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The Cornish chicken is the perfect dual-purpose chicken. In July 1955, the Saturday Evening Post published an article acknowledging the French origin Alphonsine Teresa Makowsky as the breeder of Cornish’s original hen.

Teresa and her husband went to a 200-hectare estate in northeastern Connecticut, Where they have chicken hatcheries and are sold in Africa.

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However, they lost their livestock in a fire in 1949 and Teresa decided to raise the game Cornish chicken, a small bird with short legs and plump breasts, with the other birds, including White Plymouth Rock hen and cock fighting Malaysia.

The result is the Cornish hen, which throws only as an indicator of African Guinea hen. The former has become more popular, however, and while production of the latter decline, quail sales increase. You May Also Like To Read Ayam Cemani Chicken.

The Cornish Rock hen, more commonly known as Cornish hen, and was intended only as an approximation of African Guinea hens. The previous ones became very popular, however, while the production of the hens of Guinea stopped, the sales of the hen Cornish soared.

Characteristics Details of Cornish Chicken:

The Cornish chicken is a very heavy and muscular bird, of hardly average height and the position of the trunk inclined and wide. These birds have a robust appearance, their thighs are strong and muscular, the chest is very broad and well fleshy.

The tarsi are very strong. Roosters are not as fierce as the old fighting Englishmen. However hens, even having good behavior as mothers, are very pugnacious and it is convenient to have them alone. You May Also Like To Read Penedesenca Chicken.

It is the result of the crossing of several races of hens to produce a small chicken with totally white meat and that is ready to cook in 4 weeks. The rooster weighs between 3.5 and 4.5 kg. While the hen weighs between 2 to 3 kg.


Cornish chicken needs high-quality commercial food, it is the biggest cost when it comes to raising Cornish hens. These heavy eaters probably consume at least 2 kg of snack food.

Provide at least an inch of space for each bird to drink. A good heating system is equally important.


Cornish chicken has abundant and juicy meat. Poor setting with 50gr egg. Minimum, with a toasted shell.

Populations of this breed have been improved and used in crossbreeding schemes typical of the industrial poultry industry, because of the amount of meat in the chest, an aspect in which no other breed resembles it. You May Also Like To Read Leghorn Chicken.

The poultry industry depends on this breed. Most of the Broilers we find in the store are the result of a cross between a White Indian Fighting Cock (also called White Cornish) and a White Plymouth Rock hen.

Special Characteristics:

A temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for chicks 1 week old. Drop the temperature by 5 ° for each subsequent week until reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Cornish Chicken
Other Name Rock Cornish
Chicken Purpose Eggs laying and meat production
Feather color Reddish and black
Weight 2 to 4.5 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Color Toasted
Egg Size Small
Egg Productivity Low
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin England

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