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Goat Farming

Altai Mountain Goat: Profitable Farming

Are you interested in starting a profitable farming business from scratch? Have you ever considered introducing an Altai Mountain Goat to your farm? As...

Bee Farming

Sheep Farming

Southdown Sheep: Smallest British Breed

The Southdown Sheep is a medium-hair, dark-skin, antlerless breed originally from the Sussex Hills. It is the oldest of all the British breeds of...

Pig Farming

Berkshire Pig: The Rare Breed in the UK

The Berkshire pig is an English breed product of the crossing of Chinese, Celtic and Neapolitan races whose result was a rough-looking animal with a...

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Dairy Farming

Afar Cattle: Farming Business – Full Guide

If you are looking to become a successful farmer and make money off of your livestock, you should consider investing in Afar Cattle. Originating...

Jersey Cattle: Origins and History

The Jersey cattle originate from the island of Jersey, located on the Channel. There is no assurance as to which where the original races...

Adamawa cattle: How To Make A Million In Six Months

Are you looking to make a million dollars in the next six months? If so, then Adamawa cattle farming is an incredibly lucrative business...

Cattle Breeds: Multiple Purposes Cattle Breeds

The following list of cattle breeds is a big list of breeds of cattle. More than 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide. Some...

Cattle Diseases: Environmental Symptoms and Agent Induced

Cattle diseases are diseases that affect the individual in a general way. The state of health of the animals depends mainly on the conditions...

Rabbit Farming

Argente Clair Rabbit: Complete Farming Guide

Are you looking for the perfect rabbit to add to your farm? Look no further than the Argente Clair Rabbit! Regarded as one of...

Argente Blue Rabbit: Secret Successful Farm

If you find yourself wanting to own, breed and show off a classic rabbit variety with stylish rewards then look no further than the...

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Phoenix Chicken: German Long-Tailed Chicken

The Phoenix Chicken is a Japanese decorative breed, describe in ancient literature, import and select in Europe around 1870. At present, this bird is...