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Serama chicken originates from Malaysia. To create this species, the Japanese and Malaysian roosters were crosses.

Historians discover that this bird was given by the King of Thailand to the settlers. Because they were a small race, people looked after them as pets.

In Thailand, they call pretty chickens or dwarf chickens. In an exhibition, in the year of 1990, it was the first time that this race was exhibited.

Although the number of individuals of this species fell drastically in 2004. This is because there was the boom of bird flu, and the government decided to sacrifice many birds of this species.

However, this did not directly affect the species as it did not become endangered.

Characteristics Details Of Serama chicken :

Serama chicken is possibly the smallest breed in the world, weighing less than 500 gr. In addition to their tiny size, they are characterized by their upright posture.

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And by the vertical position of the feathers of its tail and its vertical wings that are practically in contact with the ground. It is a very docile and familiar race.

The weight of this breed is between 100 grams and 500 grams, some weigh more, but are not desirable and are not consider serama. While chickens usually weigh up to 425 grams.

The eggs are beige and weigh 25 grams. This race exists in the following colors: White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, White mottled black, Triguena and Reddish black tail.

“It is a kind of vertical, always walks firm. It has a small ridge of 5 points is the most desirable. In addition, the legs of this species have a certain height.”

What can be allowed to be vertical and the wings do not touch the ground, only the tip of the leg can be seen. While the wings have vertical fall, without touching the ground.

Some specimens carry the wings forward, showing the whole leg. The chest is prominent as if it were swollen. The tail has an inverted V shape when viewed from behind.


Serama chicks are fed medicated starter feed until they reach about 8-12 weeks of age. When they reach about 3 months of age, change to a type of breeding starter feed that is not thick.

They must be fed with the starter feed until 6 months of age, at which time it changes to that of adults. Grains of corn, wheat, barley, are not indicated for the food of serama.

However, they can be given as a supplement or a treat but not constitute their only food.

To help to pass the cold winters and to maintain the heat better, you can add crushed corn during the winter but not always because it makes them too fat.


Serama chicken is used to show on exhibitions. And for the production of eggs. Being a small breed, it is not used for meat production. You may also like to read Dorking Chicken.

Special Characteristics:

There are many types of Serama chicken, and this is due to the shape of your body, among them are Apple or Ballon: As the name suggests is a copy that seen from the side appears with a round and plump body.

Giving these specimens to the same size more weight than those of other types. Slim: It is a tall stylish with a more vertical appearance than other types.

But it lacks a prominent chest and is examples that are the same size or height as the Apple. These are always much lower in weight, sometimes leading to misunderstandings.

Ideal: It is the one that everyone looks for a copy that has the characteristics of the two other types that are used in its development (apple + slim).

The ideal type has the stylization and verticality of a Slim rooster and the breast of an Apple rooster. You may also like to read Turkey Breeds.

It is the most wanted type and the one that fulfills the standard perfectly, or on which the European standard is based (not the Malay one). Dragon: These specimens are the most extreme of all and their posture is vertical.

“But they have the long neck and legs and the neck fold it back completely. And from the front, you can hardly see the head and seen from the side is not vertical.”

The wings have them behind attached to the tail that in this type has an opening of 70º.

Seen laterally it has a certain similarity with the submarines by the posture of the tail and the head as well as its stylized body. Serious defects in the Serama chicken.

The body too big, too thick or too narrow. Having a long back, flat or narrow chest, horizontal body, head-neck line too straight. You may also like to read Phoenix Chicken.

In addition to having short tarsi, poor wing size, carrying the tail too low or forward. That has large sickles or with a lot of curves, thick attributes of the head or white ears.

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