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The Silkie Chicken originated in China or Southeast Asia.

One of the first references to the Silkie appears in the writings of Marco Polo in the XVIII century, upon his return from China. He wrote about all the wonders he saw there. One of the wonders he mentions is this kind of chickens.

Marco Polo in his writings speaks of a hairy hen. It is called something like the “silk chicken” in China. In the United States in the year 1874 the breed the silkie chicken was recognized.

Nowadays is one of the most popular breeds of hens. The name of the Silkie chicken owes its name to the atypical and fluffy form of its plumage. When you touch the plumage you feel that it is as soft and fine as silk.

Its plumage is similar to the hair of cats and its color so bright. They are usually a little smaller than those found in other continents. Of course, I have not said that its place of origin, although it is a little uncertain, seems to be East Asian.

Characteristics of Silkie Chicken:

The Silkie Chicken has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin, of course not seen because of the feathers.

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Another peculiarity is that the lobes of the ears are blue. It has five fingers in each leg, whereas the majority of the chickens only have four.

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The chicken is exhibited in shows of poultry, showing their different colors or hairstyles, due to their curious anatomy. The Silkies chicken are known for having a friendly temperament and for being calm.

It is the most docile poultry of all and we could consider it like a good pet. The hens of this breed are considered as cluecas.

Hens can lay up to three eggs a week, and it is used as a hen that incubates the eggs of other breeds of other bird species. They lay small eggs, with large deep yellow buds, rarely seen in traditional whitish colors of others. They lay 3-5 eggs a week.

The Silkie Chicken is a Bantam hen. This breed comes in two varieties, with beard, and without beard. The color of the plumage of this race is: black, beige, blue, gray, spotted, white and partridge. His face is characterized by large dark eyes and his head is crowned by a kind of beautiful and round bow.


The food is similar to that of other poultry, omnivorous that scavenges its food by scratching the ground with its 5-fingered legs.

You should feed them twice a day or allow them access to food throughout the day. They peck the soil all the time and feed on insects and worms. This breed love worms and worms.

They need fresh water at all times. A small Silkie chicken can drink up to half a liter of water a day when the weather is hot. So make sure your drinking fountains are always filled with water.


The Silkie Chicken is an ornamental bird, and its meat is not very popular because of its black or gray color. Hen is a good egg-laying, but not prolific, since she has a tendency to become clueca. The female Silkies chicken is very good mothers, often used for incubating eggs of other birds.

Special Characteristics:

The flesh of this breed is highly prized by people in East Asia. The flesh, skin and even bones have a dark tonality, something that insight is truly strange. There should be enough space for them to cuddle during the night.

The good thing about Silkies is that they are small, so you can have lots of chickens, in a small area. Silkies do not fly much, so you will not have to cut their wings, but if you have other types of chickens, you may need them.

Because they do not fly much are usually rather cautious and do not venture too far from home. Thanks to their character, they are the ideal pets for children.

Due to their short feathers, they do not withstand extreme temperatures. Their feathers are completely different from the rest of birds. Since the feathers have a downward fall and are very silky, they come to look like hair.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Berkshire Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose It is an ornamental bird and for its character is good to have as a pet.
Feather color Black, beige, blue, gray, spotted, white and partridge.
Egg Color Cream
Weight 1.3 to 1.8 kg
Climate Tolerance Warm climates
Country of Origin

China and Southeast Asia


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