Betta Fish – A Freshwater Native Fighter Fish

The betta fish, also known as a Siam fighter, is a freshwater fish native to the Mekong River in southeastern Asia.

It is a fish that stands out for the shape of its tail and fins. Its scientific name is Betta splendens.


This curious fish usually reaches a length of 6.5 centimeters and is one of the most popular freshwater fish.

This is due to its multitude of colors in which we can find it and the different forms that its veil can have.

In spite of that great variety that we can find in stores, in nature, they are usually of green, brown, gray and red colors very dull and their fins are shorter.

There is a great differentiation between the male betta fish and the female betta fish and this is their fins.

betta fish

The males have fins longer and larger than the females, in addition to much more colorful. They also have a longer body than females.

There is also a clear differentiation of character between one sex and another, because males when they are adults, are very aggressive with other males and make bubble nests.

When a male betta fish meets another male betta fish even if the fish observes its reflection in a mirror, it will be territorial and aggressive displaying its gills.

One of the most amazing characteristics of the Betta fish is that they are able to breathe oxygen out of the water for short periods of time.

In their natural habitat, rice fields and areas of stagnant water with little oxygen, suffer constant floods and droughts so they had to adapt to survive in such conditions.

How much does a betta fish live?

A betta fish usually lives 2 years approximately, being able to surpass 3 years if it has optimal living conditions.

Types of betta fish: 

There is a great variety of types of betta fish, presenting differences between each one. However, not all species of bettas are for sale because they are wild bettas spices and are in danger of extinction.

The most commercialized species of bettas are those that are the fruit of the selective breeding and hybridization that betta breeders have made.

Species of betta fish according to color. 

In addition to the shape of its tail or veil, we can distinguish different varieties of betta fish according to the color or color pattern they present.

Betta butterflyfish: 

This variety of Vetta has a well defined white edge on all its fins.

Dragon betta fish: 

This type of betta stands out for having flakes with metallic colors and shines that resemble those of a dragon.

Cambodian betta fish: 

This species of betta comes from the Cambodian gene.

A gene that gives color to its fins but, instead, inhibits the color of the body, so they have a colorless body.

Marble betta fish: 

This species of betta fish stands out for having motes of different colors in its scales, creating endless possibilities.

Compatibility of the betta fish with other fish: 

When it comes to choosing which fish you can put together in the aquarium, it is important that the breeders are well informed to avoid tragedies. In the case of the betta fish, we can not join it with fish that can bite its fins.

So we must discard the fish of the tetras and Pontius family. Also, the breeder should avoid fish that are territorial like the angelfish of freshwater.

Or maybe very eye-catching fish such as guppies as it could confuse it with another male betta fish and attack it.

Fish compatible with betta fish: 

These are the species that are compatible with bettas:

Cherry Barbo

Ancistrus and loricariids



Chinese Chupaalgas






As for bettas females, there are not as many compatibility limitations. However, it is better to combine them with species from the same geographical areas. Since they will be compatible both for the behavior and the quality of the water. You may also like to read Rainbowfish

Betta fish care: 

If the breeders want to care for the betta fish in the best possible way and have good health, it is important that the breeder first know the care it needs.

Such as the quality of the water and its nutritional needs. Breeders should not be fooled by how they have this species in stores. Well, although sometimes it is in very small tanks, that does not mean that they must live in those conditions.

Aquarium or fish tank: 

The first thing that breeders should keep in mind to choose an aquarium for the beta fish is whether it will be single betta or several.

And whether it will be taken as an amateur or for breeding. If the breeder is an amateur and what he wants is to have one or more betta fish at home to be able to enjoy them, then he should pay attention to the size of the aquarium that we choose.

If the breeder has only one betta fish, he needs an aquarium of at least 20 liters capacity.

On the other hand, if the breeder wants to have more than one betta fish in the aquarium, the breeder must remember that it can not have more than one male. You may also like to read Corydoras Catfish

Ideally, have at least 3 females. Because if the breeder only has 2 females the male will stress them too much and the situation could end in tragedy.

In this case, the aquarium must be at least 50 or 60 liters capacity. In the fish tank, we must put natural decoration and some aquarium plants that are easy to maintain.

Betta fish feeding: 

Betta fish have an omnivorous diet and require a high protein content, although they tend to prefer carnivorous food.

In the market, you can find food for betta fish composed of granules that must be moistened before giving it. These granules are usually made of liver and heart of beef.

To provide a well-balanced diet to betta fish it is better to offer a varied diet based on dry food. You may also like to read 

And live food as an oat worm or frozen as larvae. In addition, the breeder should also give vegetables, something that will cost because they usually do not like them.

This plant contribution is very important because they are prone to intestinal obstructions that can end up being serious.

The vegetable that they usually accept is a pea. To give the peas to the fish, the breeder must cook them for a few minutes, remove the skin and crush them with a fork.

Betta fish reproduction: 

When the male meets a female, he opens his fins and performs a kind of dance to woo her and get her attention.

If the female accepts it, the color of her skin will darken forming vertical lines. When the female changes its color, the male begins to make a bubble nest on the water.

Once the nest is made, the male will begin to chase the female until he agrees to place himself under the nest.

The moment when the male will hug her to press her abdomen and eject the eggs. This behavior will be repeated several times until the female has expelled all the eggs.


The betta fish is a striking fish, and beautiful, however, it is a very territorial fish, so you should choose very well the amount of fish.

As well as the possible fish with which the fish tank can share. In addition, the breeders must take care of the feeding.

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