Champagne Rabbit to be a beloved companion for many years ahead!


What are Champagne D Argent rabbits used for?

Champagne D’Argent rabbits are an old breed that has been around since the 16th century and continues to be popular today. As their name suggests, these rabbits are known for their shimmering silver-gray coats. They were initially bred in France primarily as a food source, although they were also kept by French royalty due to their majestic looks.

Are Champagne d argent rabbits rare?

Yes, Champagne d’Argent Rabbits are indeed rare. This breed of rabbit was first developed in the 1600s in France and only began to gain international popularity during the early 1800s when it was exported to England. In fact, this breed is so rare that it is even on The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority list!

Are creme d argent rabbits rare?

Creme d’Argent rabbits are a rare and uncommon breed, but they have been gaining in popularity since the mid-1990s. They are one of the oldest rabbit breeds, originating in Europe as early as 1876. This breed is known for its creamy white fur, which gives it its name (creme translates to “cream” in French). The Creme d’Argents are medium sized rabbits with a lean body type and long ears that hang down around their shoulders. As far as temperament goes, these rabbits tend to be docile and friendly towards humans when handled correctly.


The Argenté de Champagne rabbit is a unique, delightful breed. It offers a wonderful combination of beauty, intelligence, and personality – all while being gentle, quiet and making small demands on its owners. Caring for this type of rabbit means providing ample space to roam in the enclosure, an appropriate diet and health plans, plenty of love and attention, basic grooming habits and regular vet visits. All these components together, create a suitable environment for a healthy lifestyle for an Argenté de Champagne Rabbit, for a lifetime of love and companionship.

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