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Australian Performing Tumbler Pigeon: Farming

Are you looking to become a master tumbler pigeon farmer? Then, congratulations – you’ve come to the right place! With roots dating back to the late 19th century in Australia, performing tumbler pigeons are a unique and fascinating breed of birds. Whether you want your bird’s aerial stunts to astound onlookers or simply enjoy their presence as beautiful displays of nature in action, it’s essential that all enthusiasts understand how best to handle these majestic creatures. In this blog post we will be uncovering the secrets behind successful Aussie performing tumbler pigeon farming so that even beginner farmers can get started on building their own natural wonderland. So read on for professional tips and tricks from experienced experts in keeping these impressive birds happy and healthy!

History & Origin

The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon has a fascinating history and origin. This breed of pigeon, known for its impressive tumbling abilities, has been bred over many years to become the skilled acrobat it is today. With origins in the United Kingdom, the breed was introduced to Australia in the 1800s and became incredibly popular among pigeon fanciers. Today, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a beloved breed, known for its unique blend of beauty and agility. It’s no wonder these magnificent birds have captured the hearts of pigeon enthusiasts around the world.


The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a unique breed of bird that has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. With its distinctive characteristics, this pigeon has become a favorite among bird enthusiasts and breeders alike. These birds are known for their acrobatic abilities and can perform a wide range of aerial stunts that are nothing short of impressive. They are also prized for their striking colors and patterns, with feathers that come in a range of shades from silver to bronze. But what really sets the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon apart is its strong and resilient constitution, making it a prized possession for those who have the privilege of owning one.


The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a fascinating breed of pigeon that captivates the attention of bird lovers around the world. With their unique performing abilities, these pigeons are a sight to behold as they twirl, barrel roll and fly in a circular motion. Feeding these pigeons requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that they receive the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy and active. An ideal diet for the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon consists of a mix of pigeon feed, grains, and vegetables. A well-rounded diet makes for happy and healthy pigeons who can delight audiences for years to come.


Flying high above the Australian skies, the Performing Tumbler pigeon is truly a sight to behold. With its unique acrobatic abilities, this breed of pigeon is known for its impressive tumbling performances during flight. Whether soaring solo or performing in a flock, these birds are sure to captivate any audience with their breathtaking displays. And while they may be primarily bred for show purposes, Australian Performing Tumbler pigeons are also highly valued for their intelligence and strong homing instincts. These birds truly are a marvel of nature and a testament to the incredible diversity of Australia’s wildlife.

Special Feature Of Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon

The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is truly a remarkable breed of bird. Known for their stunning aerial acrobatics and charming personalities, these feathered friends have become increasingly popular among bird enthusiasts around the world. With their unique ability to perform intricate tumbling routines in mid-air, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon has captured the hearts of many. It’s no surprise that these birds have become so beloved – their playful demeanor and impressive skills truly set them apart from other breeds. Whether you’re a seasoned pigeon owner or simply appreciate the beauty of these winged wonders, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is sure to leave you captivated.

Breeds of Tumbler Pigeons

When it comes to performance, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a breed that never fails to impress. This stunning bird is known for its remarkable tumbling abilities, making it a popular choice among pigeon enthusiasts worldwide. Along with its exceptional skills, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon also boasts a beautiful appearance, with its sleek plumage and distinct features. Fans of the breed are drawn to its strong wings, which allow it to fly and perform for extended periods without getting tired. If you’re looking for a top-performing pigeon breed, you can’t go wrong with the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon.

Training Your Tumbler Pigeon

Training your Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to have the right tips and tricks to ensure success. While every pigeon is unique, there are some general guidelines you can follow to make sure your pigeon is trained effectively. First, it’s crucial to establish a routine and stick to it, as consistency is key in training. Additionally, using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise can help your pigeon learn the desired behaviors more quickly. Finally, be patient and persistent, as training can take time and effort, but the end result is a well-trained and happy pigeon. With the right tips and tricks, you can train your Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon to be a true star.

How to Select Quality Breeding Stock

When it comes to breeding the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon, selecting quality breeding stock and equipment is essential. Breeding stock should be chosen based on their physical attributes, such as their size, color, and body shape. It’s also important to consider their genetic background and lineage to ensure that they are healthy and free from any genetic defects. As for equipment, investing in high-quality nesting boxes, food and water dishes, and other necessary supplies will not only improve the health and wellbeing of your pigeons, but also increase the likelihood of successful breeding and offspring. By carefully selecting and investing in the right breeding stock and equipment, you’ll be on your way to producing healthy and thriving Australian Performing Tumbler pigeons.

Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your coop and other facilities is crucial in maintaining optimal living conditions for your pets. This is especially true for the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon, a beloved breed known for their intelligence and impressive flight skills. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, inspecting for damages, and providing adequate ventilation, not only keeps your coop hygienic but also ensures the safety and comfort of your pets. It is important to create a suitable environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of your Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon, and proper maintenance is a vital part of achieving this goal. By taking good care of your coop and facilities, you are also giving your pets the best chance to thrive and enjoy a long, happy life.


What is the best performing pigeon?

The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is without a doubt one of the most impressive breeds of pigeon out there. These birds are known for their incredible athleticism and agility, and are highly sought after by pigeon enthusiasts the world over. With their distinctive dark eyes and sleek, streamlined appearance, they are a true marvel to behold. But what really sets the Australian Performing Tumbler apart is their remarkable ability to perform complex aerial acrobatics, making them a true joy to watch. Whether you’re a seasoned pigeon fancier or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a breed that simply can’t be beat.

What causes pigeons to tumble?

The Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon is a breed that’s known for its incredible tumbling abilities – a trait that has made them a popular choice among bird enthusiasts. But what exactly causes these pigeons to tumble? Well, it turns out that this unique behavior is a result of a genetic mutation that affects their inner ear and balance. This mutation causes them to involuntarily flip and somersault mid-flight, making for an impressive display. While it may seem strange to us, this behavior is just another example of the incredible diversity and adaptability found in the animal kingdom.

How many types of tumbler pigeons are there?

When it comes to tumbler pigeons, there is a myriad of breeds to choose from. However, if you’re looking for something unique and special, you might want to consider the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon. This particular breed is renowned worldwide for its incredible tumbling skills and stunning physical appearance. Though the exact number of tumbler pigeon breeds is hard to pinpoint, the Australian Performing Tumbler pigeon has certainly made a name for itself in the world of pigeon enthusiasts. From its impressive high-flying abilities to its beautiful feather patterns, this breed is truly something special.


Thus, hopefully this post has provided some useful insight into the amazing world of performing tumbler pigeons. We covered a wide range of topics such as the history and origin of Australian tumbler pigeon, their characteristics, feed, usage and special features to an array of breeds that are commonly utilized for performance. As well, we included tips & tricks on how to train your own tumbler pigeon as well as techniques on selecting quality breeding stock and equipment and regular maintenance for optimum coop living conditions. Additionally important questions such as what is the best performing pigeon, what causes pigeons to tumble and how many types of tumbler pigeons are there have been answered. The performing tumbler pigeon is truly an incredible feat of nature and its myriad talents continue to amaze us – even after more than a century since its beginning in Australia!

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