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Malay Chicken is native to India but has been perfected later in Sumatra or Java, islands of the Malay Archipelago. It is the first breed that is domesticated since 3000 years ago they were raised in India.

According to the traditions of India, which speak of cockfights, it can be said that they began to tame a thousand years before Jesus Christ.

Little by little, they spread westward, reaching Europe from China via Siberia and Russia. To the new world where they were completely unknown, they arrive in the early days of colonization.

Characteristics Details of Malay Chicken:

Malay Chicken is a bird of moderate size, with a long neck. The rather long back, sloping towards the tail, which is carried below the horizontal.

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The body is firm and muscular.It is a bird with stiff plumage. The strawberry ridge of the Malay hen is a small, round, nodular protrusion that is located near the eyes.

The legs of this breed are a good development, yellow in color. While the body is short and beefy, so they have a lot of difficulties to fly high.

He is very big, tall, slender and muscular; with the head of rapacious and cruel look. The neck, chest, and legs form an almost vertical line, of which only the chest and thighs protrude.

At the same time, the back of the neck is slightly bent forward. The back is somewhat vaulted and very fallen and the fallen tail describes three fairly equal arcs, clearly visible in the rooster.

This form must be taken into consideration when selecting. The musculature is elastic, for that reason they resist long fights.

“They require less water and resist a long confrontation. They can live longer and mature slowly. This breed has well-developed ears.”

Your blood vessels are dense and small. They fight, pushed and pushed, they kick very hard and they assimilate the punishment well.

They usually hit on the head. The hens incubate well, but they can not share the space with others, given their very combative character.

Polladas are somewhat sensitive, but adults are strong and resistant. On the other hand, the plumage is short, tight and stiff.  You may like to read Dorking Chicken.

The eggs weigh up to 55 grams minimum, with the shell colored between yellow and red. The male of this species weighs between 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms. While the female of this breed comes in spite of 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms.


Malay Chicken is a more omnivorous species than granivorous, and that is why its tendency to eat not only grains but herbs, insects, worms, mice, etc.

In addition, the diet can be complete with meat or fish meals, blood and other foods of animal origin.  You may like to read New Hampshire Chicken.

As well as the wheat and its derived products are excellent foods for this species. In the same way, oats and barley are also good food.

As it is a large breed, corn rations should be considered, and this is because corn is easily fattening and is a factor that seriously affects this species.

That is why it is better not to give a single kind of grain, but a mixture of grains. In addition, they can be given ground bones, oyster shells, powdered clams and the like.

Since it is a breed that is a fighter, breeders must invest in their diet, to have strong birds.


Malay Chicken is considered a fighting breed. And in India, it was one of the most important fighting races.

Special Characteristics:

Malay Chicken is a breed that has a bad temper, roosters cannot be in the presence of other roosters because they fight.

And this is because they do not like roosters being near their hen chickens. The best solution to this is to breed this species in small groups, maximum of 3 individuals.

Although there are also members of this species that develop empathy and can be treated as pets, and become domesticated.

The females of this breed can become broods however it is better to have other hens to brood. Since this species has the difficulty of employ due to its long legs.

One of the characteristics of this breed is that it is very active, that is why it must be raised in open spaces.

Also, they need to be able to walk and exercise a lot in order to preserve their refined figure. You may like to read Dominique Chicken.

And since it is a tall breed, food containers should not be on the ground, because it would be difficult to reach them.

Farmers must care for this breed, especially the beak, and this is because they are lethal with them, they attack directly to the spine and to the head.

There are some farmers who put protectors in their beaks and keep them in cages when they have birds that are very aggressive. And so not to cause harm to the rest of the birds.

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