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The Red Shaver Chicken originated in breeds such as Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire from North America, Sussex from England, White Barnevelder from Holland, among others. You May Also Like To Read Cubalaya Chicken.

The origin of this breed was born in Canada. And its production was to market it by its characteristics, to be a laying breed and that produces good meat.

Characteristics Details of Red Shaver Chicken:

The laying hen Shaver is a strain that best withstands adverse weather conditions, for example, colds, snows, frost. It’s a bigger hen, should eat more to endure such circumstances.

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With a balanced diet we will get about 280 eggs/year but in favor, the egg is considerably larger. The egg that puts this breed is brown or white.

Females of this species are usually reddish brown, with some white folds. While the males are white with reddish highlights.

On the other hand, the males of this species serve to be in small herds, where this race takes place. You May Also Like To Read Ancona Chicken.


The Red Shaver Chicken require foods rich in protein and minerals. The diet should be composed of grains such as wheat, sorghum, corn, among others, as well as alfalfa and sprouts.

For the cultivation of this food, can use the earthworm humus that contains high nutritional and organic levels.You May Also Like To Read Penedesenca Chicken.


The Red Shaver Chicken is a species that serves double purposes. The hens of this species are excellent layers. And also that produce a meat of good quality. Another reason why farmers prefer to breed this breed is that they are easy to sex.

Special Characteristics:               

The Red Shaver Chicken is often considered calm and reserved. In addition, they lay eggs larger than most eggs. At 4 months of age, the chickens already have a weight of 2 kg. Red Shaver Chicken be grown in open spaces without any inconvenience.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Red Shaver Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose Eggs laying and meat production
Feather color Reddish
Weight 2 to 3.4 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Color White and brown
Egg Size Big
Egg Productivity High (280 eggs in the year)
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin Canada

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