Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon: Farming

Do you have a fascination with Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon farming? This ancient breed of fancy pigeon has been around since the mid 1800s and is known for their unique intelligence and colorful markings. For many, they are the perfect pet, while others strive to embark on a journey of breeding them professionally. Whether you’re just getting started or already experienced in this field, this ultimate guide will help introduce you to the basics so that you can become an expert in Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon farming! From understanding how these birds mate to correctly feeding and maintaining their health, we’ve got all the tips needed here. Who knows — maybe one day your flock will be renowned as champion show pigeons!

History & Origin

The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is a fascinating breed that has a rich history and a unique origin story. This breed of pigeon has been bred by many different pigeon enthusiasts over the years, and has become highly sought-after for its distinct markings and unique personality traits. One of the most interesting things about the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is that it is one of the few breeds of pigeon that has been specifically bred for its ability to perform a particular task; in this case, this pigeon has been bred to be an expert tumbler and cropper. If you’re a fan of pigeons, or just interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, then the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is definitely one to keep an eye on.


The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is a unique breed of bird with distinctive features that make it stand out from other pigeons. With its striking black and white coloring and compact but muscular build, this pigeon is a true work of art. Its most notable characteristic, however, is its ability to perform the “cropping” technique, which involves the bird contorting its neck and stretching out its wings in a show of strength and agility. Watching these pigeons perform their acrobatic feats can be a mesmerizing experience and a testament to the skill and breeding of their owners. Whether you’re a pigeon enthusiast or a casual observer, the Austrian Magpie Cropper is a fascinating bird that is worth getting to know.


The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is truly a unique and striking bird. This breed of pigeon is known for its distinctive coloration and striking pattern of black and white feathers. As with any bird, proper nutrition is essential for the health and wellbeing of these creatures. When it comes to feeding your Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon, it’s important to choose a high-quality feed that is specifically designed for their dietary needs. Look for a feed that is high in protein, as this will help ensure that your pigeon maintains optimal health and vitality. With the right diet and care, your Austrian Magpie Cropper will thrive and continue to be a magnificent addition to your home or aviary.


The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is a fascinating breed that has captivated pigeon enthusiasts for years. With their striking black and white markings and distinctive feathered hood, these birds are not only ornamental but also skilled performers. They are known for their impressive ability to spin and roll in mid-air, much to the delight of onlookers. The breed has a rich history, dating back to 19th century Austria, but its popularity continues to grow today in pigeon racing and exhibition circles around the world. If you’re looking for a unique and impressive bird to add to your collection, the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is definitely worth considering.

Special Feature Of Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon

The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is a remarkable breed that has captured the hearts of many bird enthusiasts. Its striking black and white markings, coupled with its impressive tumbling skills, make it a fascinating sight to behold. Indeed, this pigeon has earned its place as one of the most popular breeds in Austria, with clubs dedicated to its breeding and exhibitions dedicated to showcasing its talents. While its tumbling abilities are certainly impressive, what sets the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon apart from other breeds is its unique vocalizations. With a distinctive cooing melody, this pigeon is truly a delight to the ears as well as the eyes. It is no wonder that these magnificent creatures have become such a beloved sight in the skies of Austria.

Tips on housing

For those who are fascinated with birds or are avid bird enthusiasts, the Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon is a breed that you should definitely consider. These beautiful birds are known for their impressive aerial acrobatics and their unique color pattern. If you’re planning on owning a few of these feathered friends, it’s important to know how to care for them properly. For starters, you’ll need to provide them with a safe and comfortable living space that is designed to meet their specific needs. In addition, the right diet and proper feeding schedule are essential to keeping them healthy and happy. With the right care and attention, you’ll enjoy an amazing bond with your Magpie Cropper pigeons that will last for years to come.


Birds have always intrigued humans with their diverse behavior, stunning plumage, and intricate genetic patterns. The Austrian Magpie and Cropper Pigeon are two such birds that have amazed scientists with their remarkable genetic patterns. With the advancement in technology, we have managed to understand their DNA sequences that have given us an insight into their development, evolution, and survival strategies. Studying their genetic patterns has allowed us to unravel the mysteries of their unique traits, such as their agile movement and beautiful feathers. It is fascinating to see how the genetic code of these birds plays a significant role in their behavior, which makes them stand out from other species. The Austria Magpie and Cropper Pigeon prove that the more we learn about genetics, the more we can unravel the mysteries of the natural world.


As a conscientious poultry farmer, it’s important to take every step possible to ensure the health and well-being of your flock. Breeding techniques can make all the difference in achieving this goal. For example, when it comes to the Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon, utilizing breeding techniques that aim to improve both their physical health and overall traits can lead to an all-around stronger and more desirable bird. Careful selection of breeding pairs, monitoring of offspring, and attention to genetic diversity are key factors in achieving success in this area. With the right techniques, it’s possible to see marked improvements in your flock’s health and performance, from egg production to physical prowess.

Showing and selling

Are you looking to turn your hobby of raising Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons into a profitable venture? There’s no denying that these birds are truly stunning with their striking black and white plumage, and their unique personality traits. Selling your Magpie Cropper pigeons can be an exciting endeavor, but it also requires some careful planning and preparation. It’s important to ensure that your birds are healthy, trained, and have a desirable lineage to attract potential buyers. Whether you plan to sell your birds directly to other breeders or showcase them at exhibitions and shows, there’s a niche market out there for these exquisite pigeons. With dedication and some marketing savvy, you can turn your passion for Magpie Cropper pigeons into a lucrative business.


Where do Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons come from?

The Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is a unique bird with a distinct appearance and fascinating history. These pigeons are thought to have originated in Austria, but their exact origins are shrouded in mystery. One thing that is certain about these pigeons is that they are not your average bird. Their striking black and white markings, intelligent personality, and impressive aerial acrobatics make them a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts. Despite their popularity, much is still unknown about the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon’s past. Many breeders today continue to appreciate and cultivate these birds for their beauty and character.

What do Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons eat?

Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons are a unique and fascinating breed of pigeons. They are known for their distinctive appearance and amazing flying abilities. But have you ever wondered what these beautiful birds eat? Well, despite their fancy name, Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons are not picky eaters. They will consume a variety of grains, seeds, and nuts. Their diet usually consists of corn, wheat, barley, peas, and sunflower seeds. They may also eat fruits and vegetables, but these should be given in moderation. Overall, as omnivores, Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons have a wide range of food choices, making them relatively easy to feed and care for.

How do I breed Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons?

If you’re an avid bird lover searching for a new breed to add to your collection, the Austrian Magpie Cropper Pigeon may be just what you’re looking for. These pigeons are known for their unique look and impressive flying abilities. So, how do you go about breeding them? First, you’ll need to acquire a breeding pair. Make sure to choose healthy birds that meet the breed standard. Provide them with a spacious and comfortable nesting area, and be sure to give them a well-balanced diet. With patience and proper care, you’ll soon have a new generation of beautiful Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons.


Having a better understanding of the history, origin, characteristics, feed, usage, and special features of the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon is essential for successful breeding. With hard work and dedication to their maintenance and care, you can learn how to select them for breeding as well as tips on housing and feeding your flock. Moreover, understanding the genetic patterns of these birds can help in maximizing their potential in terms of both health and traits. With greater knowledge on breedings techniques for improving the health and traits of the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeons, you have an opportunity to show your birds off or even sell them for profit. Overall, the Austrian Magpie Cropper pigeon holds elegant beauty with an attentive attitude towards its handler that results in a great alternative or a collection piece.

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