Surti Goat: Discovery of Goat Lifestyle

The Surti goat comes from a population of India called Surat that belongs to the state of Gujarat. Although it can be got in addition to Surat in Baroda. However, the pure goats of this species are achieved is in Surat.

The Surti is an Indian breed of goat, raised in the state of Maharashtra. Surtis are known for giving milk and meat at low yields. Nannies will give an average of 178 liters of milk per lactation that averages 166 days long, while kids reach a weight of about 23 kg by their first year.

Surti goat

Characteristics of Surti Goat

The Surti goat has certain physical characteristics, the color of their hair is white although in some cases in very small percentages can be light brown, their coat in most cases is the right color, the color of their skin and their mouth is pink. Their ears are medium and fall, both the male and the female of this race possess a pair of small horns that curve backward.

They have short legs, and females Surti goats are taller in size than males of this species. They can produce between 2 to 2.25 kg of milk per day. One goat is born a year. Although it is observed that they give birth to twins in 50% of cases, and triplets if they are very rare.

Although they are smaller than other breeds they are medium in size. The males Surti goats weigh up to 30 kg while the females weigh 32 kg and reach a height of 66 cm. Of long the males and 67 cm the females.

Goat breeders prefer to raise them because their maintenance is very economical since they can feed when they are grazed, and they are resistant because they endure extensive grazing, which reduces the costs generated for the purchase of food. In addition, they are an excellent source for producing dairy products. This breed is suitable for breeding from 400 to 500 days of life.


The Surti goat can be kept by shepherding it in open spaces. They get their grass food, and food waste, which is enough for their diet. They can walk great distances, and by just stopping to eat for a short time they are able to ingest. The nutrients needed to go their way. They can also be fed with peanut grass and barley, which makes their weight increase rapidly, and female goats make their milk production better. As well as can be fed in stables.


The Surti Goat are purely dairy goats. They have well-developed udders and large nipples. In most cases it is raised by the production of milk, however, it is also raised and produced by the production of its meat and commercialized.

Special Feature

The Surti goat can be obtained in small groups of 2 to 15 specimens per group. This breed is one of those that is endangered in India. Since the population of this breed is very small. Small goats of this species may grow poorly in hot and rainy seasons, and this can be attributed to stress from abrupt changes in climate.

Similarly, a study showed that small white goats were better than the small brown goats of this same species, so in Indi, white goats cost more than those of another color. About 670.000 specimens of this species are found in India.

Goat Profile

Goat nameSurti Goat
Other NameAny
Goat PurposeProducer of milk and milk products.
Coat colorWhite and brown
Weight30 to 32 Kg
Climate ToleranceWarm climates
Country of OriginIndia


If the Surati or Surti is your favorite breed of goat, then you’ll be happy to know that this blog post has provided you with all the information you need. This small Indian goat produces very little milk and meat; however, it does produce a lot of manure for composting purposes! We hope this guide helps out if you have any more questions about these adorable goats from Maharashtra. Good luck with your search for a new pet!

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