Australian Spotted Duck: Australian Spotted Duck Breed

Surprisingly, the Australian Spotted Duck breed originates in the United States. They had their beginning in Pennsylvania in 1920 when creators John C. Kriner and Stanley Mason began a creative experiment. Kriner and Mason began with an unusual combination of duck breeds to create the Australian Spotted Duck. Assistance to ducks, wild ducks, reddish ducks from the North and at least one unidentified Australian duck were used to formulate this small breed of duck.

Instead of using formula creation, such as creating one duck race for another and then another race in creation, Kriner and Mason used a playing field to define the traits they were looking for in the Australian Stained Duck. The chosen breeds of ducks are allowed to cross without human interference for generations. It is not known how much influence Pintail had on the results of these crossings.

Australian Spotted Duck

Characteristics of Australian Spotted Duck

The Australian Spotted Duck is an unattractive duck, with three color variations. You will find them in blue head varieties, Greenhead and Silverhead. The Australian Blue Head Spotted Duck has a blue head with a white band that surrounds the neck. Greenhead has a green head and Silverhead has a silver head. The body is a variety of cubs, gray and white ducks. The mottled and spots on the varieties to match the color of the head of ducks.

The female spotted duck from Australia is an excellent mother. They strongly defend their ducklings. Little ducklings mature very quickly and are able to fly at an early age. They also reach very early sexual maturity with dragons showing interest in reproduction as early as three weeks. They put in an average of 80 eggs per year, which is really great for a bantam breed.

Like most rooster breeds, this breed is raised for small farms, ponds, bird shows, or pets. At only 2 pounds, you are one of the smaller duck breeds. This breed is a perfect choice for small farms and ponds. They have a voracious appetite for their small size. They will be happy to get rid of your patio, garden or pond insects. Larvae of mosquitoes in ponds are one of their favorite foods, such as slugs, snails, and mealybugs.

If the ducks are well fed, they will find few reasons to leave. However, unless you cut the wings, you are able to fly. This delicious little duck will give you hours of fun as you watch them wandering around your patio.

When they get young they leave between 8 and 13 eggs per litter, which are incubated for 28 days. The ducklings are born with the condition of knowing how to swim, from the first day of life.


Feeds on algae and seeds of aquatic plants. It also eats insects, mosquito larvae, slugs, snails, Japanese beetles, and other pests and insects that are present in the gardens. As well as remove the larvae and mosquitoes you see inside the pools.


This type of breed does not use it to raise, probably because of its characteristics, but it is beautiful to the eye, has adapted to live in populated areas, and on many occasions, this breed uses it to hunt at certain times.

Special Feature

Shows preference for marshes and marshes. The nest builds it among aquatic grasses. The clutch consists of five to fourteen eggs. Incubation takes 26 to 28 days.It feeds on algae and seeds of aquatic plants. He also eats insects. This duck reaches a length of 48 to 59cm. The males, which are somewhat larger than the females, weigh from 0.75 to 1.1kg.

It is a very gregarious bird outside the breeding season and can form large flocks. This is a rather arisco and distrustful duck, that rarely allows the approach at a short distance, being usually the first one that flees before the human presence (except the residents in the cities).

The Australian Spotted Duck is grouped to safe during the day and at night it moves to the feeders. Its great capacity for adaptation and use of different food sources are the reasons for its numerous population. They are migratory birds and spend the winter in the south.

Duck Profile

Duck NameAustralian Spotted Duck
Other NameAny
Duck PurposeHunting
Feather colorGreen, silver, blue, gray and white
Weight0.75 to 1.1
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeSmall
Egg ProductivityLow
Country of OriginNorth America


The Australian Spotted Duck is a small breed of duck, originating in the United States. Surprisingly, this unique breed has its beginnings with John C. Kriner and Stanley Mason who began experimenting by combining several breeds to create the Australian Spotted Duck back in 1920. We hope our guide on how ducks are bred helped you! Good luck breeding your own beautiful flock of Australians for show or sale!

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