Golden Cascade Duck



The Golden Cascade duck was raised at the end of the 1970s, and it quickly expanded into the market in the Oregon United States. It was developed to be an aquatic bird, with characteristics of laying eggs. They matured quickly. In the 1980s it was distributed to several farmers, and it was accepted.

They liked the characteristics of this breed, but it was not popular enough to be admitted into the American Standard of Perfection. His shade originates from the golden color of his feathers.

In the 90’s his breeding was discontinued by which the original colors were lost. That is why breeders in the United States have worked inbreeding and breeding this breed to be able to produce again the original colors of this breed. It is considered a breed of domestic duck.

Characteristics of Golden Cascade Duck:

The Golden Cascade duck is medium-weight animals. Its most outstanding feature is its beautiful golden color. It has shades of yellow, and yellow mustard around the neck. The feathers are mostly orange but also have orange tones and some brown marks. Their legs are usually orange or brown, and the beak is yellow. It reaches to weight of male up to 3.6kg and 3.1kg the female.

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The sex of the ducklings at an early age can be identified by the color of their plumage. Females are lighter in color and darker for males. The males are known to have brown breast plumage and shoulders. Also when they are young, their belly color is yellow.

This breed has a sturdy body. Their neck and wings are shorter compared to other breeds. They can live for 4 to 8 years. In some cases, sometimes they can live for 12y.

In each layer, they leave between 5 to 10 eggs, and they are born between the 25 to 28 days. And ducklings are able to fly between 5 to 8 weeks. Golden Cascade females lay their eggs in the light of day. Which is why breeders of these birds should be kept where light ducks are kept. So that female ducks can lay their eggs at any time of the day.


The Golden Cascade duck feed on plants and some animals. Requires a certain amount of grains in the food, as well as crustaceans. They get to eat crustaceans, slugs, snails and insects.


The Golden Cascade duck is breed mainly for its eggs and for having them as garden birds. Their meat is great quality.

Special Characteristics:

The Golden Cascade duck have a red stripe on their head, which makes an excellent contrast to the color of their feathers. They are able to leave the nest a few days after being born, have a great activity are just born.

Their feathers are allowed of water. This breed head can rotate 180 degrees. Also, can be groomed the same as it has this particularity of turning the head completely.

They need certain vaccines since they are not safe to all diseases. One of which is commonly affected is avian cholera.

They lay eggs from January to August after that they rest and then the breeding season begins. This breed does not have teeth.

They are usually calm. This breed is considered excellent swimmers, just like other breeds have the particularity in their legs that allows them to swim in an excellent way.

Due to their character, they usually adopt it as a pet, or to breed it inside the house. This breed is perfect for homes where there are children since they are usually very playful and active.

Duck Profile:

Duck Name Golden Cascade Duck
Other Name Any
Duck Purpose Meat and egg laying
Feather color Golden with orange, Yellow and brown shades.
Weight 3.1 to 3.6 Kg.
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Color White
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity Medium (260 eggs in the year)
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin United States


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