Allier Duck: The Most Effective Mallard Decoy on the Market

The Allier Duck is a unique breed of duck found in the Allier valley in France, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular mallard decoys among serious hunters. This hardy bird has centuries-old roots and has been used for various functions throughout its history, but now it can be seen gliding over lake beds everywhere as a trusted hunting companion. Its impressive sinking capability combined with its well-defined anatomical structure makes it an ideal tool to draw ducks in closer to you while keeping them there longer than other decoys on the market. To learn more about this amazing breed of duck and why they make such great decoys, read on!

History & Origin

Allier has a long and rich history that has been integral in shaping the Allier Valley of France. This breed of duck has been used for multiple purposes since being discovered, including decoration and consumption. All Duck originate from the Allier Valley, where they have resided for centuries. They possess unique characteristics such as their subtle white to grey feathers that are incredibly soft to the touch. Despite its unknown origins, Allier Ducks remain a proud symbol of French culture even today.


Allier Ducks have a unique set of characteristics that makes them stand out. Native to the Allier Valley in France, this breed is typically a medium-sized duck measuring almost 18 inches in length and having a dull brownish-gray color with light orange or creamy white heads. They are also considered hardy ducks that are well suited for outdoor life and can be seen swimming on small ponds and streams or waddling around fields searching for food. Allier Ducks are not only prized as an ornamental species but are also used for sporting purposes such as dog training. They possess an interesting history which has led to their continued appreciation today.


Allier were initially bred to provide feed for animals and people in the Allier Valley. With its unique feature of a long bill, Ducks could easily dive into the rivers, lakes, and ponds located around Allier Valley to feed on aquatic species. Allier Duck has become an important food resource for both animals and those who inhabit Allier Valley alike. Farmers have relied heavily on Ducks to provide a reliable source of ancient grains and seeds along with some insects from their watery habitats. The meat from Allier Ducks is also a delicacy that can be cooked in various ways depending on the situation. In short, Allier Ducks serves as a valuable source of sustenance directly interfering with everyday life in Allier Valley.


Allier is a relatively unknown breed of duck found in the Allier Valley in France. Throughout their history, they have been used for various purposes. During the Renaissance period, these ducks were put to use by farmers who kept them as a source of eggs and meat. Allier Ducks were also prized by hunters, who used them as prey due to their reliable flight patterns. Today, Ducks are primarily bred for show and research purposes. Their unique physical characteristics have made them desirable prospects for studies looking to explore the variety of aquatic fowl.

Special Feature

Allier Duck is a rare breed of duck, originally found in Allier Valley in France. Although relatively unknown, Duck has an interesting history and its uses vary greatly. Allier Ducks were used for many purposes like decoy ducks and sport hunting due to their fast flying abilities and low noise when airborne. It also has uniquely distinct physical characteristics among other species of ducks, such as the color patterns on its feathers, which give Ducks their special unique feature. All in all, Ducks have been proven to be one of the most versatile ducks around with their ability to satisfy various grazing habits along with multiple functional capabilities for sporting and recreational activities.

Unique Traits That Make Allier Duck

Allier Duck is a unique breed of duck that can be found inhabiting the Allier Valley in France. It is believed to have descended from Common Mallard, yet Duck carries distinct traits that set it apart from other ducks. Not only does Duck have remarkable plumage, but even its vocalization pattern is distinct and has been known to be particularly melodious compared to other breeds of ducks. Throughout history, Allier Duck has been used for various purposes such as covering various hunting needs as well as being an ingredient in traditional dishes served in Allier Valley’s restaurants. All the unique features make Duck truly remarkable, and with more people becoming aware of this rare breed, we are bound to see it get more recognition in the years to come.

The Benefits of Using Allier Duck

Allier Duck is an interesting and unique duck breed that was traditionally used as a mallard decoy by French hunters. Thanks to its vivid coloring and feather pattern, Allier Duck is an ideal choice for a mallard decoy as it closely resembles the colors of the mallard and has been known to attract mallards in larger numbers than other types of decoys. Ducks have also been regarded as much tougher than other types of ducks when it comes to inclement weather conditions, making them the perfect choice if you are planning on hunting during bad weather. Allier Duck is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable mallard decoy that blends easily into any natural habitat.

Different Ways to Incorporate Allier Ducks

Allier Duck are an underrated breed of duck found in the Allier Valley in France, but they have a fascinating history that goes far beyond their current status. Allier Ducks can be incorporated into your hunting setup for various purposes. They can be used to lure ducks out from hiding and teach dogs to hunt them by attaching a dummy Duck to a fishing rod. Allier Ducks also make wonderful decoys as they can move in the wind in ways that attract other ducks, making them ideal for both novice and experienced hunters alike. So, next time you’re looking for new ways to enhance your hunting experience, don’t forget about Ducks – you’ll never regret it!

Buy Authentic Allier Duck

Allier Ducks are not commonly found outside of the Allier Valley, located in France. An interesting breed renowned for its versatility, Ducks have long been used for a variety of purposes throughout the region. If you’re looking to try an authentic Allier Duck, you’ll need to travel to that specific valley to find one– and luckily, there are plenty of local businesses that offer visitors the opportunity to buy a Duck for themselves. While this breed may not be as well-known as other ducks, it is certainly one worth trying.


What is an Allier Duck?

The Allier duck, or Anas platyrhynchos domestica, is a domestic duck originating from France. It is considered to be the ancestor of many other domestic ducks and has been around since the 16th century.

What do Allier Ducks eat?

Allier ducks, which are also known as Mallard Anas platyrhynchos, are one of the most widespread waterfowl species in North America. They are prolific eaters, with a wide variety of food preferences. Allier ducks typically feed on aquatic vegetation and invertebrates such as beetles and snails. During the summer months, they enjoy eating insects like grasshoppers, dragonflies, caddisflies, and mayfly nymphs. In the winter they will subsist mainly on plant material such as seeds, grains, or acorns but will also take advantage of any aquatic prey they can find in warmer climates.

How do Allier Ducks reproduce?

The reproduction process of Allier Ducks is quite fascinating and unique. Firstly, they can reproduce both sexually or asexually; while most ducks tend to only reproduce sexually. In sexual reproduction, these ducks form pairs during courtship and copulation in order to produce offspring. It is uncommon for them to lay more than one egg per breeding season, as the female has a single reproductive tract that can hold only one egg at a time.


The Allier duck is an interesting and unique breed with many benefits. Not only is it an efficient mallard decoy, but its unique traits make it stand out from other breeds. From its origin in the Allier Valley to its usage throughout the years, this breed has maintained its authenticity. Whether you use them for hunting purposes or just want to admire their beauty, the duck is a perfect choice for any animal lover or hunter alike. With easy access to places where you can buy authentic ducks, the Allier duck continues to remain a popular breed even in today’s modern age.

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