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The Sumatra chicken is a very old breed originally from the islands of Sumatra and Malaysia.

Despite its bearing reminiscent of the fighters, is a bird with a very docile behavior. It was imported into America around 1847 and into Europe around 1882.

It seems that they are the product of a mutation suffered by the Bankivas roosters that also inhabit the island.

Characteristics Details of Sumatra Chicken:

Sumatra Chicken has the pheasant and fighter forms. It is a medium-sized breed. The Cola quite long. It is a race of adornment, without accentuated the combative behavior.

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On the other hand, the hen has good maternal qualities.The feathers are broad and hard. This bird lays eggs with a yellowish shell. The weight of them is 55 grams minimum.

The rooster of this species weighs between 2 and 2.5 Kg. While the hen weighs between 1.5 and 2 Kg.

The varieties of the color of this species are black, black with copper and blue. The head of this species is the small, elongated and broad face. The throat appears naked and red.

For its part, the face is large, blackish and with filoplumes. It also has a pea crest, small and varies from dark red to black.

The chins are very small, from dark red to black. The ears are very small, thin and dark red to black. They have a short, strong peak, slightly curved and black.

Also, the eyes are Great; the superciliary arches slightly prominent; the color of the iris is dark reddish brown, but not reaching black.

“The neck is medium; erect; with abundant shawls, with wide feathers and not too long. The trunk is elongated, round (cylindrical), strong and inclined.”

While the back is medium length, wide, almost horizontal (not dropped) On the other hand, the slightly marked shoulders and abundant careless, but not too long.

The chest is very round, wide, quite tall and without protruding keel. And the abdomen is little developed. The tail is almost horizontal, following the line of the back; it rises very slightly

It is rich in large and small sickles; the big ones are long and have good curves from the middle, but they do not get to drag. The wings are short, tight and carried high.

On the other hand, the thighs are quite visible, of medium length, very strong, separated and with tight plumage.

The tarsi are of medium length and thickness, naked, with fine scales and of medium thickness. You may also like to read New Hampshire Chicken.

The color ranges from dark olive to greenish black, with the yellow plant. Specimens with two spurs and even three appear frequently. With four rather thin fingers.


Sumatra Chicken is a bird that is used mainly as ornamental and so show this species in exhibitions.

Although some breeders want to use them in fights and this is due to the fighting character that is one of the main characteristics of this species.

The Sumatra Chicken breeders consider this species to be beautiful with its bright black green beetle plumage in the sunlight.

Because this breed is ornamental and has an excellent plumage has a high price in the market. You may also like to read Dominique Chicken.

And only the breeders that seek to produce it to put them in contests take advantage of their qualities. Also, they have to provide certain care.

Special Characteristics:

The chicken of this species in general all parts of the head are darker. Specifically, the crest becomes completely black. You may also like to read Dorking Chicken.

The tail in proportion is longer, it is narrower and more horizontal. Some serious defects that this species has are the tail crawling.

That present a soft plumage; another form of a ridge. As well as the face of the pale red hen, which has clear tarsi, or the absence of reflection in the plumage.

Due to his aggressive behavior, he is also known as “Sumatra fighter”. It is raised by exposure, thanks to its elegant shape and beautiful black plumage with green metallic reflections.

The skin is black, also has between 3 and 4 spurs on each leg. Apparently, these birds were the origin of others that were formed as is the Ayam Cemani.

They are very sought after as they are credited with healing benefits due to the presence of melanin. The females of this species are considered good mothers.

This bird has the best feathers adapted for the flight. What makes black cock Sumatra remarkable is its extraordinary bravery.

Also, the noblest thing about this pure cock is that it was introduced in India to give rise to the fiercest rooster in the world the asylum.

It does not know exactly what percentage I contributed but his participation was absolute and important. Although its skin is black it is black, the flesh inside is white.

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