Attappady Black Goat: Successful Farming

Are you looking for a way to make a living in the hills and valleys of Attappady? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can start and succeed at black goat farming with Attappady Black Goats. This rare breed of mountain goat is endemic to the region and considered an important source of livelihood for many local communities in the Palakkad district. We will delve into topics such as obtaining permits, purchasing goats, nutrition advice, health management tips, and parasite control strategies. With some hard work and attention to detail, you’ll gain the skills needed to start an Attappady Black Goat Farming business that provides rewards – both financially as well as intrinsically. Stay tuned for more information on this unique opportunity!

History & Origin

Attappady Black Goat is a breed of goat indigenous to the Attappady area in Kerala, India. The origin of this breed is shrouded in mystery, with some experts speculating that it could have descended from the goat breeds that existed during the Indus Valley Civilization. Alternatively, it is also believed that the breed might have come to India with the Aryan tribes who migrated here thousands of years ago. Whatever the true origin of the Attappady Black Goat may be, what is known is that these goats are a treasured part of the region’s heritage. Known for their hardiness and adaptability, they are an important source of income for the local communities. Perhaps the most striking feature of the breed is its distinctive black coat, which gives it a regal appearance. Whether you are a goat enthusiast or not, there’s no denying the charm of the Attappady Black Goat.


With its distinct black coat and fearless disposition, the Attappady Black Goat is a breed beloved by farmers and goat enthusiasts alike. Known for its hardiness and adaptability, this goat can thrive in harsh environments, making it a popular choice for small-scale farming operations around the world. But beyond its practical advantages, there’s something undeniably charming about this breed’s unique looks—its black fur, which can range from a deep velvety shade to a shimmering charcoal hue, makes it stand out in any herd. Whether you’re raising them for dairy or meat, one thing is certain: the Attappady Black Goat’s cheerful, curious nature is sure to make them a joy to work with.


The Attappady Black Goat is a unique and fascinating animal that is native to the Attappady Hills in Kerala, India. These goats are known for their striking black color with white markings and their ability to adapt to harsh environments. Not only are they resilient creatures, but they also play an essential role in the local economy and ecosystem. Their meat and milk are prized by the surrounding communities, and their grazing habits help maintain the delicate balance of the region’s biodiversity. It’s no wonder why the Attappady Black Goat has become a symbol of pride and cultural identity amongst the indigenous people of the Attappady Hills.


The Attappady Black Goat is a rare and unique breed that hails from the state of Kerala in India. Known for its striking black coat and white markings, the Attappady Black Goat is a symbol of pride for the local tribal communities who have been breeding it for centuries. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this breed has significant economic and cultural importance. Their meat and milk are highly valued, and the breed itself is considered to be a source of wealth for the tribes. With its dwindling population due to urbanization and commercial farming practices, conservation efforts are being made to preserve this valuable breed. The Attappady Black Goat is an integral part of the heritage of Kerala and deserves attention as one of the unique treasures of India.

Special Feature

The Attappady Black Goat is a special species that holds a significant place in the hearts of farmers and livestock enthusiasts. These goats are believed to have originated in the Nilgiris and are known for their adaptability to harsh conditions. They have a sleek black coat that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps them withstand extreme temperatures. One fascinating fact about these goats is that they are excellent climbers, which makes them a favorite among herdsmen. Their milk is high in fat content and is delicious, making them a popular choice for dairy farming. The Attappady Black Goat is a symbol of resilience and strength and is a valuable addition to agriculture in India.

Learn about the Attappady black goat

The Attappady Black Goat, a unique breed of goat native to the Attappady region in India, is a fascinating animal to learn about. These goats are known for their striking black coloration, with some individuals displaying a white blaze on their foreheads. They possess long, slightly curved horns and a muscular build that allows them to navigate the rugged terrain and steep slopes of their natural habitat. What sets the Attappady Black Goat apart from other breeds is their ability to thrive on minimal food and water resources, making them an important asset to local farmers. With their hardy nature and distinctive appearance, these goats are certainly a breed worth discovering more about.

Research market demand

The Attappady Black Goat is a fascinating breed that has caught the attention of many in the livestock industry. To truly understand its potential, it’s important to research the market demand for this breed and survey the competition in the industry. By doing so, one can gain a better understanding of the landscape and identify opportunities for growth and success. With its unique characteristics and traits, the Attappady Black Goat has the potential to stand out in a competitive market. So, let’s dive deep into the research and discover the possibilities that this breed can bring.

Purchase appropriate farming land

When it comes to purchasing farming land, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure that the land is suitable for your specific needs. For those looking to raise Attappady Black Goats, it’s important to consider elements such as water availability and land features that are well-suited for grazing animals. These goats are known for their hardiness and adaptability, but they still need appropriate levels of water and a conducive environment to thrive. Finding a piece of land that caters to these needs can make all the difference in the world for these precious animals, and can set you on the path to a successful venture.

Get in contact with local organizations

If you’re looking to breed Attappady Black Goats, getting in touch with local organizations should be your first step. These organizations not only provide you with good quality livestock but also invaluable advice on how to raise and breed them. The Attappady Black Goat is a breed native to South India and has a unique genetic makeup that makes them well-suited for the region’s climate and terrain. Make sure to reach out to these organizations to ensure that you get the support you need for successful breeding. With their guidance, you’ll soon be on your way to raising healthy and thriving Attappady Black Goats.

Obtain necessary permits

If you’re considering starting a business that involves Attappady Black Goats, it’s important to know that obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to operate is vital to your success. The Attappady Black Goat is a unique breed that is found in the Attappady region of Kerala, India. Due to their popularity, the Indian government has implemented strict regulations on their ownership and breeding. To legally own and sell Attappady Black Goats, you must have the appropriate licenses and permits. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines or even force you to cease operations altogether. So, if you’re looking to make a living with these enchanting goats, be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s by obtaining all the proper permits and licenses before launching your business.


What breed of goat is solid black?

The breed of goat that is solid black is known as the American Blackbelly. This breed of goat originates from North America and can be found in many areas. It is also referred to as a Barbados, Black Hawaiian, or African Hairless and was originally bred for meat production.

What are black goats called?

Black goats are sometimes referred to as “Gunslinger Goats” due to their impressive dark color. The term Gunslinger Goats isn’t an official breed name, but it’s used informally in various parts of the United States and Canada. The most popular breed that is known for sporting a black coat is the Boer Goat, which was developed in South Africa in the early 20th century. It’s one of the most popular meat goat breeds due to its high fertility rates and good meat production qualities.

What are the benefits of black Bengal goat?

The Black Bengal breed of goat is considered one of the most important and useful breeds of goats in India. They are known for their robust health and hardy constitution, which make them resilient to a wide range of diseases. Moreover, these goats have good reproductive efficiency and high milk productivity, making them ideal for dairy production or commercial meat production.


To conclude, the Attappady black goat is an incredible breed with a fascinating history and remarkable characteristics. From its thick fur to its special wide foot structure, it has evolved to excel in living in its native mountainous terrain. Due to its potential for meat production and milk yield as well as income, it is gaining notoriety amongst farmers and local organizations. With the right form of market research, land selection, networking, legal hoops and a healthy feeding program, entrepreneurs can help this species thrive in the Attapady area while contributing to their livelihoods and helping preserve the environment. For those looking to learn more or enter this particular industry, understanding the Attappady black goat will be essential to success.

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