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The White Polled Heath sheep is a breed native to Germany. They also know this breed as Moorschnucke in that country.

Studies have shown that this breed originated from the crossing of the Landrace breed with a Gray Heath. Today this breed is breeding in northern Germany.

Characteristics of White Polled Heath Sheep:

The White Polled Heath sheep is a medium-sized breed. The males reach 60-70 kg, while females reach 40-50 kg. Both of male or female of this species do not have horns.

It is a tough breed, it can be in strong climates. It comes to live in swampy places as well as in natural reserves, and in areas where there is much humidity.

His coat is white and grows on most of his body except on his face and legs. His hooves are white and have some hardness. The tail is short.

The ears are totally straight without any inclination. They grow to between 10 to 15 centimeters.


The White Polled Heath sheep is a breed that is maintained by intense grazing. Its food is found in open spaces. Its main source of food is made up of leaves, shrubs, herbaceous plants, blueberry fungi.


The White Polled Heath sheep is bred for being a dual-purpose breed. The flesh that produces this sheep is lean meat, has an exquisite taste which makes it very consumed. The color of this meat is darker than other breeds.

The wool that produces this race is double layered. The inside is soft, and the outside is hard. What makes the outer layer impermeable, and is water resistant. They walk in the water, while the water does not pass from their knees.

Special Characteristics:

The White Polled Heath sheep is in danger of extinction and is on the red list of consulting animal genetic resources.

According to a study carried out in Germany, today there are about 5,000 individuals of this species.

Sheep Profile:

Sheep name White Polled Heath sheep
Other Name Moorschnucke
Sheep Purpose Meat and wool
Coat color White
Weight 40  to 70 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Country of Origin Germany


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