Augsburger Chicken: My Best Tips For Starting Your Own

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to raise your own chickens? If so, then the Augsburger chicken is an excellent choice for aspiring chicken keepers. It’s a hardy, docile breed that originated in the city of Augsburg in Germany and its now endangered status has made it an exciting challenge to raise. With these tips on picking out chicks, housing them, and caring for them properly, soon enough you’ll have your very own flock of lively feathered friends!

History & Origin

The Augsburger chicken is a unique and special breed that can be traced back as far as the city of Augsburg in the Swabian region of Bavaria. This German domestic fowl has been around for generations, yet its numbers are today significantly fewer than before due to changes in farming practices. It is believed that this ancient bird was domesticated by monks searching for a specific flavor profile with which to flavor their traditional dishes. By carefully selecting only the highest quality birds, they were able to create an esteemed gourmet dish found all over Europe. Given its heritage, this endangered breed should not be forgotten but rather celebrated and enjoyed – after all, it represents thousands of years of culinary history!


With their black feathers, white saddle feathers, bright red wattle and comb, and a friendly disposition, Augsburger Chickens are both striking and endearing. These small to medium-sized birds are renowned for being docile and active in nature, which makes them an ideal pet chicken. Moreover, they lay approximately 150-200 white eggs that are of excellent quality every year, making them great egg producers as well. Furthermore, the hens of this breed have excellent mothering abilities due to their hardy dispositions. With so many desirable characteristics it’s no wonder Augsburgers have been popular in their native Germany for centuries!


The Augsburger chicken is a unique bird as far as its diet is concerned. Unlike some other chicken breeds, it can survive with only moderate amounts of feed, mostly due to its hardy nature. These chickens are able to find sustenance in regional grains, like maize and millet, which they predominantly prefer due to their comfortability living in the Swabian region of Bavaria; however, they also receive supplemental feed from corn, wheat and insects. Regardless of the combination of feed mixes, the Augsburger chicken maintains steady and healthy development with minimal resources.


The Augsburger Chicken is prized among poultry owners, not only for their docile temperament and aesthetics, but also for their ability to be used in a wide variety of different functions. This breed was originally bred to be a roasting chicken, and their plump bodies and fine-textured meat make them an excellent candidate for this job. But the Augsburger’s potential doesn’t end there; this endearing bird can also be kept as a pet or bred for show purposes, depending on the owner’s preferences. When it comes to multi-purpose poultry breeds, few can rival the dynamic nature of the Augsburger Chicken.

Special Feature

The Augsburger chicken is a special breed of domestic chicken that is quickly becoming endangered. They are a popular choice for small farms, backyard poultry owners and homesteaders alike. This beautiful bird originated in the city of Augsburg, in the Swabian region of Bavaria. Augsburger chickens have distinctive white feathers, a single comb, neat feathering on their legs, as well as large and powerful wings. They are known to be productive layers with consistent and reliable egg production over time. The Augsburger is a great example of breeds that should be managed sustainably. With proper care, this rare breed can thrive in captivity for many years and generations to come.

Benefits of owning an Augsburger Chicken

Owning an Augsburger Chicken is not only beneficial for its impressive mineral-rich meat and lush egg production, it also gives you a tremendous sense of pride. Knowing that you are doing your part in preserving the endangered Augsburger chickens is immensely fulfilling. The Augsburger Chicken comes from the area of the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany, and is known for its beautiful white plumage with red features and black spangling. They are also known to be very resilient birds and easy to raise, making them ideal backyard farmers! Also, any left-over eggs can be sold in local farmer’s markets for extra income or given away as gifts – the possibilities are endless when it comes to owning an Augsburger Chicken!

Necessary Supplies for Raising

Raising an Augsburger chicken can be a rewarding experience for any poultry enthusiast. The first step towards having a successful Augsburger household is ensuring that the necessary supplies are in place. These include a spacious and protected housing unit, plenty of fresh food, water, and other dietary supplements, and also bedding to provide comfort for the chickens. Furthermore, appropriate nesting material will be required to ensure smooth egg production. Once these basic steps have been taken care of, then you can enjoy the unique characteristics of this rare German breed of domestic chicken!

Best Breeding Practices for Keeping

Keeping your Augsburger chickens healthy requires best breeding practices for long-term success. The Augsburger is an endangered German breed, originating from the area of the city of Augsburg, Bavaria. To help keep this heritage breed healthy and flourishing, it is important to follow sound breeding guidelines in order to ward off disease and genetic disorders. These guidelines include monitoring bird behavior, providing high qaulity feed and nutrition, making sure they have plenty of access to fresh water, monitoring egg production, providing a clean stable environment with plenty of space to move and play, reducing contact with wild birds, making sure birds receive regular checkups by a veterinarian specialized in poultry health, avoiding overcrowding and roosters in a flock where possible, proper mating of breeds according to historic standards and maintaining biosecurity guidelines. By following these practices you can be assured your flock will remain healthy and happy.

How to Train Your Chickens to Respond

Training chickens is an amusing and rewarding activity regardless of the breed you have. With the loyal Augsburg breeds, it is possible to successfully teach them a few basic cues with just a bit of determination and patience. The first step in teaching your feathered friends anything at all is to gain their trust with treats! Start off by introducing yourself calmly and then give them something like mealworms or nuts in order to have a positive association with you. Once your birds are comfortable enough around you, you can start placing them near objects and giving verbal commands so that they recognize specific words or sound cues in order for the desired behavior to be achieved. Soon enough, you’ll have a group of chickens who will happily come when you call!


What is an augsburger chicken?

An Augsburger chicken is a breed of chicken developed in the German city of Augsburg, Bavaria by Dr. Erich Sperling and named after his hometown. It’s an unusual breed as it has black plumage with white tips on its wings and tail feathers that give it a very distinctive look.

How do I make an augsburger chicken?

The Augsburger Chicken is a classic German dish that features tender chicken breast smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce. While it may seem intimidating at first, making an Augsburger Chicken is actually quite simple!

How do I create a augsburger chicken channel?

Creating an Augsburger Chicken channel doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require careful thought and planning. It will take time and effort to make sure your channel is set up for success, so let’s get started!


Hopefully after reading this blog post you are now prepared to consider the decision to take on owning an Augsburger Chicken in your own home! With its beautiful coloring, extraordinary size and robust constitution, the Augsburgers is truly a symbol of the Swabian spirit. Although there can be some hard work in keeping a healthy flock, with proper feeding and care you will find raising these chickens not only rewarding but also quite enjoyable. The astounding special feature of being able to train your chickens to respond to commands is only one example of how Augsburger Chickens are both unique and desirable pets. From their colorful history as a breed, evolving into the breed we know today, all the way up to their benefits as far as having fresh eggs daily – there’s no denying that these hens have plenty of personality and warm hearts. After learning more about them, let your creative side take over and plan out an amazing experience for your new feathered friends!

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