American Buff Goose: The Most Underrated Waterfowl In North America

Are you looking for the perfect waterfowl companion? If so, look no further than the American Buff goose. This unique and underrated breed of domestic goose is not only beautiful but also full of personality to boot. With its distinctive pale buff or apricot-fawn plumage, this hardy bird hailing from North America makes a great addition to any poultry flock and is sure to add plenty of character and cheer to your homestead. But that’s not all; this special bird can lay well over 100 eggs in a single year, making them an ideal source of sustainable protein as well! Read on to learn more about this gem of a species – why wait when you could be snuggling up with your very own American Buff today?

History & Origin

The American Buff is a stunning example of American ingenuity and resilience. An ancestry is the English Toulouse, this breed was developed in America when some birds were crossed with wild Canada geese throughout several generations. Once its unique plumage was perfected, the American Poultry Association recognized it in 1947, giving it its official name; The American Buff. This breed’s distinct single coloration is characterized by a pale buff or apricot-fawn hue that stands out against other birds of similar breeding. It took decades to create this breed however, the journey was worth it and this exceptional bird can now be honored as an invaluable part of American culture.


The American Buff Goose is a unique American breed of domestic goose, originating from the American Poultry Association in 1947. These majestic birds are renowned for their striking single plumage variety, which comprises a pale buff or apricot-fawn hue. Known for their intelligence and friendly nature, American Buffs can be easily handled and make wonderful pets. They have excellent egg production capabilities, laying up to 50-60 eggs per year. Native American Buffs tend to have upright behavior while being slightly smaller than most other breeds of geese. This breed is especially hardy and adaptable, making them very popular choices amongst poultry farmers everywhere.


The American Buff Goose is a wonderful domestic bird that is sure to liven up your acreage or barnyard. After being officially recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1947, this breed has gained wide popularity. It requires a special diet to keep it healthy, requiring a mix of fresh grass, corn and other grains along with hay or other green fodder. Countryside farmers are always impressed with how friendly American Buff Goose can be – making for some entertaining times when feeding them!


The American Buff Goose is a popular choice for households, estates, and farms alike. These birds are especially sought after for their single plumage variety of pale buff or apricot-fawn. American Buffs have even been accepted as a part of the American Poultry Association since 1947, making them a long-loved staple in many American homes. Farming American Buff Gooses not only adds to the beauty of any property, but can also be an effective approach to preventing overgrowth of grass or other plants. Whether for aesthetic purposes or for practical needs, American Buff Gooses can be an excellent addition to anyone’s life.

Special Feature

American Buff Geese are truly a unique breed! Originating from the American Poultry Association in 1947, this one-of-a-kind goose is a special addition to any flock. Named for its single plumage variety, American Buff Geese boast an impressive pale buff or apricot-fawn color. These mellow waterfowl are sure to be the centerpiece of your farm! American Buff Geese are sure to bring a level of luxury and beauty to any barnyard – so why not consider the American Buff Goose today?

Highlight their various personalities

American Buff Geese are known for their vibrant personalities and fun-loving temperaments. This American breed of domestic goose is friendly and sociable, often getting along well with other animals in the household. American Buffs are calm and laid back in nature, however, if provoked they will become fiercely territorial to protect their home and family. American Bufs have incredibly unique plumage of a pale buff or apricot-fawn that stands out amongst other geese breeds. Overall, American Buffs are great additions to any flock that loves to take long walks, splash around in water, and socialize.

Discuss their diet

American Buff geese are known for two specific characteristics, their diet and nesting habits. These birds have an omnivorous diet that consists of grains, greens, fish, and insects; their desire for coastal food sources often leads them to the shores of lakes or rivers. When it comes to nesting, American Buff geese prefer elevated areas to protect from predators and flooding. The female goose usually creates the nest in high-up places like treetops or rocky ledges and will consistently return to her nest year after year when needing a place to lay eggs. American Buff geese prove themselves as one of a kind when it comes to their dieting and nesting habits in comparison with other breeds of domestic geese.

Breeds of American Buff Goose

The American Buff Goose is a distinct American breed of domestic goose that was recognized in 1947 by the American Poultry Association. This specific breed of goose has a single variety of plumage, which is typically characterized as pale buff or apricot-fawn. American Buff Geese are known to be gentle and friendly birds that are easy to tame and make for good family pets – however, they require plenty of space and lots of grass! They can also produce large amounts of white eggs, making them great for farmers or homesteaders. American Buff Geese have come to define the look and behavior of all breeds of buff geese but there are some other breeds too such as Pomeranian Bufes and American Buff Crosses, which are known to be more efficient egg layers than their American Buff counterparts. As with any animal, proper care from knowledgeable owners is necessary for them to thrive!

Maintain healthy Buff Geese

American Buff Geese are an American poultry breed that has been popular amongst American farmers since they were introduced by the American Poultry Association in 1947. These beautiful birds are characterized by their pale buff or apricot-fawn plumage, making them an attractive and desirable staple on many farms. To ensure these stunning geese remain healthy, farmers must maintain proper care and a suitable environment for them. This means providing a clean living area with plenty of fresh water and food such as grains, grasses, bugs, and small fish. They also require sun exposure to blend their feathers’ color into a creamy tone as well as social interaction with other geese or animals such as chickens. Through regular housing maintenance, adequate diet, and exercise, American Buff Geese will be able to show off their beauty to any farmer lucky enough to own this breed!


Are American Buff geese friendly?

American Buff geese are generally known to be friendly and gentle. They can make great companion animals, as they form strong attachments to people, though their strong bonds are typically formed with just one person. However, they can also be territorial and protective towards anyone coming into their space or near the object of their affection!

How long do American Buff geese live?

American Buff geese can live up to 25 years under the right conditions. The average lifespan of a healthy and well-cared-for American Buff is 20 years, however, some have been known to reach as old as 25. To ensure a safe and long life for your American Buff geese, they need plenty of fresh water, access to high-quality food, and open spaces with surrounding fences or other obstacles to protect them from predators.

How much do American Buff geese cost?

American Buff geese typically range in cost from $12 to $25 each. Prices can vary based on factors such as the age of the goslings, the size and quality of their plumage, and whether or not they come with a hatching certificate. The average cost for a pair of American Buffs is usually around $50 -$100 depending on these aforementioned factors.


The American Buff is an amazing bird, with a fascinating history and multiple versatile uses. They stand out for their buff-colored plumage, but their personalities truly make them shine. As a semi-domesticated species, these geese are quite adaptable to both rural and urban environments, making them an easy addition to many kinds of lifestyles. Ultimately, these outgoing birds provide companionship, entertainment, and protection. With proper care and maintenance – especially getting the right feed – your Buff Gooses will give you years of love and affection in return.

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