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Wyandotte chicken is a breed known in many countries, and this is due to its high egg production. And also by the different colors in which this race is born, which are very attractive to people.

Wyandotte is a breed that was created in the United States in the 19th century. The creation of this race arose mainly to obtain a race that was of double purpose.

Characteristics Details of Wyandotte Chicken:

Wyandotte chicken was founded on the heavy English breeds, and it maintains the “cobby” appearance of many of the English breeds.

The Wyandottes is a large compact bird, with solid round bodies and soft feathers. Wyandottes are still kept as meat birds but are more likely to remain as egg layers and show how birds. You May Also Like To Read Cochin Chicken.

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Wyandottes chicken has small combs (pink), and legs clean. The American Association of Birds recognizes eight colors of the Wyandotte species: sewn gold, sewn silver, white, black, buff, columbine, partridge, and silver pencil.

The Wyandotte silver color was the original Wyandotte and forms the basis of many of the color choices with which you can produce from then on.

The “cord” effect was created by a black joint around the edge of each white feather so that it appears as if the chicken is covered in the superposition of black ovals.

Breed Details:

Trunk: well rounded, massive, broad and deep. The horizontal habit.

Head: Medium size, rounded, wide and short.

Peak: short, well arched, strong. From yellow to the horn of color.

Eyes: Large, expressive, orange-red.

Crest: a rose, on average, large, well implanted, without recess and fine grain; large and full frontal can be contracted again with the cap following the neck line.

Bargigli: medium length, well rounded, end time, red tissue.

Surface: smooth, red, fluffy with fine leather.

Mumps: moderately large, elongated end, red armor.

Neck: short, medium, strong, slightly arched, with plenty of good Capes, covers shoulders.

Shoulders: wide and rounded.

Back: medium short, wide up to the rump, which is well impiumata. E ‘brought a little high, which rises from the base of the tail layer.

Wings: short, tight to the body, horizontal strings.

Tail: Short, wide and open, quite short and well-arched sickle, leads to the top of the stocking.

In the helmsman, hen is broad and straight, and should not be completely hidden from the decks.

Chest: Broad and complete, rounded, never carried high.

Legs: Legs medium length, not very obvious and with little plumage swollen. Tarsi of medium length, strong, without feathers, yellow. Four fingers.

Belly: wide and deep, with the back well developed.

Skin: yellow.

Weight: The weight of the rooster oscillates between 3.4 and 3.8 kg. While the weight of the hen varies between 2.5 and 2.9 kg.

Wyandotte Chicken Feather Colors:

Gold stains: the same pattern of black “circles” seen in silver chains, but with a golden reddish.

White, black, and Buff Wyandotte are the solid shades of colors.Columbian Wyandotte is solid white and black, with a white body with a black tail, black wing tips, and a black collar. You May Also Like To Read Polish Chicken.

Wyandotte silver pencil has dark feather marks farther away, with three stripes on each barred pen on a white or light gray background. Patridge Wyandotte has the same three feathers as the band but in a reddish gold.

Serious Misconduct:

  • Lack of roundness.
  • Plumage too full or too hard.
  • Long peak.
  • Small ridge or rough, as well as the very large crest spine.
  • Collection of pearls too pronounced or absent.
  • The raised column.
  • Fallen Wings.
  • Poor in the chest.
  • Poor tail.
  • Helmsman in the hen totally hidden from the decks.
  • Too stylish.
  • Too sloping back.
  • Pointed tail.
  • Orejillas with more than one-third of white.
  • Feathered tarsos.


Wyandotte chicken feed is recommendable that this compound by fodder in small parts and sprinkle with egg semolina. Then gradually add dairy products, vegetables, fish and meat waste to the food.

Adult Wyandotte can gradually be adapt to the usual food intended for adult chickens. Mature birds, as well as small birds, need to be fed protein for high egg production.

You need to be careful with the diet of this species since the Wyandotte species are prone to obesity. To avoid this, it is advisable to feed with grain and non-nutritive or vitamin supplements.


Wyandotte chicken usefulness is for egg production. Since in a year they can produce a lot of eggs.

Special characteristics:

It bears this name in honor of the Indian tribe of the Wyandots. Wyandottes chicken will lay more than 200 eggs per year.

In fact, they took the Wyandottes The spawning champion title several times in the last one hundred years old. As A References: Wikipedia


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