Zhejiang White Goose: Farming Business

Are you looking for an exciting new venture to start up in your local community? Have you ever considered starting a Zhejiang White Goose farming business from scratch? If so, you’re in the right place. Here we will provide all of the background information and advice necessary to make sure that your first foray into goose husbandry is successful. We’ll be discussing workflow possibilities and key points to consider while establishing this lucrative business such as ideal conditions, care methods, feed requirements, marketing strategies, recognizing common health problems, and more. With some hard work and dedication, anyone can benefit from the financial rewards of raising Zhejiang White Geese!

History & Origin

Originating from the Zhejiang Province in China, the Zhejiang White Goose is an ancient breed of domestic goose that has been selectively bred for its white feathers, strong frame, and mellow temperament. It is believed to have been first domesticated more than two thousand years ago by Chinese farmers who selected only the finest individuals for breeding to produce offspring with desirable qualities such as size, wing shape, fecundity, and hardiness. Through generations of selective breeding, a unique breed was developed that could withstand the rigors of Chinese life while producing enough eggs and meat to sustain a family. Today the Zhejiang White Goose is well-established in the Far East and is slowly but surely making its presence felt around the globe.


The Zhejiang White Goose is an exceptionally hardy breed of domestic goose, and they are prized for their reputation as great feeders. Their white feathers and exceptional volume of down are the most distinguishing characteristics of this bird, making it stand out from its peers. These geese can lay large eggs well beyond the normal lifespan of a goose, thriving in almost any type of climate and requiring little maintenance throughout their lifetime. They tend to form close bonds with their owners, due to which they are not only easy to manage but quite loyal too. In conclusion, the Zhejiang White Goose is a unique and sought-after breed in parts of China, thanks to its strong build and diverse characteristics.


The Zhejiang White Goose is a breed of domestic goose native to the Zhejiang Province in China, and these birds have unique dietary needs. An important part of taking care of these geese is providing them with an appropriate diet that takes into account their specific nutritional requirements. Feeding the Zhejiang White Goose requires specialized knowledge; it’s important to do research, consult with experts if needed, and create a proper feed plan for the flock to ensure their optimal health and productivity. With the right care, these geese can live a long and happy life!


The Zhejiang White Goose is a remarkable breed of domestic goose with origins stemming from the Zhejiang Province in China. It is consistently valued for its tamed and easily managed behavior, as well as its ability to lay large eggs and robust resistivity against harsh climates and rural communities. As such, the Zhejiang White Goose is frequently used among farmers and agricultural producers around the world, providing them with resilient yet obedient livestock ready to efficiently manage the tending of their land. This unique breed of goose has therefore become globally renowned for its reliable functions in various usage settings.

Special Feature

The Zhejiang White Goose offers a unique feature among breeds of domestic geese. This bird hails from the Zhejiang Province in China and has become known for its stunning beauty. They are often characterized by their sleek white-feathered bodies and deep black beaks. The birds have also garnered attention due to their ability to lay large, delicious eggs which make them an ideal addition to any homestead or farm. With its origins centuries ago, these remarkable birds certainly deserve all the pride they have been receiving!

Understand the Basics

If you are looking to learn the basics of goose farming, a great place to start is with the Zhejiang White Goose, which originated in China’s Zhejiang Province. This breed is one of the oldest domestically-raised geese species, which has been kept for centuries for its feathers, down, and meat. Researching this fascinating breed can help you gain a better understanding of traditional goose farming techniques as well as current methods. By studying the specifics of how these geese are raised on farms, from nesting to market readiness, you can obtain a holistic view of this critical aspect of the agricultural industry.

Determine Your Location and Purchase Land or a Property

When looking to purchase land or property, one should first consider the location. For those interested in the Zhejiang White Goose breed of domestic goose in particular, they should take into account the origin of the breed – Zhejiang Province in China. As such, landowners and property seekers should carefully determine their location with the climate, land quality, and social compatibility favorable for raising the species according to their needs. With careful consideration, this will ensure that their chosen property is suitable for optimal living arrangements and can aptly support any necessary activities related to raising and managing the Zhejiang White Goose flock(s).

Obtain Necessary Equipment

An important step in raising Zhejiang White Geese is obtaining the necessary equipment and supplies. This process can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the flock, its expected purpose (meat, eggs, etc.), and the climate of your region. There are a few essentials that all breeders should have to give their geese the best chance for a healthy life such as food and water dishes, waterers, coops and pens large enough to keep ganders away from females when necessary), nesting boxes, appropriate shelter for protection against heat or cold elements, protection against predators and plenty of outdoor space for roaming safely. Taking the time to properly equip your flock not only helps ensure their well-being but it can also help make raising them far easier overall.

Breeding Practices

Breeding practices can play a major role in determining the success of any species. If you are looking to successfully breed the Zhejiang White Goose, then it is important to familiarize yourself with their specific breeding requirements. The Zhejiang White Goose is an indigenous bird, bred and developed for thousands of years in the Zhejiang Province of China. With their origins stemming from this region, these birds require certain conditions for successful breeding. These birds can be prolific layers and healthy mothers, so long as they have access to sufficient food supplies, a warm environment, and enough bodies of water for them to raise their young. With these essential elements in place, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a productive flock.

Get Acquainted With Government Regulations

When it comes to selling, transporting, and slaughtering poultry, such as the Zhejiang White Goose from China, strict government regulations must be met. It is important to make sure that all documents are properly filled out and the procedures are followed for everything to go off without a hitch. It’s also necessary for sellers and slaughterhouses to familiarize themselves with the laws on animal welfare which vary from state to state. Transporting poultry can also be difficult if not done properly as special considerations need to be made for them to arrive safely and healthy. Knowing these rules will ensure sellers and slaughterhouses are compliant with the law and that they provide good quality service while protecting the birds’ welfare.


What is the price of a white goose?

The Zhejiang White Goose (Chinese: 浙江白鹅) is a breed of domestic goose originating from the Zhejiang Province in China. The breed is renowned for its white feathers and large frame, making it an attractive bird for show and commercial purposes.

What is a white goose called?

A white goose is generally referred to as a “snow goose.” The scientific name for the snow goose is Anser caerulescens, meaning “bluish-grey goose”. It is the official state bird of Nebraska and New York. Snow geese are found in North American wetland habitats and winter migrations can bring them as far south as Central Mexico, Florida, and southern California. These beautiful birds reach an impressive size of 28-31 inches tall on average with a wingspan of up to 60 inches!

Is there a black and white goose?

Yes, there is indeed a black and white goose. This species of goose is scientifically known as ‘Anseranas semipalmata’ and it’s also commonly referred to as the Magpie Goose.


Farming Zhejiang White Goose can be a rewarding experience and has a long tradition in the Zhejiang Province in China. But before deciding to take on the venture, it is important to have an understanding of the history and origin of these geese, their various characteristics, diet, and usage. Furthermore, researching regulations and requirements by governing bodies when it comes to selling and transporting poultry must also be taken into consideration. With that said, farmers should appraise the area they will raise their birds in, and acquire necessary supplies and equipment like housing structures before getting familiar with breeding practices. With all these points accounted for they are well on their way to becoming successful goose farmers.

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