Pazardchin Roller Pigeon: Farm From Scratch

It takes a special kind of drive and ambition to start up a successful pigeon farm. With the booming trend of setting up small-scale operations from home, many people are turning their green thumbs towards the Pazardzhik Roller pigeon–one of Bulgaria’s oldest avian breeds! In this blog post, we will explore the process for setting up a Pazardchin Roller Pigeon Farm. From selecting your loft location to researching your market and finding reputable sellers with quality pigeons, these steps will help make sure you set off on the right foot when it comes to becoming a successful pigeon farmer.

History & Origin

The Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is a fascinating creature that has captured the hearts of pigeon enthusiasts around the world. This unique bird is known for its remarkable ability to perform acrobatic rolls, which it does with incredible precision and grace. While the origins of the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon are somewhat mysterious, it is believed to have originated in the city of Pazardzhik, located in central Bulgaria. Over the years, this special breed of pigeon has become beloved for its beauty, agility, and striking performance, making it a must-have for serious pigeon fanciers. Whether you are an avid collector of pigeons or simply fascinated by these wonderful creatures, the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is sure to capture your imagination and leave you in awe.


The Pazardchin Roller pigeon is a unique and fascinating bird. With an impressive stature and gentle personality, this breed of pigeon has captured the hearts of many bird enthusiasts. What sets the Pazardchin Roller apart from other pigeons is its remarkable ability to perform acrobatic stunts in mid-air. These agile birds can execute rolls and somersaults with ease, making for an awe-inspiring sight. Additionally, Pazardchin Rollers have a distinct appearance, sporting striking black and white plumage with a prominent crest on their heads. It’s no wonder why these charming birds have gained a loyal following among pigeon fanciers worldwide.


The Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is a magnificent breed that has captivated the hearts of pigeon enthusiasts for generations. These birds are known for their stunning aerial acrobatics, and for the way they can “roll” their bodies in mid-air, almost like a gymnast. For anyone who wants to keep these lovely birds as pets, it’s crucial to know how to feed them properly. These pigeons have specific dietary requirements, and it’s vital to keep them healthy and happy. By providing the right nutrition, you can help these birds thrive and continue to amaze us with their incredible stunts. So if you’re looking to keep a Pazardchin Roller Pigeon, be sure to research their dietary needs and provide them with the best possible care.


The Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is a popular breed among bird enthusiasts. With its unique rolling flight, these pigeons are a sight to behold in the sky. The breed originated in Bulgaria and was named after the town of Pazardzhik. Pazardchin Rollers are known for their acrobatic abilities and agile movements. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, and silver. If you’re looking for a bird that is both fascinating and beautiful, the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is worth considering.

Special Feature

The Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is a breed of pigeon that has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique rolling ability. When performing, these birds spin backward while rolling in the air, making for an impressive and entertaining show. Originally from Bulgaria, the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon has a distinct look with its white body and feathered feet. While they make for great performers, they are also known for their calm temperament and make good pets. Whether you are looking for a new addition to your aviary or simply interested in watching their rolling ability in action, the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon is a fascinating breed worth exploring.

Research the Pazardzhik Roller Pigeon

The Pazardzhik Roller Pigeon is a fascinating breed that any avian enthusiast will find interesting. Originally from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, this pigeon breed has earned its reputation for being an excellent performer. Aside from their impressive rolling and spinning capabilities, the Pazardzhik Roller Pigeon also has specific requirements that owners need to know to ensure their birds remain healthy and happy. Understanding their preferred diet, living environment, and exercise routine is essential to keep these birds in top condition. By researching the Pazardzhik Roller Pigeon and getting to know their needs, owners can help fulfill these requirements and enjoy watching their feathered friends roll and spin with delight.

Decide on a suitable location

Starting a farm can be a daunting task, but choosing the right location can make all the difference. When looking for a suitable place to start your farming venture, it’s important to consider factors such as ample sunlight and fresh air. Not only will this promote healthy crop growth, but it will also provide a comfortable environment for animals if you plan to raise livestock. Additionally, being mindful of nearby pollutants or industrial areas can ensure that the quality of your produce is not compromised. So take the time to research and choose a location that will set you up for success in the long run.

Set up the appropriate equipment

If you are planning on raising the beautiful and unique Pazardchin Roller Pigeon, one of the most important steps is setting up appropriate equipment. These birds require nesting boxes where they can lay their eggs and raise their young safely. It’s also recommended to have feeding stations set up, where you can provide them with the specific diet they need. By ensuring that the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon has access to everything they need, you can help them thrive and reach their full potential. With the right equipment in place, you can enjoy watching these stunning birds in their element, as they live, play, and grow.

Purchase quality food for the pigeons

Pazardchin Roller Pigeons are known for their impressive rolling abilities, gracefully spinning through the air in acrobatic displays. But to keep these magnificent birds healthy and thriving, it’s important to provide them with quality food. Dried corn and bird pellets provide essential nutrients and vitamins that Pazardchin Roller Pigeons need to maintain their impressive flying skills. You wouldn’t want these aerial athletes to suffer from poor nutrition, so be sure to purchase high-quality food to keep your Pazardchin Roller Pigeons in top condition.

Provide regular care and maintenance

Providing regular care and maintenance for any pet is crucial for their health and well-being. When it comes to the Pazardchin Roller Pigeon, this species requires a specific level of attention to keep them healthy and happy. It’s important to regularly clean their cages to ensure they are living in a clean and hygienic environment. Additionally, monitoring their health and seeking medical attention if needed is essential in keeping their immune systems strong. By taking the time to provide the necessary care and attention, you can ensure that your Pazardchin Roller Pigeon lives a long and healthy life.


Where do Pazardzhik Rollers come from?

The Pazardzhik Rollers are a type of traditional Bulgarian dance originating from the town of Pazardzhik in Bulgaria. The dance was initially performed by groups of young men who would gather in public places and compete against each other, with one group performing an intricate combination of steps while the other watched and judged their performance.

How do Pazardzhik Rollers mate?

Pazardzhik Rollers are a species of long-distance migratory birds native to the Balkan mountain range. They are relatively small, weighing less than 4 ounces and having an average length of between 6 and 7 inches from beak to tail tip.

How long do Pazardzhik Rollers live?

Pazardzhik Rollers, also known as PZ Rollers or Bulgarian Tumblers, are a unique breed of pigeon that have been cultivated for centuries in Bulgaria and surrounding regions. The average lifespan of a PZ Roller is between 5-7 years; however, some can live up to 10-15 years with proper nutrition and care.


In conclusion, the Pazardzhik Roller pigeon is one of the oldest and most beloved breeds. This breed is known for its hardiness and ease of maintenance, making it a great choice for those who are new to keeping birds. From its interesting history to its notable physical characteristics, many people find the Pazardzhik Roller pigeon captivating. If you’re looking for an enjoyable hobby or want to start breeding pigeons, these birds may be a good fit for you. Researching their requirements such as food, housing, and care are essential steps in setting up your flock with success. Doing so means that in no time at all, we can enjoy this beautiful and unique breed of pigeon!

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