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The Leghorn chicken is a Mediterranean breed of Italian origin selected in the United States as a laying bird. The only one currently used in the industrial production of white eggs.

The population maintained in the conservation program as a control of quality studies. This breed comes from the crossing of three different strains (Babcock, Creighton and Moun Hope) selected for laying and egg weight.

Of these three strains made a crossing for commercial production of a three-way hybrid. Two of them (Babcock and Mount Hope) are part of almost all current commercial hybrids.

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What is proven is that this breed has been selected over time to create a great laying hen. Therefore, it is proven that the first selections were made in England and Denmark, where American poultry producers found them.

These poultry farmers took her to the United States. And continued to improve, so that some authors describe this race as American.

In 1898 in the newspaper they came to publish for the first time the standard of this race in order that the English and American breeders conformed to him.

However, in Italy, there is the recognition of this race. The standard is different, it must be the only hen that has different standards in different countries.

Characteristics Details of Leghorn Chicken:

The Leghorn chicken is a jackpot breed, it likes large tracts of land to scout, dig and even fly. This breed can sleep in the trees and in open spaces.

This hen is the one chosen by the poultry farms for the production of eggs, high paying, low feed consumption equal to high profitability.

The Leghorn breed is remarkable for the agreeable harmony of the different parts of the body and its bearing. You May Also Like To Read Silkie Chicken.

The beak is yellowish and robust. Simple crest, although there are curly varieties that are not typical.

Adapted to the configuration of the skull, extended back and provided with four to five teeth quite deep, but slightly fall towards the right side in the hen.

Although it can also lean over the left side of the head. Their earrings are ovoid, white or creamy, Live red chin and thin. The neck slender, arched and erect. The back of the medium length and with the chair slightly arched.

It’s Prominent chest. The tail broad, elongated and fairly erect. The yellowish tarsi, as well as the legs and skin. Medium-sized body with an oval shape.

There are three types of plumage with which this breed is born: white, black and brown.

Their eggs are small, of white color and with a minimum weight of 60gm. The laying of this hen can easily round the 300 annual eggs with a low consumption of food due to its small size. This high productivity plus her quality of rustic hen make of her the mother of all layers.

The weight of the hen is between 1.9 and 2.2 kg. While the rooster has a weight between 2.2 and 2.5 kg.


The Leghorn chicken has a production process through which it transforms the cereals in general into protein foods, meat eggs. It is a process where the only transforming machine is the hen, which also requires a good feed.

It needs environmental requirements like installations, light, temperature, humidity, sanitary management, etc.

The end result will depend heavily on the environmental factors that are provided to the hen. For this to be a reality, everything must be accompanied by an adequate management of both the food you will receive and the environment.

They are fed with 2 or 3 types of feed, the first feed is initiation until 6 or weeks. Then they are fed with a second growth feed until 16 weeks the third feed of Proposed from the 16 weeks completed.

When it is in the breeding season, the feed is low in fat, in any case, what is fundamental is that the hen maintains a weight according to its race.

When we begin to feed the leghorn hen with the feed of prepositions increases the calcium content up to 2.0 or 2.5% this favors the formation of the necessary bone reserves, this to avoid that no type of phenomena appears in the bones because of Weakness or egg shell.


The Leghorn chicken is a highly laying breed. Its meat is not very good, so it is internationally recognized for its high capacity to lay eggs.

Special Characteristics:

The Leghorn Chicken can also be accustom since they are born to live in cages, endure, better than any other race, this enclosure, are paradoxes of life. It is a rustic, vigorous and healthy animal that adapts perfectly to different breeding systems.

It is handled well in the field as it likes the green and they are raised well in cages and are very economical in terms of feeding. So your choice of amateur poultry who wants a very good egg laying will always be a success.

The selection of the hen as a laying bird has come to such an extent that it has completely lost its maternal instinct and never clings to it. So their reproduction must be done by artificial incubation or by means of hens with a great facility for the croquis who will act as a natural incubator and surrogate mother.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Leghorn Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose Eggs laying
Feather color White, black and brown
Weight 1.9 to 2.5 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity High (300 eggs in the year).
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin Italy

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