Argente Blue Rabbit: Secret Successful Farm

If you find yourself wanting to own, breed and show off a classic rabbit variety with stylish rewards then look no further than the Argenté Blue Rabbit. This rare French breed has been around for centuries and is known for its stunning eye-catching blue sheen as well as its adaptability, making it an ideal choice for farmers looking for success in rabbits’ husbandry. With our knowledge and tips on how keep this remarkable rabbit species healthy and thriving, you can now dive into owning one of these beautiful creatures.

History & Origin of Argenté Blue Rabbit

The Argenté Bleu is one of the oldest breeds of French show rabbit, with its origins dating back more than a century. Originating in Flanders, the breed was formed through several years of selective breeding. These rabbits are highly sought after for their beautiful plush coats and distinct coloring, which have earned them popularity in many parts of the world. Known for its intelligence and gentle nature, this long eared French breed has become an invaluable companion to many households and makes a great show piece as well!


The Argenté Blue Rabbit is one of six varieties of the Argenté breed, a show rabbit species with a long and distinguished history. As a rabbit breed, they display unique characteristics such as its slate colored coat which is composed of a black topper over the underlying grey hairs. Most distinctive among these rabbits are the black guard hairs in their tail and ears, as well as their bright red eyes. Admired for their gentle nature and high intelligence, the Argente Blue Rabbit has been used for many years at European shows where it is judged on its conformation along with its beautiful coat pattern. Truly an incredible creature, the Argenté Blue Rabbit is sure to be adored by owners everywhere!


The Argenté Blue rabbit is renowned for its incredible appetite, tending to eat more than other breeds. One factor that makes it a favourite among show enthusiasts is the fact that they tend to put on weight quickly, allowing them to reach a desired show weight in record time. Often owners will feed their Argente Blue rabbits an extra ration of food each day, combined with hay and fresh vegetables – enough to keep their coats as smooth and silky as possible. Knowing exactly how much food your rabbit needs is key to achieving optimum health and keeping them looking their best for shows.


The Argente Blue Rabbit, as one of the oldest breeds of French show rabbits, has become a popular choice for households around the world. They offer an ideal balance of playfulness and intelligence, charming their owners with their gentle nature. These rabbits are often used for exhibition purposes due to their attractive coloration and unique patterning, but they have also proven to be an enjoyable pet for those looking for something affectionate and low maintenance. With a lifespan that can stretch over a decade, these rabbits’ bright coats can bring joy to households for many years to come.

Special Feature

The Argenté Blue Rabbit is a truly remarkable breed, distinguished not only by its unique coloration and immaculate luster of its fur, but also by its amiability with other rabbits and easy-going nature during handling. It was one of the original breeds developed for showing, which has earned it a lifelong place in rabbit enthusiast’s hearts. A major feature of this breed is their extremely striking blue coat that emits an iridescent sheen when exposed to or reflecting light. An experienced eye can spot these rabbits from far away solely on the basis of their color!

Breeding tips

Breeding Argenté Blue Rabbits can represent a rewarding challenge for experienced and novice breeders alike. The end result of breeding the Argenté Blue Rabbit is a beautiful show rabbit that is valued highly in the rabbit show circuit. To get the best possible results, selection of well-chosen stock is key as it will determine whether or not the rabbits’ colour intensity and coat quality meet official standards. Breeders should also ensure their breeding breeding rabbits are healthy and have correct confirmation, have access to plenty of exercise, and that nothing is restricting growth. By adhering to these tips and taking the time to research the breed, you’ll be able to make sure that your litter of bunny kits produces some amazing specimens of this classic breed.

Diet & Care

The Argente Blue Rabbit is one of the most beloved French show rabbits, and for good reason. Not only is their gentle, friendly nature a joy, but this breed also needs to be properly cared for in order to thrive. An Argenté Rabbit’s diet should consist of fresh hay each day, supplemented with a high-quality pellet food formulated for dark fur. Beyond a proper diet, Argenté rabbits need plenty of spacious living quarters – preferably a hutch or run outdoors in order to recreate their natural habitat as closely as possible. All told, the Argenté rabbit may require just slightly more care than other breeds due to its coveted coats and fur but thankfully, the rewards are well worth it!

Showing Tips

The Argenté Blue Rabbit is a delightful French breed of show rabbit that is sure to make an impression at shows. If you are considering entering one into competition, there are a few tricks to keep in mind that can help give your rabbit the best chance at success. Taking the time to groom your rabbit before the show and making sure it is comfortable with being handled can really pay off. Additionally, these rabbits love interacting with people and usually do very well in front of a crowd, so some practice getting familiar with show rules and spaces ahead of time might also be beneficial!


Grooming the Argenté Blue Rabbit is essential for optimum health and beauty. The Argenté Blue Rabbit has a long, thick coat made up of a mix of light and dark blue plush wool-like fur. To properly groom this breed, first it must be removed from its hutch and brushed with a generous brush to prevent matting. This will help remove dirt, debris and dead fur as larger mats can be difficult to get rid of later on. Following brushing, use an appropriate post-bath spray or detangler product to provide additional protection against tangles. Routine grooming is important for the overall well-being of any rabbit; however special attention should be given to the Argenté Blue Rabbit which requires frequent grooming in order to maintain its luxurious fur and stay healthy and beautiful.


How big do argente rabbits get?

Argente rabbits are a very popular breed of domestic rabbit, known for their beautiful silver-gray coloration and distinctive markings. They are medium-sized rabbits that typically weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 kg (7 to 10 lbs). The average length of an Argente Rabbit is about 20 inches, with both bucks and does measuring roughly similar sizes. As with any rabbit breed though, individual size can vary somewhat depending on the age, health status and genetics of the particular animal in question – some may be slightly larger or smaller than average, but generally speaking adults will reach around this approximate weight/length range when fully grown..

What is the personality of an argente rabbit?

Argente rabbits are highly intelligent and inquisitive animals that possess an array of unique personalities. They are known to be friendly, gentle, playful, curious, and cuddly. Argente rabbits crave attention from their owners and thrive in interactive settings with plenty of activities to keep them entertained. In terms of temperament, they tend to be calm but may become skittish when startled or scared. They easily form strong bonds with their owners if handled regularly and appropriately trained to do tricks or other behaviors such as coming when called.

What is the largest tame rabbit?

The largest breed of domesticated rabbit is officially the Flemish Giant. According to the American Rabbit Breeders Association, this breed can reach an average maximum weight of around 20 lbs and a length of 28 inches. Anything larger than that is considered extraordinarily unusual, though it has been known to happen as some owners have reported their Flemish Giants weighing up to around 22-24 pounds.


There is no doubt that the Argenté Rabbit is a truly magnificent breed with its attractive coat and calm nature. It has been around since the 19th century, as it was originally bred in France to be presented as a show rabbit. Those who decide to take on the responsibility of owning an Argenté Rabbit will find that they can make wonderful pets, show animals or even be raised for fur production. However, successful breeding of this breed requires careful consideration and attentive care. It is important to provide them with enough food and space to thrive, as well as regular grooming and veterinary visits. With proper monitoring and an experienced handler familiar with the breed, owners should have little difficulty successfully using or showing their Argente rabbits for years to come.

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