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American Yorkshire Pig is a breed that has contributed the most to making the Yorkshire breeds known and prestigious in the world. It originated in the county of its name.

And it seems to be the result of the mating of pigs of Celtic origin. Which existed at that time in the counties of York, Lincoln, and Lancaster, with Leicestershire parents.

Those who, in turn, came from the Asian-Iberian crossing. In addition, this breed originally bred to be an active animal outdoors.

It quickly gained popularity for its high-quality meat and as a cornerstone of the crossing efforts.

Characteristics Details of American Yorkshire Pig:

American Yorkshire Pig has a moderately long head, wide between the ears and eyes. In general, the face is somewhat elongated with a sub-concave profile

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They do not hinder vision, covered with fine white hair. It also has an elongated neck, thin and proportionally full, towards the back, between which it is well inserted.

On the other hand, the chest is wide and deep. While the back is rather light, well inclined at the level of the upper line and sides, free of wrinkles.

The back and the back are long and wide, with an almost horizontal upper line, well covered with firm flesh.

The rump is long, wide and somewhat tilted back, continues the previous regions. It has an inverted tail, high, thick and elongated.

Generally, something rolled, ends in a tuft of fine bristles. The ribs are elongate and deep, and well archer.

“While the belly is wide and firm flesh so that it is not pending, with no less than twelve nipples. The flanks are rather full, well covered.”

It has wide, full and deep hams well descended towards the hocks, free of wrinkles. The excellent quality of its hams has won him a lot of prestige.

It has extremities of moderate length, straight, well plumbed, of good bone with strong and dry joints, not rough.

While the short and strong pages; hooves of medium size, of uniform length and that support well. The skin is fine, free of wrinkles and white.

It sometimes shows small, dark or bluish spots. If they are not very numerous, they are accepted as long as the fur that is born on them maintains a white color.

It is usually covered with long, silky bristles. Highly valued for its maternal characteristics, this breed is commonly used in crosses as a maternal line.

“It is the best considered among the improved, in terms of resistance, maternal qualities, milk capacity and productivity.”

Although it seems that it gives a puberty age of their later offspring. It is also found, together with the Duroc, among those with a higher growth rate and conversion rate.

In addition to improving the quality of meat when used in crosses. It has the advantage that it rarely presents meats since it is not pale, soft or exudative.

The life expectancy of a sow of 6 to 10 years adds to its attractiveness as maternal animals. The females weigh up to 350 kg on average and males up to 420 kg.

In the conditions of enjoyment, it is not admitted that the players get such high weights. Since this absolutely affects your reproductive certainty.

Mothers have a number of point nipples and are very good milkmaids, which is why it is highly appreciated. You may also like to read Mangalitsa Pig.

The size of the litter varies between 9 and 11 piglets. The yield in a channel is of 82% approximately.


American Yorkshire Pig The main virtues of the breed for use in the meat industry are:

  • Quality of the meat.
  • Low frequency of pale, soft or exudative meats.
  • Good response for industrial crosses with other races.

In addition, this race is used to cross it with other species since it transfers its high reproduction rate. You may also like to read Hampshire Pig.

Special Characteristics:

The American Yorkshire Pig is an intelligent social partner. Thus, it quickly adapts to the presence of human beings, a very useful feature.

Since his constant search for food can be an entertaining spectacle. Some Yorkshire has even described themselves as “affectionate”.

Although caution should always be exercised in the interaction with an animal of that extreme size. The American Yorkshire Pig breed is a good manufacturer of meat.

It also has a valuable and competent precocity to achieve high increases in daily income. Producing cattle of the highest quality. It also makes an excellent conversion of food.

Also, in various tests developed to assess the behavior, animals of these breeds have exceeded daily increments of kilograms.

However, breeders must maintain the weight range of these animals so that they are not overweight. You may also like to read Kunekune Pig.

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