Gotland Rabbit: Swedish Variety of Bunny

The Gotland Rabbit is a Swedish variety of medium-sized rabbit that comes in a variety of colors. The Gotland Rabbit has official Landrace status in Sweden and is considered an endangered variety. The local variety is related to the even rarer rabbit Mellerud. The Gotland Rabbits have been held on farms in Sweden since at least the year 1500s, despite the decline in popularity during the 1900s.

These rabbits were referred to as “bondkaniner” (“farm rabbits”) already in the 1881s. We’re kept mainly by their flesh and skins. They were considered more important than the type and color, which has traditionally been of major importance in showing breeds instincts, health, productivity, and nursing.

Gotland Rabbit

Therefore, the Gotland rabbit has figured out how to hold an incredible hereditary difference as far as frame and shading, while at the same time keeping up great wellbeing and some known hereditary. As the breeds of cattle popularity show, farm rabbits became rarer until almost extinct. A few remaining populations were discovered in the 1970s on the island of Gotland.

Appearance and Personality

Despite not being bred towards a standard breed letter until now. Most Gotland rabbits share a distinctive and recognizable type. The variety is medium-sized with an adult weight of 3-4 kg (6.6 to 8.8 lb). The female’s body is relatively elongated with a thin head.

There is no difference in weight between genders. The ears are of medium length and relatively thin, pointed instead of rounded. The eyes are big, with an alert expression. Any color of the eyes is allowed. The coat is short and fine, usually straight although they have known a Gotland coated rex. Any design and color are allowed.

The nature of the Gotland rabbit is described as cheerful and curious, with the rabbit often being very interested in its surroundings. The Gotland rabbit is a medium-quality producer with an average of 6-8 kits per litter, more rarely 10 or more. They makes are usually good mothers who can be very protective of their offspring. Kids grow relatively slow compared to modern breeds of production, but in return require less food. The Gotland rabbit is considered a resistant variety that is rarely affected by disease or genetic defects.

Characteristics of Gotland Rabbit

The Gotland Rabbit is a medium-sized breed. Most Gotland rabbits share a distinctive and recognizable type. Gotland’s body is relatively elongated with a thin head. There is no difference in weight between Male and females. His coat is short and fine. The coat is usually straight, although some Gotland-coated Rex rabbit has been known.

The Gotland rabbit ear is medium length and relatively thin, pointed rather than rounded. His eyes are large with an alert expression. Their eye and the color of the layer can be either. The breed is agile and fine-boned with a muscular abdomen. They have a narrow noses. As we mentioned above, the Gotland Rabbit is a medium-sized breed. On average, the Gotland rabbit’s weight is between 3 and 4 kg.


The Gotland rabbit was mainly used for meat production. They are suitable for the production of commercial meat, and also good as pets.

Special Feature

The Gotland rabbit is generally a lively and curious breed. They are generally sturdy and well-suited for outdoor living throughout the year. They are very curious and very interested in their surroundings. As a very tough breed, once it is affected by diseases or genetic defects.

Gotland is a producer of average quality, with an average of 6-8 kits per bunk. Mothers are very good, and they generally become very protective of their offspring. Gotland kits grow slowly, compared to other rabbit breeds of meat. However, there is no food and access to freshwater is mandatory. However, take a look at the full profile of the Gotland rabbit breed in the table below.

Rabbit Profile

Breed NameGotland Rabbit
Other Namen/a
Breed PurposeVery good for commercial meat production. Pretty good as pets.
Breed SizeMedium
WeightAverage body weight is between 3 to 4 kg
Suitable for Commercial ProductionYes
Good as PetsYes
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Color VarietiesAny
Country of OriginSweden


If you’re interested in learning more about this Swedish variety of rabbits, make sure to check out our guide on the Gotland Rabbit. We hope that it has helped you learn more about what makes these rabbits unique and special! Good luck with your search for a new pet in Sweden or elsewhere in the world.

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