Buckeye Chicken: A Breed of American Poultry

Buckeye chicken is an American breed that originated in the state of Ohio in the early 1900s. Originally called Rhode Island Red Pea Ridge, it comes from the cross made of various races, including Cornish, Black Fighter, Cocincina, Plymouth Rock. This breed is known worldwide for having been created by a woman.

It is considered the only American race that was developed by a woman. Its name comes from the color of the seeds of a plant that grows in Ohio known as the Ohio Buckeye. Today this breed is among the species that are threatened. Since this species has less than 5000 specimens worldwide.

Buckeye chicken

The goal of creating this breed was to produce a breed that could lay eggs in winters, and that could survive winters with strong climates. Race with double aptitude. White skin and eggs with reddish or brown skin.

Although the history of this breed is linked to that of the Rhode Island red breed, they should not be confused since they have different characteristics. One of the characteristics that differentiate them is that the Buckeye chicken has a lighter color than the color of Rhode Island. You may also like to read Penedesenca Chicken.

Characteristics of Buckeye Chicken

Buckeye chicken has beige skin, in some cases, the skin color has a yellow tone. Apart from the outside of the reminders and the helmets are black. The plumage of this species has a reddish or brown color of the same color as the seeds of the Ohio plant, and with a gray color at the tips.

The only place that is not of this color is the tail that is black. It has a medium-sized head with a typical pea-type crest. It has a short, yellow beak. This species has a sufficiently long neck, with an abundant layer. In addition, the back is short but wide enough and the abdomen is large. Big and yellow tips and 4 fingers.

Its body is robust and this feature makes it able to withstand and be resistant to strong climates. It is a race that falls into the category of medium breeds. In addition, chickens of this species become heavier than roosters. The chickens weigh about 4 kg. While the cocks weigh 3 kg.


Buckeye chickens can live outdoors, and feed on the animals, and plants they get. However, this species can also feed on forage. You may also like to read Ayam Cemani Chicken.


Buckeye chickens are mainly used for meat production because it provides good quality meat. And it is also used for egg production since it produces between 150 to 200 eggs in a year.

Which is a cup of medium production in eggs? In recent years this breed has been implementing to show in exhibitions. And so protect it, since it is a breed in danger of extinction.

Special Feature

Buckeye chicken is a breed that has been recognized and approved in quality standards. And this feature has made it possible to maintain it over time. In recent years there has been a boom to show this bird in exhibitions. And this is because it is a race of double purpose and also that is in danger.

That is why she prefers to be raised to show in events that produce only for mass consumption. In addition, this breed is resistant and can withstand exposure to strong climates, a characteristic that makes it attractive to breeders. You may also like to read Leghorn Chicken.

It is considered a kind of quiet character, however, the males of this species sometimes opt for an aggressive attitude. This aggressive attitude, more than anything, they have in the breeding season. They have a lot of selection of the animals or people around them because they are afraid of humans.

That is why when they see people they run away, which makes them very difficult to reach. Although they are totally friendly. This breed can be raised in open spaces, this breed can also be raised in enclosed spaces. Although its active attitude makes breeders have to take it out into the open.

It can be raised and run on grass, in these spaces it is a completely happy bird. The females of this species have a fairly developed maternal instinct, which is why they can raise their chicks easily.

Although they become melancholy when they leave the nest. It is a very active breed, and they tend to hunt mice. Certain breeders compare this skill with the skill of the cats.

The males have a special feature and that is that they can emit more sounds than most other species. The strangest thing is that they come to produce a sound that is compared to the sound of dinosaurs.


What is a Buckeye Chicken?

A Buckeye Chicken is a hybrid breed of chicken that was developed in the early 1900s by Ohio farmers. The cross between a Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock results in a bird with superior egg laying capacity and hardiness, which makes it an ideal bird for backyard chicken keepers.

Where do Buckeye Chickens come from?

Buckeye chickens are an American breed of chicken that originated in Ohio in the late 19th century. They were first bred by a man named Joseph Gloekler near Bellefontaine, Ohio, and over time they spread throughout the state.

What are the best ways to cook a Buckeye Chicken?

Buckeye Chicken is a classic Ohio recipe that combines chicken, cream cheese and cheddar cheese in a savory dish. It is often served as an appetizer, but can easily be turned into a main entrée for dinner.


This guide has provided you with some new information on the Buckeye chicken. If you are considering raising these chickens, let us know! Our team of experts can help answer any questions and provide advice to make your experience a success. We hope this article has helped you learn more about Ohio’s state bird.

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