American Roller Pigeon: How To Make Money

Are you looking for a unique and interesting way to make money? American Roller Pigeon Farming may be just the idea that you are searching for. These beautiful birds are prized not only for their vibrant plumage and friendly nature, but also for their incredible aerobatic abilities when trained properly. In this blog post, we will explore how to take advantage of these remarkable birds and start making money with an American Roller Pigeon Farm. We’ll talk about the background on these charming creatures, what it takes to get started with your own farm, as well as all the rewards you can reap from owning one! So if you’re ready to dive into this delightful world of pigeon breeding and racing, read on!

American Roller Pigeon

History & Origin Of American Roller Pigeon

The American Roller Pigeon is a fascinating breed of domestic pigeon with a rich history and origin. Jasper, Tennessee is known as the birthplace of the American Roller Pigeon, where breeders developed its unique trait of rolling or somersaulting in flight. This skill is not only impressive to watch, but it also serves as a defense mechanism against predators. The origins of the breed can be traced back to the Middle East and Spain, where they were initially bred for their meat and to carry messages. Today, the American Roller Pigeon remains a popular breed among pigeon enthusiasts due to its rich history, unique flying abilities, and striking appearance.


The American Roller Pigeon is an exceptional breed of pigeon with unique characteristics that set it apart from other breeds. This breed has become increasingly popular because of its ability to tumble, achieving flips and rolls in the air while still maintaining its grace and elegance. The American Roller Pigeon has several color variations, including black, blue, red, white, yellow, silver, and dun. With their compact bodies, pointed heads, and short beaks, it’s no wonder that this breed is a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts. Overall, the American Roller Pigeon is an impressive bird that perfectly embodies the spirit of freedom and grace.


If you’re looking for a fascinating hobby and have a love for birds, you might want to consider raising an American Roller Pigeon like Jasper. These birds are known for their unique tumbling abilities, which they perform in mid-flight. They’re a popular breed among pigeon enthusiasts who enjoy watching their aerial acrobatics. But feeding a roller pigeon like Jasper requires a special diet that provides them with the nutrients they need to maintain their physical health and agility. With the right food and care, these birds can live a long and healthy life while entertaining their owners with their impressive skills.


American Roller Pigeons are a type of domesticated pigeon that are known for their unique rolling or tumbling flight style. They have been selectively bred over many generations for this behavior, which involves flying up high and then rapidly rolling backwards as they plummet towards the ground. This graceful and acrobatic display has made them incredibly popular among pigeon enthusiasts all over the world. These birds also come in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue and silver. With their captivating performance and gorgeous plumage, it’s no wonder that American Roller Pigeons are such a beloved breed.

Special Feature

Looking up to the American Roller Pigeon, commonly known as the “Rollo,” is a great delight for bird enthusiasts. These pigeons are unique in the way they fly, somersaulting high in the sky for an extended period, making them a treat to watch. They come in various attractive colors such as black, red, yellow, and white, and their feathers have a silky texture that glimmers in the sun. The Rollo is an excellent breed for beginners and experienced breeders alike due to their intelligent and friendly nature. They have been bred selectively for over 100 years, and these sturdy, resilient pigeons can adapt to various climatic conditions easily. Undoubtedly, the American Roller Pigeon can be an excellent addition to your aviary.

Get the Supplies

Looking for high-quality American Roller Pigeons, birdhouses, supplies and feed? Look no further! Our selection of supplies and feed is perfect for any bird enthusiast looking to enhance their aviary or backyard oasis. Not only are our products top-of-the-line, but they’re also made with care right here in America. So when you purchase from us, not only are you investing in the happiness of your birds, but you’re also supporting American businesses. With a range of products to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs perfectly. So why wait? Get the supplies you need today and start seeing the difference!

Set Up Your Farm

Starting a farm can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and the right location, your dream can become a reality. Selecting the right location for your farm is key to its success. You want to make sure the land is fertile and has access to water. Once you have found the perfect location, it’s time to get hands-on and set up your farm. Ensure you build proper accommodations for your birds, such as hutches that provide ample space for them to move around and shelter from the elements. By setting up the perfect location and accommodations for your birds, you’ll be on your way to a productive and profitable farm.

Breed and Sell

For bird enthusiasts who love raising and breeding birds, there is no better way to turn their passion into a profitable business venture than by breeding and selling quality birds to racing clubs or online buyers. With the demand for racing birds on the rise, one can make a significant income by breeding and selling these birds. However, it’s essential to put in the work and ensure that the birds are of top quality and healthy. As a breeder, one would have to invest in proper housing, nutrition, and medical care for the birds to thrive. By maintaining high standards of breeding and care, one can establish a reputation in the industry and earn a steady income selling birds. The breed and sell business is a fantastic opportunity for bird enthusiasts to turn their passion into a lucrative business.

Train Your Bird

Training birds to perform aerial acrobatics is not only exciting but also challenging. It requires patience, persistence and expertise in handling birds. The beauty of watching them soar through the sky, executing breathtaking maneuvers is just unmatchable. The art brings satisfaction to the trainer and captivates the audience. Birds can be trained to perform aerobatics for personal enjoyment or even for professional competition. Whether you are preparing for a competition or just training your birds for fun, it is a skill that can be mastered with the right mindset and techniques. So, invest your time and effort, and watch your birds fly high up in the sky with agility and grace.

Promote Your Business

In today’s digital age, promoting your business online is crucial. Having a website can increase your reach and attract potential customers. Social media is another powerful tool to connect with your audience; joining pigeon-centered groups can help you connect with bird-lovers who might be interested in your products or services. But don’t forget the power of face-to-face interactions! Participating in local events allows you to showcase your business and establish relationships within your community. By using these marketing strategies, you can effectively promote your business and take it to the next level.


As a business owner, increasing profit is a top priority. One way to do this is by expanding your breeding and training program for top-quality pigeons. By doing this, you can increase demand for your birds and bring in more revenue. Word of mouth travels fast in the pigeon community, and with the right marketing strategies, you can attract even more clients. Investing in high-quality equipment and hiring experienced trainers and breeders can help take your business to the next level. With dedication and hard work, your pigeon breeding and training business can become a profitable enterprise.


What is the purpose of a roller pigeon?

The roller pigeon has been selectively bred over many generations to produce individuals with a remarkable ability to perform gymnastic aerobatics. The spectacular movements of the roll, tumbling sideways and backwards in rapid succession with strength and agility, make them truly unique among other breeds of pigeons.

What do roller pigeons eat?

Roller pigeons are incredibly interesting birds that require special care and nutrition. Nutritionally speaking, roller pigeons require a high-quality seed mix, supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and supplements like grits and calcium.


The American Roller Pigeon is an iconic breed of bird that has captivated pilots and pigeon fanatics alike since its inception. With the right supplies and a bit of motivation, anyone can launch into the competitive world of raising and training these wonderous birds. Whether it be for races or performances, this reliable breed has proven its worth in the eyes of dedicated handlers and ornithologists around the world. With advanced knowledge and dedication to their craft, owners of American Roller Pigeons can look forward to a successful business with plenty of rewards along the way. From investing in the huts to promote your business online, this profitable venture can open up plenty of opportunities for all involved. Now is your chance to get involved in this thrilling ride, what are you waiting for?

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